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Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 12:05 PM - Nov 24, 2012 ( ) Views: 955,214

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This is a new thread.The objective is pure learning purpose.

For a coin there is heads and tails, same for the market and  chart too..When we see a chart from one angle, another person  can see the same chart from the opposite  angle too.This makes the game more complex.When some one try to interpret a news in one way , other person look at the timing of the news and come to another logic that it was a  preplanned news to twist the market..

What ever they plant , the objective is the same, volatality...This process make some one richer and other looser.

Any one can Participate.

  Caution note.

Dont be blind and fool...

Every time you enter in to a trade,The enemy is just around you, thinking how to steal your money , watching your each trade!

So be vigilent!



From: leena sebas at 12:42 AM - Jun 09, 2014( )

Any advice displayed by me on this website is in general advice only and has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or particular needs.Atmost care should be taken while entering in to any trade after following my thoughts here as I am not responsible for any financial loss incurred to any one incase if they enter in to any trade after reading this thread.

From: leena sebas at 10:18 AM - Jul 25, 2014( )

Your credit card password you dont wish to give to any one.Still hackers try their level best to steal it.

Same applies to stop loss.When some one ask you for stop loss, keep in mind he is not asking to save his capital, but to steal your capital, why? because you are giving your surrendering level  to your opponent who is  waiting to knock you down!

so your stop loss is same like your credit card  password, keep it close to your chest..they will cry for it..never reveal it open!

so dont ask me for stop loss. your money , your trade, your account..your profit your loss.Dont blame me for loss!

From: leena sebas at 05:11 PM - Dec 31, 2015( )

What I understand and learned so far from trading till 2015?

  1. All big institutions keeping an eye on the investors trading and open position they holding. All economic data is drafted after seeing the trend of the masses. They always move the market just opposite to it by using fake economic data which have no relevance or truth, but media and channels fulfill their goal.
  2. Few countries are surviving only because they have a series of economic data in their hand which can keep the asian market under their control. If the asian countries decided to abandon the auto trading using machines and allow only humans to trade, 75% of the problem what world is facing now will be solved , because each problem s created to cash it from market other way!
  3. Asian market is a heaven for some countries, SGX nifty and Singapore market is created to control the whole asian market by a few who manipulate it after watching the public position before and after trading hours.
  4. Forums and channels are wildly used by few to know the pulse of the public and some time used to confuse them to attain their goal.
  5. Stock market and all market across the world working on coding done by financial mathematician which work on one simple principle, move the market just opposite to the public sentiments by hook or crook and economic data and statements by leaders do the rest of the game!
  6. When all public start to say market reach top or bottom , then keep in mind , on the other side some are laughing waiting to screw them the opposite way by sudden twist, which is nothing but fake data release  to steal your money!

Nifty likely to make all bullish above 8000 once again in 2016 I guess (8033 or 8078? Or may be higher, but if later a fall happens below 7950, then   a crash landing towards 7200 to 6900 can’t be ruled out in 2016!

From: leena sebas at 05:25 PM - Dec 31, 2015( )

One interesting thing i found in 2015 is , few famous broking houses even turn  to act like bucket shoppers and market makers and they even switch off the server of the online traders prior to a fall or an up move and trap them else freeze the terminal or you automatically logged out from server and  they are getting paid well for this game! later message and rumour floating is "technical issue in NSE!"

From: leena sebas at 01:29 PM - Feb 26, 2018( )


The final chance to get out of indian stock market.  A massive sell off of 800 point is due in the middle of march as per chart.  

If lucky ,might kiss 10600. Any break of 10280 will be the red alert!

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Rakesh Padhi at 02:28 PM - Feb 15, 2019 ( )

Great timing....

Leena Sebas at 01:33 PM - Feb 15, 2019 ( )


Cover all short position and brave traders go long.and exit if get profit.. 

Long term is bearish as there is not going to be any stability..  But short term


Mohanan Edavalath at 03:19 PM - Feb 11, 2019 ( )

Welcome back Leena Madam.  We need your presence here.  Turbulent days are ahead.  Elections are around the corner.  It is fun to ride the roller-coaster with someone like you to guide us.

Leena Sebas at 03:14 PM - Feb 11, 2019 ( )

Book your profit and smart traders go short only... 


Leena Sebas at 10:33 AM - Feb 11, 2019 ( )

Personally i am expecting a recovery from 10867-870 level towards closing.. 

Later next day or two might continue the slide.. 

Balan Draj at 10:31 AM - Feb 11, 2019 ( )


Leena Sebas at 10:29 AM - Feb 11, 2019 ( )

Glad to know, No one this time coming up with criticism.. 

Leena Sebas at 10:29 AM - Feb 11, 2019 ( )

Glad to know, No one this time coming up with criticism.. 

Senguttuvan Krishnasamy at 01:05 PM - Feb 07, 2019 ( )

Thank you leena mam

Leena Sebas at 12:53 PM - Feb 07, 2019 ( )

As per my chart 11051 Nifty is a level to sell and expecting heavy selling to start in indian market starting from today...And real selling will start from next week...

Personal feel is stay away from fresh commitment snd book profit. 

Leena Sebas at 11:18 AM - Feb 01, 2019 ( )

Waiting to watch the leaked budget.. One more news to hit regarding US-China deal which also likley to push market market i guess used to exit from the market. .

That news should hit with in 2 days i suppose to push the market higher to dump the position created by informed sources.. 

Leena Sebas at 02:10 PM - Jan 18, 2019 ( )

The weakness what we seeing now is a trap. Either with in monday USA-china deal expected to hit market followed by a hype.. 

So those who sold yesterday day in profit book it and wait either todays closing or monday to see a flare up to sell..  

We almost about to reach the peak.. 

At the same time lot of stocks even reached attractive valuation. All can watch monthly chart to understand the reality of my old post for sell.. Many stocks corrected even 40% though nifty that time trading at 10460.

I have nothing to prove here. . As i said earlier the current economic situation is a mess and india being looted by corporates and politicians . This time it reached alarming level.. 

Rakesh Dedhia at 05:25 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

Welcome, Leena ji.

A request ... please start giving calls like you used to give earlier when you were active.

Leena Sebas at 01:32 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

10879 Nifty.. 

Better to stay away from bullish mind.  

Market might correct

Mohanan Edavalath at 04:37 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

I simply don't understand why people tend to abuse Leena.  Market is not in any individual's pocket.  Whatever she says has its own logic.  Let her speak.  Let her explain.  Let her be criticised, but no need to abuse.  Our dear friend Varun Kochar gets wild the moment he sees her posts.

Market is supreme.  These days Operators are more supreme.  Accept the reality.

Ashish Kharvar at 03:25 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

big crash will come in 2019 only

Sankalp Bhoir at 03:13 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

I m big fan of Leenaji... I have learnt lots of things from her posts .... How big investor execute their game smart ly n how retailers get trapped in their game... Thanks a lot

Nikhil Shah at 02:46 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

by the way worst call evercrycrycry

Nikhil Shah at 01:50 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

mandi karne wale agaye 

by the way any reason for mandi like chart , technical fundamental,political etc.....

Ya phir mindless game.

Leena Sebas at 01:32 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

10879 Nifty.. 

Better to stay away from bullish mind.  

Market might correct

Balan Draj at 01:43 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

WELCOME LEENA MA'AM... .2019.....

Leena Sebas at 01:32 PM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

10879 Nifty.. 

Better to stay away from bullish mind.  

Market might correct

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