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Skin Mole - A Sign of Destiny : ( HEMANT )

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There is no human being without moles - this assertion is almost one hundred percent true. Each of us is on his body some speck, which, however, provide important information and the nature and possible inclinations, and the fate of. We should just be able to discover these wonderful characters.
We have received many questions from you, our readers, to which I will try to answer in the course of the story. Natalia Ivanova from Vladivostok concerned about the birthmark on her temple niece. "For some time it began to grow and darken. Is there an explanation to this?" - Asked readers. Answer. Mole on right temple predetermined karma man. This mole is rarely transmitted by inheritance. It is marked by special people, and again at one of the descendants, it may appear only after a thousand years. She said that there were subtle intuition, the gift of foresight, a bright personality.
It is believed that such a birthmark need to hide from the outside looks. The darker speck, the brighter the quality, a gift the gods. Tatiana Kuzikova from Vladivostok writes to us that her daughter is just the right spot at the round rear thigh above popliteal joint. "You speak of unusual yasnovidcheskih skills, but we still have not noticed. Much of the description in your article seems to my daughter, but some points do not match ... Is it worth it to engage in occult sciences?" Of course, not everything can be explained, or to reject only one birthmark spot. The presence of birthmarks said about any person's capabilities. If they do not develop, not to strive for high, and did not receive from destiny. As your child is, without doubt, the ability. But to develop them or not - depends on her wishes. From experience I can say that few who are bound form birthmark with numbers or letters. People tend to see a birthmark in the form of something mysterious. Maybe the drawings, semantic image.
It is believed that the stain in the form of continent or PENINSULA, LAKE associated with distant travels, different countries and the peoples inhabiting them. In this interpretation, of course, there is a sense, the more interesting to us that the form of an object, we store a long time. Similarly, delayed visual memory in our perception and feelings associated with certain real events. It is important to note that the karmic value of birth-spots may vary throughout life. All depends on the deeds that he commits.
There are examples where the spots expressing the trouble, and even the terrible change coming, a few years acquired a very different sense - people are already linked with relationships within the family and even successes in creative activities. I just want to add that not everything needs to be assessed only on the birthmark. This is just another characteristic of the person and further details about the nature, the human capacity. At the same time, there is a birthmark, meaning that it can not change under any circumstances. Typically, this is the signs of destiny, protect us. The location might be at the head and back, and thighs. But always they are associated with images of hands, lips, eyes or head. Birthmarks are no less important in the fate of human beings: a convex warts, certain dark points, more or less bright, small spots, they may appear in the process of life, just as be given from birth. Different people have birthmarks may be different significance. For smuglokozhih crucial black birthmarks, for svetlokozhih - convex.
The appearance of new moles, or an increase in the size of birth marks by our actions reflect the same way as the emergence of new dividing lines on the palms, forehead wrinkles and gray hairs. If you could trace all birthmarks, acquired during the life of man, many events were understood to have acquired a new connotation and meaning. Great importance has birthmarks on his face. To the east, their presence has always been closely linked with the physiognomy (the art of reading a person). According to Japanese physiognomy, a person is conditionally divided into three zones - upper (head), medium (eyebrows, nose) and lower (lip and chin). Each zone is responsible for a certain period of life - young adulthood and old age. Clean the forehead and told him the correct form for the health of body and spirit. Normal development and the symmetric average of the individual reflects the mental health. If there is a visible asymmetry, curvature, it is an alarming sign. Typically, a person present any deviations strangeness.
The lower part of the person responsible for the nature of man. Good shape the chin, neck, cheeks spoke of kindness, honesty, decency, especially for mature people. Early "Bryl, flabby skin on the cheeks - a sign of greed for money, greed. Here is a person capable of a "double game". Trusting him, you are severely at risk. This person is always at the center put the material interests. Double, triple chin - a sign of greed, greed and falsity. Do not lend money to such person. In Japanese physiognomy is very important to condition and color, the presence of convexities, defects, and moles. In various interpretations, there are over a hundred different areas of a person, which defines the nature and destiny of man. The main zones are located on the axis of symmetry of the face and seize the person of the right and left of the axis.
The presence of moles on the vertical line at the top of the forehead spoke of the difficulties that face a person in childhood and adolescence, in the middle of the forehead and the bottom part - on any difficulties in relations with other people - relatives, friends, colleagues. Mole on the bridge - one of the signs of destiny. This is worth thinking about. Mole in the middle of the nose - can fail to love the front. People with a mole on the tip of the nose, according to Japanese physiognomy may become chronically failed. Mole, which is located on the upper lip (just under the nose) may be indicative of serious hereditary diseases. Mole under the lower lip and chin said the strength of will and determination of its possessor. In general, Japanese physiognomy birthmarks treated as signs of distress, signs do not bode well sulyaschie man. But I think it is not. There are a lot of evidence of the value of a happy moles. I believe that the presence of moles affirms the individuality of each of us. Remove or cause birthmarks can be only in extreme cases, when you just believe that this could change your life for the better. By the way, suggest what to do with mole, one can not except us - the majority of well-developed intuition, even though many of this are not even suspected. Most often, the karmic value of moles of men and women the same, and because it comes on the signs in general, without reference to sex differences.
Birthmark in the shape of a cross has always said about the suffering in human life, at whatever part of the body it was not located. If the stain is on her head - will have to go through the wayside, to overcome the misunderstandings of other people, and sometimes outright hostility from them. Cross on the breast - rejected love, which can be a life-long tragedy of the holder of such a tag. At the back - should expect betrayal from the most close and dear people. The owner of the cross on her stomach to be feared for their lives: can seriously hurt in a car, become a victim of an accident at work on his own fault. At the foot of this spot offers the harassment and persecution, not once in his life would have to flee. Such people often leave their homeland against their will. The cross on his right hand - may be an error in the choice of profession. On the left - should carefully consider the choice of a spouse. Most likely you will change. It is possible that such a person would allow himself to do with them in this way, or will provoke a situation.
Birthmark in the form of stars - a very rare and very lucky sign. Do not look for a perfect similarity with the five-pointed star. Birthmark may recall, and man, and severely deformed figure stars. It ends in the presence of five such spots. It is believed that the person will always keep the future, wherever he went not, as it had not worked.
Birthmark in the form of a geographical map is very often, and he can find a lot of interpretations. It may be in the form of the continent, the island can resemble the sea, a small lake. The explanation may be the most unexpected. Such people have the riot of the senses. These spots indicate zlopamyatnosti, contempt for others, and resentment, the inability to commit himself in the hand during a dispute. Women are characterized by frequent hysterics, unpredictable behavior, recklessness. It is believed that the birth of such a label - unwanted children.
Birthmark, like a bird - a good sign, especially if a bird with open wings. A man with such a spot can reach monogo in life through personal effort. He - "High-flying bird." It is inherent goodness, forbearance to the people, their weaknesses. He himself was almost deprived of such deficiencies, as laziness and bezvolie. Persistently walking to his goal, he will not do evil knowingly. During the life of a man travels a lot. Could be a conductor or a musician, performer. The bird on his chest - a sign of great talent, which holds always duty to its parents. The ability for music, painting in such families can be transmitted by inheritance. More than just a spot affects the destiny of man, if it is located on the left side of the chest or left shoulder.
Birthmark, like a cat - a sign of mystery, secrecy, mystery. Especially if it is located on the head, chest, back, stomach. What tesmnee stain color, the more likely it is that people have magical powers. In the Middle Ages, a dark birthmark on shape reminiscent of a cat, it was diabolical mark. People familiar with the very touchy, but for the time being so carefully concealed. They may want someone evil unconsciously, may also be of another wood. Because these people can get good actors, prosecutors and lawyers.
Form moles -
  • The round shape suggests positive developments in human life.
  • Mole, to the form of a line, warns of the dangers and tribulations.
  • Mole in the form of crescent indicates tendency human adventure, and adventures.
  • Mole triangular points to increased sexual.
  • A square has already been said about the sexuality pathological.
The size of moles
Generally, the larger the mole, the stronger its influence. Large birthmarks affect the destiny is stronger than the small, but the past should not be ignored.
Small birthmark symbolizes everything positive.
Great - a sign of distress and unhappiness.
But what if a small birthmark is «bad» form, for example, looks like a line? Moleosofy believe that size is always neutralizes human form and with such a birthmark is waiting for a good future.
It is very important in determining the size of birthmarks consider not only its surface, but bump. It is believed that the higher the mole, so it is «more». The size of birthmarks same plane as it decreases. 

Color -
The lighter mole, the better future and the character of a person, claiming meleosofy. They analyze the dominant color of moles on your body.
Pink birthmarks characterized by positive people with intellectual abilities above the average, successful and respectable. He is inclined to a quiet family life. People enjoy this type of love from others and have a great influence on them. This type succeeds in everything, be it business, politics or art. But there are people with a predominance of pink birthmarks rarely. Although one mole of the colors - already a good sign.
Brown birthmarks - the positive, promising its owner the success and prosperity. People of this type of hard-working and know how to spend money, a lot of travel, understand sense of food and entertainment. Korichnevorodinkovye well and dress with style to subject the housing. They are true and do not engage in dangerous adventures, do not violate the law, it is easy to learning, have analytical abilities and intuition, so they quickly and correctly operate in crisis situations. In addition, they always express their views clearly and firmly, not engaging in idle talk.
Red birthmarks also a good sign. People with a predominance of moles - the intellectuals, based on research and science, but to money and the benefits of civilization indifferent. They are not very sociable, not trying to close with others, trapped, and not inclined to frankness. Friends of people with reddish birthmark usually with colleagues at work, if the past is respected. The criterion for respect for the knowledge and expertise of colleagues, of course. Another feature of these people is stubbornness and unwillingness to change their point of view.
Black birthmarks - very bad sign. People with black mole tough life. Their childhood was unhappy, poor health, constant money problems. In a society of such people, since they are not very friendly and sociable. Often they drink, are constantly in search of work. None of them does not take criticism. Chernorodinkovye blame their misfortunes in the society, the family, the state, but not themselves. That is because they find it hard to wriggle out of its misery.
The hair on the mole -
The more hairs on the birthmark, so this is the worst sign for the man. Bezvolosyanye birthmarks, by contrast, is a good sign.
Long hair on the mole said that there was no luck in money matters, the love of gambling and unjustifiable risk. Moleosofy believe that the people of this type can be counted, because they are irresponsible and nevezuchie constantly caught in desperate situations and acquire your enemies everywhere. In the family, having long hair, too unhappy, because I did not know how to carry out their duties. While the children and spouses, they are usually very fond of.
Short hair on the mole - a good sign. They testify to the success of the financial affairs of prudence, the inability of people to risk. Such people quickly make a career and gain higher social status. But they are very careful with money and never spend them on trivial issues, preferring to profitable investments.
Location moles on the body and the face is also important, but that is true to interpret all the factors that did not miss and do not mix, you need to read the specialist literature. One of the most detailed books on the subject is a manual «What say you birthmarks» Italian moleosofa Pietro Santini.

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