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Biggest FREE LIBRARY - http://Library.nu

From : Niladri Jana at 08:27 PM - Dec 09, 2011 ( )

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Never buy any book again no matter what your profession is Engg/Doctor/IT/MBA/Architect/StockBroker....grab them all for free from the link below ( account creation is a must )

http://library.nu ( Easily the biggest collection than any National Library - contents already crossed PETA Bytes )

Previously known as GIGPEDIA.org ( your only stop to all kinds of books )

PS. When I was an Engg Student , I never got to know this....just explore & be amazed!! Cool

From: Niladri Jana at 10:19 PM - Dec 09, 2011

Once logged in just search for "Writer Name" or Book Name or Keywords e.g. Trading/Forex/Technical Analysis..etc

After yo find your hit, click the book name & download links should under "External Links" section...some book may give you a code to enter to show you the links.

Happy reading for life!

From: Niladri Jana at 11:47 PM - Dec 15, 2011


Library.nu was originally GIGAPEDIA....they seem to have closed registration.

Keep checking regularly...for when they will open. You guys just cannot miss this.

Hope they open soon! Undecided

From: Niladri Jana at 01:14 AM - Feb 28, 2012

LIBRARY.NU ...Rest In Peace

( http://www.theverge.com/2012/2/16/2802060/library-nu-ifile-it-ebook-piracy-site-shut-down )

One may try http://en.bookfi.org for books but not as good as NU.

From: Niladri Jana at 03:40 PM - Aug 18, 2013( )

Library.nu alternatives

Are you looking for some good alternatives to the lost library.nu,  legalreads.com or coinread.com? 
Well, here is a list that I update whenever you (yes, you!) give me new entries (via messages or emails)!


The FREE and LEGAL  alternative to Library.nu 


The best library.nu alternatives ...
Just to be clear, the websites listed below DO NOT seem very legal, as a consequence you use them at *your* own risk! Understood? Well! 
In this case, here are the alternatives to library.nu you were looking for.... and if you know other links, just send me a message or leave a comment and I will update this post!

http://en.bookfi.org/ (almost the reincarnation of library.nu!)
http://bookos.org/ (as above)
http://ebookoid.org/  (login required)
http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ (search engine)
http://btdigg.org/ (torrents)
http://www.freeetextbooks.com (login required, torrents)
http://www.textbooknova.com/ (login required, torrents)

... other alternatives ...
http://librarypirate.ph/ (login required)
http://www.myanonamouse.net/ (login required)
http://bibliotik.org/ (login required)
http://aaaaarg.org/ (login required)
http://www.warez-bb.org/ (login required)
http://avaxhome.ws/ebooks (login required)
http://forum.mobilism.org/ (login required)
http://www.boerse.bz/ (login required) 
http://bookova.com/ (bah...)

... the dead links!


Remember that piracy is a crime and keep in mind that knowledge requires time, work and money so it must have a (reasonable) cost!!!

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From : Sunil Ramidi at 12:22 AM - Dec 16, 2011 ( )

As mentioned by Niladri... they might have closed registrations... lets wait for some more time ... btw keep trying by visiting now and then.

From : Srikanth Peddireddy at 12:21 AM - Dec 16, 2011 ( )

same problem sir

From : Balu Samy at 12:14 AM - Dec 16, 2011 ( )


Please Anyone Tell me

dont have account creation link?

where i want to create?

From : Balu Samy at 12:00 AM - Dec 16, 2011 ( )

Please anyone tellme

what is the username and pwd?

dont have link in that page?

From : Vilas Havanur at 07:42 PM - Dec 11, 2011 ( )



From : Ahmed Jariwala at 01:23 AM - Dec 10, 2011 ( )

great great great .............means no word to express..........

really you help all with all new invention ,or in search ............. 

From : Sunil Ramidi at 11:25 PM - Dec 09, 2011 ( )

Thanks a looooottt... its wonderful...

From : Abhijith B at 11:24 PM - Dec 09, 2011 ( )

thanks Laughing

From : Siva Kumar Mutnuri at 11:17 PM - Dec 09, 2011 ( )

Thnak U so much..

From : Abdul Gafoor at 10:57 PM - Dec 09, 2011 ( )

good information...........


From : Surinder Paul at 10:38 PM - Dec 09, 2011 ( )

Sir...Thank you for your help...Regards...Surinder

From : Sim Stanley at 10:37 PM - Dec 09, 2011 ( )

Wonderful, many books not any books

From : Surinder Paul at 09:59 PM - Dec 09, 2011 ( )

Thanks Mr Jana, do let me know how i could download a book....which is the button to click??

From : Sakthivel Muniappan at 09:33 PM - Dec 09, 2011 ( )




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