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Success with people.Success in life

Immi Ali at 12:26 PM - Jun 02, 2012 ( ) Views: 3,129

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Dear Friends,

Success with people is a big part of success in life.

This thread, which i will try my best to keep going, features thought-provoking sayings and ideas to help you

interact better with others,plus gems on a variety of other topics to encourage,motivate,and inspire you.

All the best.

With Regards,


Life is a marathon,not a sprint.Pace yourself and keep your eyes on the goal.Run with heart, and you will be glad you did when you cross the finish line.It will be worth it all!!

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Immi Ali at 10:55 AM - Feb 19, 2013 ( )

The night sky is lovely from the perspective of an earthbound stargazer, but that sight doesn't begin to compare to the magnificent view from space. Launch your dreams and they will open worlds to you that you never knew existed.

Immi Ali at 11:10 AM - Feb 17, 2013 ( )

The goal of correction should be to fix the problem, not the blame, and to help prevent the same mistake from being repeated.

Immi Ali at 11:59 AM - Dec 29, 2012 ( )

Don't look at the rough road,but at the bright rainbow up ahead. Don't dwell on the sores and calluses, but on the strength you've gained through toil. Don't focus on the pain, but at the joy that springs up afterward.

Immi Ali at 12:57 PM - Nov 17, 2012 ( )

It is far better to cut loose from one of your ideas if you see that it does not float than it is to stubbornly hold on to it and possibly go down with it.

Immi Ali at 11:52 AM - Nov 13, 2012 ( )

If you find that you don't have it in you to fight the next battle, perhaps it is because you are not in that battle yet.

Immi Ali at 06:27 PM - Oct 03, 2012 ( )

When things happenthat hurt you, whether by accident or intent, you can get over it and move on more easily if you have a positive attitude.

Immi Ali at 04:57 PM - Oct 02, 2012 ( )

Set your goals. Ask God if they are the right goals. Work your goals. Ask God for strength and wisdom. Reach your goals. Thank God for his help.

Immi Ali at 04:45 PM - Oct 02, 2012 ( )

Even if you are certain, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you are right, you should still present your point of view with consideration and humility.

Immi Ali at 06:52 PM - Sep 29, 2012 ( )

If you want to see changes for the better, take one step forward, then another, then another.

Immi Ali at 12:16 PM - Sep 19, 2012 ( )

Maintaining an open line of communication with others when all is going well will make it easier for them to accept constructive criticism or even reproof when it's needed.

Immi Ali at 11:55 AM - Sep 19, 2012 ( )

You can have much more sympathy for people when you take into consideration the difficult experiences they have been through. Often we only see how far people still have to go, while failing to see the greater distance they have already come.

Immi Ali at 04:45 PM - Sep 11, 2012 ( )

No one is too bad for God or beyond the reach of His love; and if you have God's love, He wants you to share it with others.

Immi Ali at 04:39 PM - Sep 11, 2012 ( )

A good rule of thumb for communicating is to put your strongest point or best news first, the weakest point or the saddest news in the middle, and then end on another positive note.

Immi Ali at 04:26 PM - Sep 11, 2012 ( )

Leaders are responsible to make the final decision, but being a leader does not mean that you have all the ideas and do all the thinking. A good executive will listen to others.

Immi Ali at 04:12 PM - Sep 11, 2012 ( )

Why worry? If something is big enough to worry about,then you know God has already thought of it. If it's not big enough for God to be concerned about, then it doesn't matter.


Immi Ali at 04:10 PM - Sep 11, 2012 ( )

Why sorry? If something is big enough to worry about,then you know God has already thought of it. If it's not big enough for God to be concerned about, then it doesn't matter.

Immi Ali at 03:44 PM - Sep 11, 2012 ( )

Praise and appreciation need not to be reserved for big things. Infact, it's good to concentrate on the little things because those are what often go unnoticed; and yet it's these little things that make the big things possible.

Immi Ali at 12:50 PM - Sep 06, 2012 ( )

If people are usually having to give in to your preferences and the way you think things could be done, eventually they will feel they can't count on you to be open-minded.

Immi Ali at 01:10 PM - Sep 05, 2012 ( )

Difficulties that seem like giant obstacles to you are pebbles to God. His power can toss them aside with far less effort than it would take you to go over or around them.

Immi Ali at 01:33 PM - Sep 04, 2012 ( )

 A key to treating people right is understanding them, and the best way to do that is to imagine yourself in their place.

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