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Amar Nath Gupta at 02:39 PM - Aug 24, 2009 ( )

I have STRIDES ARCOLAB LTD @152.5. please suggest the future in short term. 

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John Martis at 06:29 PM - Aug 28, 2009 ( )
It is the best stock in the entire Indian stock market. Do you know its EPS for quarter ended June 09 is Rs.15. That means that the company will be able to turn out similar EPS for future. That would give an EPS of at least Rs.60 for 4 quarters. To calculate the price in next 6 months, give the P/E (lowest) to the stock: 10X60 means Rs.600 in just next nine months would be the price of the stock. For the short term, it would climb at least Rs.175 in a week.

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