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Topic: Market Rumours
TitlePostsPosted byLast Post
TOOK RISK SHRT RIL @ 881 FUT6H N Menon42 days ago
SHORTED 6490 8H N Menon42 days ago
SBI SHRTD @ 16642H N Menon42 days ago
IDFC LOT SIZE 4K 110 PUT CMP 4.453H N Menon42 days ago
RIL FUT BGHT @ 879 4H N Menon42 days ago
nifty BGHT 64862H N Menon42 days ago
tisco shrtd @ 3465H N Menon43 days ago
intra reliance shrtd @ 895 6H N Menon43 days ago
shrtd sbi 16614H N Menon43 days ago
niftyt shrtd # 65796H N Menon43 days ago
5800 PUT APRIL1H N Menon44 days ago
6000 put cmp 5 plus I'm in 2H N Menon46 days ago
ril shrtd @ 799.604H N Menon46 days ago
Finally the time has come to be alert?8Leena Sebas46 days ago
NTPC & Adani Ent Futures - Personal trades1Ben Benhar50 days ago
buy and wait for 6 months or less2Sanjeev Kumar50 days ago
Where nifty can go if a hung parliament comes?47Leena Sebas50 days ago
IDFC CASH BGHT @ 971H N Menon52 days ago
march 6k put cmp 21.8511H N Menon53 days ago
nelcast ltd1Anand A57 days ago
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