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Reply for: at what time infy results today?

Udi M at 01:17 PM - Jan 11, 2019 ( )

can a intraday position be taken if it will be anounced during market hours? 

But no info. is available at what time?

New Thread: at what time infy results today?

Udi M at 01:12 PM - Jan 11, 2019 ( )

at what time infy results today? anyonw know here ? 

Reply for: NSE Extended Trading Hours

Udi M at 08:44 PM - Jul 26, 2018 ( )

read here:



Reply for: NSE Extended Trading Hours

Udi M at 08:30 PM - Jul 26, 2018 ( )

2nd session - 5pm to to 11.55pm (equity stocks futures and index futures only)

New Thread: NSE Extended Trading Hours

Udi M at 08:26 PM - Jul 26, 2018 ( )

Its almost confirmed now that from October 1st - NSE trading will be carried out in 2 sessions :-


1st session  - 9.15am to 3.30pm (cash and equity stocks and index futures)

This is similar to what is happening now


2nd session - 5pm to to 11.55pm (equity stocks and index futures)


Interesting points in the 2nd session are -

i) how the stock futures will be traded without underlying basic instrument cash segment? 

ii) how the stock cash will open next day? (corresponding to previous night closing of its futures counterpart?


Please share your opines...Thank you

From: udi m at 06:40 PM - Aug 30, 2018( )

Today BSE too filed application for extended trading hours....

New Thread: NSE EOD reports at 2 am?

Udi M at 11:15 AM - May 15, 2018 ( )

I read last week that SEBI proposed to stay open Equity Stock and Index Derivative market till 11.55pm. In this case whether EOD reports on Derivatives be expected at 2.00 am to 2.30 am?

How it is possible for a retail Derivative trader to trade for such a long time as well to look in to the reports to get ready for next day trading?

Please share your thoughts...

Reply for: Technical Analysis Vs Tukka Analysis.

Udi M at 10:02 AM - Apr 03, 2017 ( )

Hi Varun,

please do not think of ever leaving mudraa.  You are a TREMENDOUS TRADER and WE have benefited A LOT reading your posts in your thread regarding trading banknifty. Please continue posting your awsome views on trading. Even if you continue teaching - I am sure it will take some months of rigorous practice to catup with trading for us. So difficult job it is.

Again a kind request - please continue in your thread. We need EVERYONE here - SK - Rajdeep and YOU and sincere cooperation from Raku Katte as well :).

Let this forum grow manifold by the participation by you people- teaching precious stuffs regarding trading here.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!!!!


Udi M at 10:22 PM - Apr 02, 2017 ( )

Hi Rajdeep,

You have gone very defensive in your approach in the latest post in clarifying yourself. Absolutely there was no need for this as EVERYBODY reads this thread - on a regular basis - KNOWS that  --- you NEVER give trading calls. So there is NO QUESTION of you providing TARGET or STOP LOSS to readers. Obviously many people don't have patience to READ and UNDERSTAND what you say. Its OK and you need not prove anything here. Just express your independent views about NIFTY on a regular basis and this is the only thing we expect from you!!!! Please DO NOT MIND the IRRELEVANT criticisms and please please please carry on with your good work.

Thanking you.....


Udi M at 03:48 PM - Oct 13, 2016 ( )

What an analysis Sir!!!!!!!!!

This is just fantastic prediction of NIFTY and BANKNIFTY movements (before 1 month or more)....Chart reading is at its best here!!!!!!

Request you to update your views on market movements regularly....

Thanking you....


Udi M at 03:23 PM - Sep 29, 2016 ( )

Superb ananlysis on NIFTY Siddharthji!!!!

I have made profits today by following your NIFTY levels. 

Very accurate levels!!! Easy to trade....Fantastic prediction....

Best chart reading by you....Please keep going....


Thanking you

Reply for: Open Letter ( Umesh ) ( 28 - 11 - 2015 )

Udi M at 07:22 PM - Nov 28, 2015 ( )

Ohhhh.... NO..This is something I  heard or read for the 1st time!

Those preachers of 'tolerance' became so intolerant and that is too against students of a college! Foot in mouthFoot in mouthFoot in mouthFoot in mouthFoot in mouth


Reply for: Nagpur Test Match ( Umesh ) ( 28 - 11 - 2015 )

Udi M at 06:50 PM - Nov 28, 2015 ( )

ha ha ha ha!!! LOL!!!!!! 

Now even a kid can speak on - what is intolerance in India and 'WHO' are those so tolerant people!!! Sealed

Oh... NOoooooo...  even our stock market is soooOOOOO   intolerant! CoolCoolCoolCoolCool

Reply for: Mudras - Healing Through Your Fingers

Udi M at 01:38 PM - Aug 30, 2015 ( )

very useful....thanks a lot...

Reply for: 50+ or 100+ Nif T ( kk )

Udi M at 11:30 AM - Feb 24, 2015 ( )

What a pleasant surprise Kumble! You are back after somewhat 1-year. Great to see you in action again Smile

Reply for: everyday 10000 and above

Udi M at 09:21 PM - Feb 23, 2015 ( )

Well chinna and devaki - wish -curse of people would chase you both your lifetime. How about that nasty feeling on becoming big zeroes from heroes. Big losers you 2 are without any doubt. Got some befitting replies from Mudraa fellows huh? You both worth of it because you are mentally sick. You promised teachings right? Now we kick your back with curses... 

Reply for: everyday 10000 and above

Udi M at 05:53 PM - Feb 22, 2015 ( )

Very Well Said Mr. Chinna....


Udi M at 11:24 PM - Sep 11, 2014 ( )

Fantastic article!

I have read many articles published in this forum itself about personality development. But this article is something extraordinary in the sense that it tells you exactly where you are wrong and what needs to be done....


Thanks a lot...

Reply for: VWAP upper indicator

Udi M at 09:44 PM - Jun 29, 2014 ( )

hmmmmmm.........at the best - ATP can be an excuse for VWAP Smile

Reply for: VWAP upper indicator

Udi M at 08:28 PM - Jun 29, 2014 ( )



anyone using sharekhans tradetiger please reply whether VWAP indicator is available. Thank you very much

New Thread: VWAP upper indicator

Udi M at 12:05 PM - Jun 28, 2014 ( )


anyone know here about Volume Weighted Average Price VWAP tech. indicator ? I like to use this indicator for Equity and Commodity market Intraday and Positional.

Which Indian vendor has this indicator in their charting software ?  Icharts? Sharekhan? Please confirm the users of these software....

I called Investar India. But they do not provide VWAP

Thank you



New Thread: where Intraday charts are available?

Udi M at 02:42 PM - Mar 06, 2012 ( )

Hi All,

I would like to refer to INTRADAY TICK CHARTS of NSE  FnO cash equity stocks for the past atleast 3 months. But, dont know in which web site it is available (paid or free). Can anyone who already have access to the intraday tick charts - tell me the web site address please?

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