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Reply for: Nifty targets from my Excel

Sanmathy Raj at 03:54 PM - Nov 04, 2015 ( )

New upside target as of 4-Nov is 8131.65

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Sanmathy Raj at 08:32 PM - Oct 28, 2015 ( )

This is on Roll over basis..If anyone buying in Nov contract after Oct expiry, can watch this target in Nov contract

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Sanmathy Raj at 12:00 PM - Oct 28, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

8310.85 is not hit yet..So buy NF now and on dips

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Sanmathy Raj at 05:13 PM - Oct 27, 2015 ( )

No much volatility today in Nifty..My target is intact at 8315.95

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Sanmathy Raj at 04:07 PM - Oct 26, 2015 ( )

As the daylow was changed to 8257.10, new target for NF is set at 8310.85

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Sanmathy Raj at 01:33 PM - Oct 26, 2015 ( )

On 26-Oct, if no change in present Daylow (8262.20), the target is 8315.95

Note this is not intraday target necessarily.

New Thread: Nifty targets from my Excel

Sanmathy Raj at 01:31 PM - Oct 26, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

I couldn't visit Mudraa for long time due to personal issues..

Anyhow I am back and let me give some targets from my Excel sheet (Nifty).

Reply for: Nifty options with small profit targets

Sanmathy Raj at 10:31 AM - Sep 16, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

Today's points=37

7550PE and 8050CE.

As 8050CE is in black, its advised to buy CE on dips..

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Sanmathy Raj at 01:06 PM - Sep 15, 2015 ( )

Blind option buyers can buy 7500PE.

Entry points are 39.20--34.30--29.40--19.60--9.80

Exit at               49.00--39.20--34.30--29.40--19.60

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Sanmathy Raj at 12:26 PM - Sep 15, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

Today's points=49

Selected options 7500PE and 8050CE

Both are available for 49 now..

Buy both now and wait for atleast 10% margin...

Exit at 98 expense+9.80 profit..

Reply for: NF entry points

Sanmathy Raj at 10:50 AM - Sep 08, 2015 ( )

As said yesterday, we saw a gap up opening today..

7517 may not hit today..

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Sanmathy Raj at 03:44 PM - Sep 07, 2015 ( )

2-sep-2015 7622.79 (NOT YET HIT) 7855.49 (hit)

Tgt 7622.79 hit as the daylow was 7560.10

New downside target which I got today=7385

Upside Tgt=8373

A gap up opening tomorrow..

Reply for: Nifty Next target 6875-7125 > 3-12 Months Time Fram

Sanmathy Raj at 12:00 PM - Sep 06, 2015 ( )

My target 8373...Timeframe-before Oct expiry

Reply for: NF entry points

Sanmathy Raj at 10:51 AM - Sep 06, 2015 ( )

HI all,

My view to buy CE with a target of 8373 (to be safe, buy in Oct contract) is intact..

7622.79 & 7446.35 not yet hit on the lower side..

Date i10 i22
3-sep-2015 7683.47 (hit on 4/Sep) 7807.15 (hit)
2-sep-2015 7622.79 (NOT YET HIT) 7855.49 (hit)
1-sep-2015 7787.83 (hit) 7637.25 (hit on 4/Sep)
25-aug-2015 7761.15 (hit) 8373.28 (NOT YET HIT)
20-aug-2015 8285.73 (hit on 21/Aug) 8403.12 (hit)
12-aug-2015 8396.69 (hit) 8342.30 (hit on 21/Aug)
10-aug-2015 8512.36 (hit) 7827.53 (hit on 24/Aug)
29-jul-2015 8385.61 (hit) 8517.61 (hit on 31/Jul)
27-jul-2015 8489.51 (hit) 8602.34 (hit on 5/Aug)
22-jul-2015 8397.67 (hit on 27/Jul) 8529.88 (hit)
10-jul-2015 8356.84 (hit) 8071.98 (hit on 24/Aug)
29-jun-2015 8228.05 (hit) 7446.35 (NOT YET HIT)

 (hit) means hit today

Reply for: Nifty options with small profit targets

Sanmathy Raj at 12:56 PM - Sep 02, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

Today, i would like to share some views..

Today (2-Sep-2015) points=54

Selected options 8200CE and 7300PE.

D29, E29 & F29 of 7300PE are in black which indicates the future strength of 7300PE (for minimum 3 days) whereas D28 is in green.

8200CE crossed its safe entry point setting a target of 111.90.


Reply for: Nifty options with small profit targets

Sanmathy Raj at 10:20 AM - Aug 28, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

Happy Onam..

Can anyone confirm today's points?

I got 25 points..I was in hospital with my father and couldn't take screenshot well...

Reply for: NF entry points

Sanmathy Raj at 10:17 AM - Aug 28, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

Happy Onam..

Nifty tgt 8373 (got this figure on 25-Aug)

Reply for: NF entry points

Sanmathy Raj at 02:13 PM - Aug 24, 2015 ( )

On Aug11, when i gave downside target of 7827, even i didn't expect this much speedy target..we are now at 7809.

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Sanmathy Raj at 09:21 AM - Aug 24, 2015 ( )

On July 13, when i gave a tgt of 8071, it was unbelievable.. But now we touched 8000

Reply for: Nifty options with small profit targets

Sanmathy Raj at 08:47 PM - Aug 17, 2015 ( )

Hi Deepi Saini,

Nice effort...

But still I believe I am right. Let other Mudraites do the calculation..

Points as per my entry:296

8000PE 15
8850CE 26
8200PE 26
8950CE 10
8000PE 10
8300PE 33
8250PE 18
8850CE 18
8250PE 18
8900CE 11
8200PE 11
8650CE 40
8200PE 30
8600CE 30

Total is 296

12.Aug.15 square off time total is 504.90


You have some different values. Plz cross check..Anyhow 273 points (as per your calculation is the POSITIVE DIFFERENCE). So its not loss..Its profit. You are not squaring off 8000PE at 4.75. But you are selling at 19.75.

But actual positive difference is208.90 points.


I think its 70% return..Hope you are clear now.

Reply for: Nifty options with small profit targets

Sanmathy Raj at 07:07 PM - Aug 16, 2015 ( )



1. Place a Buy stop/Sell stop order for both selected options.

2. Wait for one or two option entries to get acivated. Atleast one entry will be activated for sure.

3. The other option which hasn't entered till closure, will be get cancalled automatically after 3.30pm.

4. Do this process everyday and hold until you get profit and square off at once when you are in profit.

Eg: 8000PE entry was active on 31-Jul-2015 (15 points). See the below table-only given activated entries with strike rate and points.

31-Jul-15 8000PE 15
3-Aug-15 8850CE 26
3-Aug-15 8200PE 26
4-Aug-15 8950CE 10
4-Aug-15 8000PE 10
5-Aug-15 8300PE 33
6-Aug-15 8250PE 18
7-Aug-15 8850CE 18
7-Aug-15 8250PE 18
10-Aug-15 8900CE 11
10-Aug-15 8200PE 11
11-Aug-15 8650CE 40
12-Aug-15 8200PE 30
12-Aug-15 8600CE 30

Total points=296..Spent Rs.7400

Square off possibility on 12-Aug evening at closing time when total points reached 504.

Premium received=504 points x 25=Rs.12600 with a clear profit of Rs.5200

Cons of Strategy3

1. It may take a few days to reach in profit.

2. Not useful for those who use tight Stoploss. Eg: 8000PE which was activated on 31-July @ 16 went down upto 4.20 on 10-Aug. It came back upto 20.70 on 12-Aug..

3. Patience needed.

New Thread: My questions

Sanmathy Raj at 12:11 PM - Jun 11, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

As a member of Mudraa, I need your help to watch certain Nifty options and give me answers. I am not giving any calls to buy/sell in this thread. Just I am trying to find the price movements of a few options. Hope you will keep a watch and update with comments.

The purpose of this is just for learning..

New Thread: NF entry points

Sanmathy Raj at 01:12 PM - Jun 08, 2015 ( )

Nifty future (june) entry points

1) 8038

2) 8026

3) 8002

Tgt 8082/8098

Present low is 8040.40

New Thread: RBI rates-June 02, 2015

Sanmathy Raj at 11:04 AM - Jun 02, 2015 ( )

Reverse Repo rate-6.25 (Previous-6.50)

RBI Interest rate-7.25% (Previous 7.50%)

CRR- 4% unchanged..

New Thread: Nifty options with small profit targets

Sanmathy Raj at 12:50 PM - May 21, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

Based on my new point system, I try to find entry points and exit points for both Call option and Put option (Nifty) everyday.

Before trying, there are certain things to remember.

1) Open price of the chosen option should be greater than the points assigned for a particular day. For eg: 32 points for today, 21-May-2015 means you have to select an option with open price greater than 32.

2) Profit target is small. So please don't bother if it passes our target and moves forward. Greed put me in trouble several times.

3) One entry point may work upto 3 times. But remember, first time, you can have a loose stoploss. Second time, have a normal stoploss and on third entry, have a very strict stoploss.

4) Don't ever try to enter trade for the fourth time in the same entry point-Because price will never stay in one band!

5) Sometimes, entry points will stay vacant and you shouldn't be angry on me! Because I don't have any control on market.

Please let me know by trying with small lots and check whether my points system is working well for you or not.


8500CE previous entry point was 31 and exit was 34. It worked three times without any problem, So we can't enter @ 31 again. Next entry point is 25 & exit is 28

8300PE next entry point=32 & exit=35

New Thread: Last 3 days NIfty Fibo outlook

Sanmathy Raj at 10:00 PM - May 06, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

I know I am not allowed to post a link for download of Lite version of my Nifty Excel sheet. Hence I would like to post an image of Fibo pivot, support & resistance levels for last 3 days..

New Thread: Nifty buy call

Sanmathy Raj at 10:32 AM - Apr 17, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

Nifty is going doing...But those who have Long calls can expect Nifty to touch 8764-8810 levels again..

New Thread: Advise for startups

Sanmathy Raj at 09:38 AM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

Nice to hear that Mudraa started a Topic titled Website Design & Development. Even if I have a website hosting and Domain registration service, I know that Mudraa doesn't allow me to post such links and promote my services.

So I would like to use this post as an advise for E-commerce startups.

Please note that I am not linked with any of below given websites. Just I do info sharing..

1. If you own a small business that operates even at your home and if you intend to sell online, its not necessary to start an e-commerce store with a big capital. Instead you can goto Ebay.in, Snapdeal.com,Paytm.com,Amazon.in etc and become a seller. But they are very strict on return policy. Amazon.in needs business license, VAT, Tin etc which is not mandatory if you sell through Ebay.

2. If you wish to sell it by your own(to avoid the hard return policies of Ebay, Amazon etc.), you may need a payment gateway for accepting online payments. Payumoney.com and ccavenue.com are the best players. There is no fee to open an account, but you have to pay Annual maintenance cost(AMC) and a certain percentage for every sale (TDR). Payumoney is the cheapest option as of now. It needs some documentation like Bank statement, Undertaking letter, agreement signing etc. which can be done in 10-15 days. Both will work for domestic clients. If you have international clients and would like to accept International credit cards, you can find separate option in ccavenue.

3. Payumoney and ccavenue will allow you to add products in their backend so that you can sell without your own wesbite. All what you should do is to send such product links directly to your client's email. If you think its not a professional way, just register your own domain name, buy hosting space and then create a joomla/wordpress site with a shopping cart plugin. Also there are pure shopping cart scripts in PHP like Opencart, Tomatocart etc which you can integrate easily with your payment gateway. Note such payment gateways mostly allow you to sell physical products.

4. If you want to sell virtual products like softwares, event tickets etc., you can visit instamojo.com and signup. Instamojo also supports physical products.

5. For promoting your store/products use Facebook advertisement or Google Adsense.

Please feel free to post your comments...

New Thread: Dont read if you earn 10 paise everyday in CDS

Sanmathy Raj at 10:31 AM - Feb 15, 2015 ( )


If you earn 10 paise (i.e.Rs.1000 profit by trading 10Lot USD/INR or any other currency pair) in Currency Derivates Section everyday, DONT Bookmark this. Because in my opinion, you are earning a very decent profit.

But there could be a few traders who fails to earn a decent profit of 10paise per day. I just to want to categorise currency traders into two sections.

1) Those who earns Rs.1000 everyday by trading 10lots of currency. If you are in this category, please do not Bookmark this thread.

2) Those who earn no profit or less than Rs.1000 with 10lots trade. If you falls in this category, please Bookmark.


This is just to know how many of you are 'learning' currency trading. Because you can't learn swimming without drinking water.

New Thread: Call for Nifty and USD/INR

Sanmathy Raj at 09:19 AM - Feb 06, 2015 ( )

Hi all,

My call for Nifty and USD/INR on 6.Feb.2015

Nifty - Buy SA 8788 with target 8892

 USD/INR - Buy USDINR    SA-61.93    Tgt-62.06     S/L-61.73

From: Sanmathy Raj at 09:22 AM - Feb 09, 2015( )

My call for Nifty on 9.Feb.2015

Nifty - Buy SA 8668 with T1= 8695/ T2-8709

From: Sanmathy Raj at 09:59 AM - Feb 09, 2015( )

USD/INR Buy @ 62.30 tgt 62.51 S/L-61.73

From: Sanmathy Raj at 11:47 AM - Feb 09, 2015( )

Hi all, My USD/INR call at 62.30 with tgt 62.51 revised to T1 62.38, T2 62.43

Without hitting these targets, if the pair goes down upto 62.14/62.16 area, please add another position with same targets..

From: Sanmathy Raj at 04:20 PM - Feb 13, 2015( )

USD/INR update on 13.Feb.2015

Hi all,

USD/INR is trading at 62.30. Big resistance at 62.35 and hence hit upto 62.34 now.

So better to exit Long positions now and re-enter Long once it breaks 62.35

New Thread: USD/INR outlook

Sanmathy Raj at 10:38 PM - Nov 28, 2014 ( )

Hi all,

I usually follow the currency pair USD/INR. Today I came to see Mudraa and would like to have some same minded USD-INR traders/watchers/followers..

OPEC didn't make any cut in production which helped INR from a big loss. But still USD is going strong against INR. While Indian markets closed at 5pm 28-Nov-2014, the spot rate was 62.035. Now at 10:30pm, the Spot again increased to 62.22!

For USD INR futures traders, let me give you a few targets to watch on the upper side..

62.4425, 62.4675, 62.4825, 62.4975, 62.5375

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