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Short for this scrip 533292 may give a good profit 2mro

Arindam Das at 06:38 PM - May 11, 2012 ( ) Views: 671

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Check these scrip ....  Sell for tomorrow may give a good profit.

533292 A2Z Maint & Engg

may 11, 2012

Tomorrow this B group scrip may give a good profit for selling. The thing is that, which is going up will definitely come down but it need not necessary that the scrip which is going down will come up. This is totally my personal view. Maintain strict stop loss. Don't hurry to place order, wait for 10-15 min to find the trend and then short.

Take profit and stop loss according to your risk level.

Thanks and happy trading tommorow.


 [Discloser : I'm not holding any shares.

Disclaimer: I'm not liable for your decisions/actions taken on the market for stock transactions. The information provided here is based on my studies and I don't ask/force anyone of you to take market positions in any particutar stock. Stock market is not a place for claiming guaranteed returns.


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Arindam Das at 01:27 PM - May 14, 2012 ( )

This scrip is  moving in between 95.50 - 94.85 for a quite a long. It has dropped from 100.80 (BSE) to 95.10 (BSE) till now which is more than 5.7%. 

I'm closing this thread.

Thnx n will find a new scrip for tommorrow after market hours.

Till then all the best.


Arijit Das at 12:45 PM - May 14, 2012 ( )



Sanket Talathi at 11:18 AM - May 14, 2012 ( )

good call bro

Arindam Das at 11:16 AM - May 14, 2012 ( )


Arindam Das at 11:04 AM - May 14, 2012 ( )


Arindam Das at 10:53 AM - May 14, 2012 ( )

volume is also not bad......

Arindam Das at 10:52 AM - May 14, 2012 ( )

aaaahha. already down by 4.7%


wherever the market goes, you can earn daily.... (not hard coded, not fixed, sometime it may go in the wrong direction too). But still I belive sell karke jo maaza hai ooo buy karke kaha.....(totally personal views)...


Jayanthi R at 10:01 AM - May 14, 2012 ( )


i am in at 96.4



Jayanthi R at 10:44 PM - May 11, 2012 ( )

arindam ji,

i have been studying your calls and they r good.i shall trade in this script on monday!

thanks and regards


Arindam Das at 06:49 PM - May 11, 2012 ( )

Tomorrow means Monday

Some of the sell call which gave a good profit this week.

Sell kar ke joo maaja hai oo buy karke kaha.............. I just luv to go for short sell........ (its totally my personal strategy)  - not indulging anyone to follow the same..............

Thnx n happy trading........ See you on Monday... 

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