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Topic: Market Rumours
TitlePostsPosted byLast Post
MARCH 22000 BNF CALL BGHT AT 471H N Menon10 days ago
8850 CALL BGHT AT 32 AND 341H N Menon10 days ago
RIL 920 PUT BGHT AT 17.505H N Menon13 days ago
MONDAY I WD BUY 620 CALL TAMO1H N Menon13 days ago
HOW IT WORKS1Venkitesh K13 days ago
BGHT 8500 PUT AT 5.60 10H N Menon13 days ago
helicopter call buy nifty fut 8825-30 sl 87908Abhi Gupta13 days ago
bght 19500 call at 105 and 8900 call at 506H N Menon14 days ago
20K CALL BNF AT 94 BGHT8H N Menon15 days ago
RIL I BGHT AT 907 1H N Menon16 days ago
B A Z A R NEWS 9th feb 19H N Menon17 days ago
18500 put cmp 626H N Menon18 days ago
bght 9000 call at 431H N Menon18 days ago
BHGHT 9K CALL RISKY 8H N Menon18 days ago
bght 17000 put bank nifty 3H N Menon21 days ago
sell nifty fut 8750-64 sl 8800 4Abhi Gupta21 days ago
8700 call intra pstnl 2H N Menon23 days ago
21000 call cmp 7022H N Menon24 days ago
sl 8652 nifty1H N Menon24 days ago
intra pstnl 19900 call i m in at 853H N Menon25 days ago
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