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Another sell call for 2morrow Geometric(BSE: 532312)

Arindam Das at 06:33 PM - May 15, 2012 ( ) Views: 686



This is another sell call for tomorrow Geometric(BSE: 532312).


Wait for 1st 10-15 minutes to watch the trend and then enter. Sell @ 72 - 71.85 with strict stop loss as per ur risk level (if the trend in downward)  or it is upward wait till it give 2.5 -3% then short it.

[Discloser : I'm not holding any shares.

Disclaimer: I'm not liable for your decisions/actions taken on the market for stock transactions. The information provided here is based on my studies and I don't ask/force anyone of you to take market positions in any particutar stock. Stock market is not a place for claiming guaranteed returns.



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Arindam Das at 01:54 PM - May 17, 2012 ( )

Yes Jayesh, you are absolutly right but if you see from 25th April till 15th May, there were no significant move for Geometric. This type of brokers/advisers take entry and then they give call to their subscriber to take entry. That's why we see a huge spike. But on the next day or two we see a huge drop. Because they look for profit booking. 

So try to find the reason behind the huge spike, if there is any news for that scrip, then wait for the move. But I didn't found any significant news neither in BSE nor in NSE. So as per my knowledge (not indulging anyone to believe in it), the thing that is moving up so fast will come down soon (my personal view). So why don't we take a chance to fetch the profit. But definitely, sometime it may go wrong. This is after all stock market, nothing is fixed.

Jayesh Motta at 06:36 PM - May 16, 2012 ( )
Sam Meher at 03:59 PM - May 16, 2012 ( )

Arindam Das at 03:39 PM - May 16, 2012 ( )

this call didn't gave a good result as predicted.

Geetasree Chand at 01:13 PM - May 16, 2012 ( )


Arindam Das at 12:59 PM - May 16, 2012 ( )

down by 3%  70.50

Arindam Das at 12:17 PM - May 16, 2012 ( )

it gone down to near 70 in the opening hour (-2% approx) and again up to 74 (+4.5%) and now again going down...

Arindam Das at 12:04 PM - May 16, 2012 ( )

it gone down to 25 and then up by 3.5% and now its going down once again.....

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