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Day trading techniques

Gururaj at 02:33 AM - Sep 12, 2008 ( )

Good day trading strategies include good stock selection.  Day trading is most profitable when there is neither a gap up opening or a gap dow opening.  The key signals to be noted for day trading are usually on the intraday charts.  Setting up of the intraday chart also is another criteria for efficient day trading.  Selection of stocks is another criteria for day trading.  Placing stop loss is an efficient way to avoid trades going against your trend.  Never place a trade for the first half an hour of trade as the markets try to assume a trend or direction on the trading day.  Taking or booking profits is of utmost importance of day trading.

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Blaze at 07:59 PM - Sep 16, 2008 ( )
thanking you for your nice technique

Sampath at 07:19 PM - Sep 16, 2008 ( )
Day  trading  is an art which is to be learned  by indulging in it. If your stock is above your purchase price  put a sell order 2% + or so  at the opening bell. Chances are that It will be sold and U can repurchase the same stock if it comes down . When the market  opens down you do viceversa. Dont hold your position too long. Forget the bumper profit and thank god you escape unhurt. Another mantra is stoploss.Whenever there is uncertainty in the market limit your trading to one share only. 

Mohammed at 06:15 AM - Sep 16, 2008 ( )
thanks for your good trading sugessions.

Vasu at 02:35 PM - Sep 14, 2008 ( )
thanks for ur good sugessions

Murugesh at 03:02 PM - Sep 13, 2008 ( )
thank you for your useful tips

Pawan at 07:57 AM - Sep 12, 2008 ( )
thanking you for your nice technique

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