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Management Lesson from Baby Giraffe.

From : Cm T at 07:46 PM - Mar 09, 2012 ( )

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From : Cm T at 06:16 AM - Mar 13, 2012 ( )

thanks pradip sir...nice pic

From : Pradip Ray at 11:00 PM - Mar 10, 2012 ( )

U were missing it. My friend sent it from Kenya.

From : Pradip Ray at 10:56 PM - Mar 10, 2012 ( )

Good story

I have observed young kids who have just started to walk do quite similar deeds. They fall and repeatedly fall, but just get up and keep trying to walk. The encouraging signs from the proud parents (and grandparents) is enough to provide the needed motivation for the young kids to take up the challenge to get up and walk.

Maybe we just don't seem to remember the battles we fought against ourselves as young kids! Somewhere down the line education seems to have spoilt us.

Finally An indian was able to understand the complexity and how many know this system is the root cause of the economic setback  Europe and US facing today?

How many of us know this same crooks planning to run this show in indian market and lag the indian growth story by giving adverse news with the help of media and and plant news in Blue channel and later pull the trigger to create save havoc they created in the world market earlier which in turn resulted  a big set back to the world economy and millions of americans lost their home due to these criminals?

From : Shyamsundar Ekbote at 09:34 PM - Mar 10, 2012 ( )

Very inspiring. But what is there in picure not able to see.

From : Cm T at 09:19 PM - Mar 10, 2012 ( )

Thanks bittoo bhai

From : Bittoo Arora at 09:05 PM - Mar 09, 2012 ( )

Really an inspiring one.......with a good moral. Thanks for posting.

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