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Commodity Calls

Topic: Commodity Calls
TitlePostsPosted byLast Post
crude oil 300 point target is ready150Kuldeep Kharbanda31 mins ago
personal positional calls 8Sri Kanth2 hours ago
Crude Oil Positional 3Ranganath Kodanda5 hours ago
Commodity Calls.Daily Trading Ideas 1000+ Day Trading7812Shiv Prasad5 hours ago
buy crudenow.61.101James Jean17 hours ago
CRUDE BABA FATA FAT 1000 NEW -32743Dilip Nilekar17 hours ago
Commodity Trade-Base Metals.528Shiv Prasad17 hours ago
BUY crudeoil 3596 sl 3565 tgt 36707Ashish Yadav17 hours ago
BUY NICKEL 983 SL 978 TGT 10106Ashish Yadav18 hours ago
BUY CRUDEOIL 3555-60 SL 3530 TGT 35996Ashish Yadav20 hours ago
SELL CRUDEOIL 3565 SL35922Pratap Patel20 hours ago
BUY CRUDE 3515 3520 trg 3560 3570 3584 sl 34695Ashok Kumar20 hours ago
buy copper 404.80 trg 406.50 407 407.40 sl 401.807Ashok Kumar23 hours ago
BUY CRUDEOIL 3545 SL 3520 TGT 35961Ashish Yadav1 day ago
BUY NIFTY 82433Adil Khan1 day ago
sell zinc 133.60 sl 135.50 trg 132.60 132 131.506Ashok Kumar1 day ago
Sell Crude 11Sri Kanth1 day ago
Lead Positional Analysis1Kac Raj1 day ago
Sell crude oil 3541 sl 3567 tgt 34808Ashish Yadav2 days ago
SELL NICKEL 986-985 SL 988 TGT 9813Ashish Yadav2 days ago
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