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Topic: Market Rumours
TitlePostsPosted byLast Post
325 CALL SBI 4H N Menon19 days ago
8600 CALL CMP 881H N Menon19 days ago
SBI CAS SL 309 INTRA1H N Menon19 days ago
bght 16500 put intra pstnl20H N Menon19 days ago
ril cash cmp 9711H N Menon19 days ago
NO SL 9000 CALL CMP 8.751H N Menon19 days ago
tamo 520 put cmp 8/92H N Menon20 days ago
nifty sl / 8666 to 72 cmp 86271H N Menon20 days ago
RELIANCE CAN BE SHRTD AT 1020 TO 10286H N Menon23 days ago
NO SL 8400 PUT BGHT 1H N Menon23 days ago
intra bnf 18000 call bght at 13017H N Menon23 days ago
BGHT 8500 PUT AT 84 AND 863H N Menon23 days ago
sold at 8638 and 86441H N Menon23 days ago
NIFTY BUY NOV DEC2H N Menon23 days ago
intra shrtd RIL AT 9885H N Menon24 days ago
intra pstnl 8500 call i bght 2 lots at 143H N Menon24 days ago
8500 PUT AND NIFTY SHRTD 3H N Menon24 days ago
SBI NOV 310 CALL BGHT AT 1.452H N Menon24 days ago
VOLUME BUZZ IN ZEEL1Srinivasan Kannan25 days ago
NIFTY DEC 2014 OR JAN 20154H N Menon25 days ago
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