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Tradenext Ltd provides Live MCX NSE MT4 DATA[VIMAL RAJ]

From : Vimal Raj at 04:35 PM - Feb 03, 2012 ( )
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Tradenext Ltd provides Live MCX Commodities and Nifty 50 Charts in Metatrader 4 Platform

Tradenext Ltd is a one among the forex broker who is providing live trading feeds for both MCX commodities and Nifty50(information from vairamani – madurai). There is a huge scarcity in Brokers providing MCX commodities and Nifty50 live feeds in metatrader platform at free of cost. Hope in the future share brokers will start providing live feeds in metatrader platform.

Nifty Charts with Screenshots?


Steps to get Live MCX and Nifty 50 charts
1)Fill the Demo account form :
2)Download and Install the TGML MT4 platform
3)Open Metatrader 4 Platform
4)Now Simply click on File; Open an account (The platform may prompt you to enter you login detail when you start up first time, simply close that window and click on file and open an account).
5)Once you click on Open an Account, a new window will appear; asking for your personal details.
6)Please fill in your relevant details and remember to select 1:200 leverage and also your deposit amount.
7)Select the option to subscribe to the newsletters and then click on next.
8)It will ask you to select the Tradenext server, do this and click next.
9)A final confirmation window will appear with your login and password details.
10)Now click Finish and your demo will be set up and the system will automatically log you in.
If you have any difficulties in getting the MCX commodities and Nifty & Nifty50 stock charts then pls comment here to get it resolved

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ankur garg
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From : Ankur Garg at 10:36 PM - Dec 13, 2012 ( )

pls send ip address   & login id : password tradenext mt4

preeth eguru
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From : Preeth Eguru at 10:59 AM - Jul 05, 2012 ( )

friends, where can we look free options charts......

few days back i saw some posts in this forum but forgot to recall it.... anyone who knows please give the links for this free updating charts. thanks in advance.

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From : Rathinasabapathi Kumar at 10:41 AM - Jul 05, 2012 ( )

Mr. Arumuga Perumal, First charting is not a free service provider.  To get clients they offered it  free for few days only. But its a paid system now.  So, never say its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  OK

Arumuga Perumal
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From : Arumuga Perumal at 05:42 PM - Jul 04, 2012 ( )


aryan data
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From : Aryan Data at 05:43 PM - Feb 22, 2012 ( )

sir i have created demo acc in tradenext 2days its works  after that its not updating , what to do pls help me out sir....

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From : Yogesh Mahale at 03:19 PM - Feb 16, 2012 ( )

Only 2 symbols Fores and BBO Metals.......

cnatarajan rajan
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From : Cnatarajan Rajan at 02:55 PM - Feb 16, 2012 ( )

No Indeces , Only forex and metals available-pl Help

shaki sridhar
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From : Shaki Sridhar at 02:45 PM - Feb 16, 2012 ( )

sir i have installed Trade next. Its working but i didnt get nifty charts. Please help me. Thanks.

Your calls simply super. please continue your work.

narasimha ch
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From : Narasimha Ch at 09:35 PM - Feb 15, 2012 ( )


Gujju Kumar
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From : Gujju Kumar at 07:46 PM - Feb 15, 2012 ( )



I did same thing as wrote above..

I didn't get nifty and MCX chart or Script in Market Watch.

So please tell me what to do.............????????????????

Girish gupta
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From : Girish Gupta at 01:23 PM - Feb 11, 2012 ( )

not getting nifty fifty stock charts

narasimha ch
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From : Narasimha Ch at 12:28 PM - Feb 11, 2012 ( )

i can help if anybody facing any problem. through teamviewer i can help you. send me mail to my inbox.

manish pandya
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From : Manish Pandya at 12:19 PM - Feb 11, 2012 ( )

hi all, i have downloaded tradenext ,did all as described above ,but prices are not moving .....wt to do?

niladri and vairamani please help me yar.....

vijay shekar
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From : Vijay Shekar at 11:44 AM - Feb 11, 2012 ( )

shakil select 1:1200 then it will else u have forgotten some detail like zip or phone

vijay shekar
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From : Vijay Shekar at 11:23 AM - Feb 11, 2012 ( )

till point 10 above successfully implemented. pl guide on the last point not getting charts of nse and mcx.

thanks in adv

siva kumar
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From : Siva Kumar at 10:11 AM - Feb 11, 2012 ( )

showing the charts. but not working data strucked.any one friends pls help

shakil Ansari
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From : Shakil Ansari at 09:46 AM - Feb 11, 2012 ( )

Dear bro,

i downloaded tradenext and gone to open account .

personal detail window appeared .After fillin required details  .

Next  botton  is not active And so i cant get  login id and password.

pl.assist me

narasimha ch
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From : Narasimha Ch at 12:30 AM - Feb 11, 2012 ( )

Working fine.

Niladri Jana
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From : Niladri Jana at 11:53 PM - Feb 10, 2012 ( )

NIFTY CRUDE GOLD SILVER COPPER NICKEL NATURAL GAS quotes are seen...backfill from Jun-Jul 2011 ( EOD ).

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From : D P at 11:13 PM - Feb 10, 2012 ( )

 .. not as good as BFD or boroco :((

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