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New Thread: Monday

Pradip Ray at 04:17 PM - Aug 24, 2019 ( )

From: pradip ray at 04:20 PM - Aug 24, 2019( )

Nine months multiple support touched and bounced back to form a bullish piercung pattern. Momentum suggests a move till 11100 nifty. Trade accordingly. BOL.

From: pradip ray at 03:29 PM - Aug 25, 2019( )

The formation of bullish candle, or a gap up on third day confirms this pattern reliability.

Reply for: BUY KOTAKBANK @ CMP 1316 TARGET 1345 SL 1305

Pradip Ray at 11:58 AM - Mar 15, 2019 ( )

good one.

New Thread: JRD TATA

Pradip Ray at 03:04 PM - Mar 03, 2019 ( )

An Excellent Episode to Cherish: 
Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata [J.N. Tata] was once travelling to Germany in 1893. As he stood there, at the door of his First Class Cabin in the Steam-liner, he noticed a lot of activity on the lower decks of the Ship. On enquiring, he learnt that a great Indian Saint Swami Vivekananda was on board the same ship.
Out of genuine respect and curiosity, J.N. Tata decided to pay a visit to the great saint.
Swami Vivekananda had of course heard about the respected industrialist.
As the conversation grew J.N. Tata explained that he was on his way to Germany.
"I have with me sacks of soil. From various parts (districts) of India, I am taking these samples of soil to Germany. I wish to know if Iron can be extracted profitably from any of these districts.”, said J.N. Tata to the Saint.
To which Swami Vivekananda replied, "Well, Sir, even if these sacks contain Iron-rich soil, do you honestly believe that the Germans will tell you the TRUTH??? You must understand that none of the European Nations wish to see a Strong / Steel-Rich / Economically Independent India. The soil is probably rich in Iron-ore but the sad truth is all you will get from your enquiries across Europe is Pessimistic reactions."
Swami Vivekananda continued, "Why don't you start an excellent / up-to-date Research Facility and College in India? Why don't you train some good Indian Youngsters to identify soil and conduct these tests and find ways of profitably extracting metals?? It may seem like a wasteful expenditure right now, but in the long run, it will save you many trips to Europe and you can have the assurance of knowing the Truth quickly- rather than taking multiple opinions due to Doubt".
As Swami Vivekananda could clearly sense J.N. Tata's mood was in acquiescence, he further elaborated, "Seek an audience with the Maharaja of Mysore H.H. Wodeyar. Though a subordinate of the British, he will definitely help you in every way he can. H.H. Wodeyar has been generous enough to sponsor my own trip to Chicago to attend the Parliament of Religions".
As soon as he returned to India, J.N. Tata headed straight for Mysore. And indeed H.H Sir Krishnaraja Wodeyar did not disappoint him. The King granted 371 acres (1.5 Sq km)
of land for the setting up of the Research Facility and College that J.N. Tata had envisioned ; it was established in 1909 and named THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE.
Let us pay the homage & tribute to J.N. Tata, regarded as legendary ‘Father of Indian Industry’, on his Birth Anniversary on 3rd March,

---- [ In admiration & reverence, Posted by Dr. P.K. Roy]

Reply for: ZERODHA - A worst Broker in town

Pradip Ray at 12:30 PM - Feb 27, 2019 ( )

Asked Admin to send a Complain to Zerodha on our behalf. It is as below :

Send a Complaint letter to Zerodha on behalf of Mudraa Members. Post it in the forum and see their reaction. 

Reply for: Nifty Daily 2019

Pradip Ray at 10:39 PM - Jan 28, 2019 ( )

Any difficulty you face in Posting images ? I personally think JPEG may be allowed. And seamless upload ( like we take a mobile photo and upload in Whatsapp ) should be tried. Last so many years this is being hammered upon. Software must be compatible. Yes I agree to your idea. Putting it to Admin for consideration.   

Reply for: Nifty Daily 2019

Pradip Ray at 08:27 PM - Jan 28, 2019 ( )

Very commendable  effort Subhadeep. Sorry, I did not notice it earlier. 

Reply for: Request your kind help in intraday trading

Pradip Ray at 02:08 PM - Dec 30, 2018 ( )

Can try 5/10  ema on the traded stocks .Chhk ACC, COLPAL, Biocon, SunTV, Titan, Oil India and put up your find.

Reply for: stock to watch everyday

Pradip Ray at 10:56 AM - Dec 30, 2018 ( )

Morning. Sad to know. Trust everything is in shape now. 

Reply for: stock to watch everyday

Pradip Ray at 10:10 AM - Dec 30, 2018 ( )

Have u finished ur Zerodha challenge ? Then you can start your call afresh.

New Thread: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Pradip Ray at 10:27 AM - Dec 25, 2018 ( )

Happy Christmas and New year to everyody.

New Thread: Change in calls.

Pradip Ray at 02:30 PM - Dec 18, 2018 ( )

In case there is any change in calls without disclosing the earlier levels, members may kindly report.

Reply for: Where is NIFTY heading ?

Pradip Ray at 12:10 PM - Dec 15, 2018 ( )

To day Dow Jones Industrial Average 
24,100.51 −496.87 (2.02%)

Black ? Remember the Dead Cross is still there. Some hungama , either way, 5-6 % is expected. For 2 months 200 DMA is more or less same. Has to be either decisively discounted or broken down. 10940 or 10660 may be kept in mind. 

Reply for: INTRADAY

Pradip Ray at 11:14 AM - Dec 01, 2018 ( )

Welcome. Trust you would enrich us,

Reply for: Expiry Estimate.

Pradip Ray at 02:40 PM - Nov 29, 2018 ( )


New Thread: Expiry Estimate.

Pradip Ray at 08:02 PM - Nov 28, 2018 ( )

 For Discussion Only.

I see an Evening Doji / Shooting star. My reading BNF closing at 26210 and nifty spot at 10600. What is your estimate? Dont use it for trade . It is purely a Chart Reading exercise.

Reply for: Stock Option

Pradip Ray at 12:02 PM - Nov 25, 2018 ( )

And while on the subject , considerin theta comes handy in Option selling once the trend is established , can some one post how much margin is required if a 3-4 some strangle is to be made ?

Reply for: Stock Option

Pradip Ray at 11:52 AM - Nov 25, 2018 ( )

Very simple yet practical demo. ThnX Mr Mehta. Is any Delta-Theta matrix possible ?  Just wonderin.

Reply for: Stock Option

Pradip Ray at 11:23 AM - Nov 25, 2018 ( )

Can some one ellucidate Theta?

Reply for: Stock Option

Pradip Ray at 11:21 AM - Nov 25, 2018 ( )

Kindly avoid mocking etc here. Put your points. Googling notwithstanding.

New Thread: Stock Option

Pradip Ray at 03:08 PM - Nov 24, 2018 ( )

I am not very comfortable with Stock Option. Shall try a bit. Any of you can opine. 

For 26.11.18, Tata Steel 550 CE volume goin up while price goes down. A bear sign ? 530 PE ?  Is it fast moving ? 

And ACC. Does it move ? Volume is low. It poised to go to 1400.




Reply for: Sell Tata Steel @539

Pradip Ray at 10:33 PM - Nov 23, 2018 ( )

A small query. 539 has multiple supports . May be such long SL is taking the bounce into consideration. I am planning to buy a 530 PE . Let me see. SL is what I am wondering.

Reply for: Sell Tata Steel @539

Pradip Ray at 06:41 PM - Nov 23, 2018 ( )

SL ! ??

Reply for: Nifty Chart

Pradip Ray at 04:43 PM - Nov 22, 2018 ( )

I think you got some indication.


Reply for: Nifty Chart

Pradip Ray at 09:21 AM - Nov 19, 2018 ( )

I am posting the chart. I know and understand your predicament and musings. So are mine. Instead of direct utterances , let me watch.

Reply for: Nifty & BankNifty Fut coming Weekly Review 19-23 Nov

Pradip Ray at 07:49 PM - Nov 18, 2018 ( )

sorry ! i deleted my duplicate entry which got deleted in quoted reply. it was 'i got it'

New Thread: Nifty Chart

Pradip Ray at 03:20 PM - Nov 18, 2018 ( )

It is 16th Nov Chart. Does 50 EMA and 200 EMA give any message ?

From: pradip ray at 10:01 AM - Nov 25, 2018( )

This Death Cross Over is on. In 5 days it enveloped all the markets. 10000 does not seem too far fetched. People are easily goin far below it. I personally would request toh  find out the levels. And trade accordinly. Two stocks I suggested elsewhere. Trade with it.

Intra day or STBT. BBoth of them listen to the market. 

New Thread: Where is NIFTY heading ?

Pradip Ray at 09:57 PM - Oct 26, 2018 ( )

Only if I knew !!

Chance is, technically, it may move to 9950 / 9500 level .  But market appears to be preparing for a paradigm shift. 36 months support is broken decisively in Daily, weekly and monthly charts! All the major moving averages fell like a house of cards and there is no respite. 

What is your views guys ?? 

New Thread: Subho Vijaya

Pradip Ray at 08:07 AM - Oct 20, 2018 ( )

Subho Vijaya to All

New Thread: Trading or Investment

Pradip Ray at 07:50 PM - Aug 01, 2018 ( )

  1. Let me broach a somewhat confusing topic. Do you trade or Invest ? I personally am a pure Trader. Intra or BTST. Only Index Option. At my age I cant afford to be an Investor. 
  2. Now SL. Do you put it in the system or keep on watching the Chart ? Can You afford to bbe on the terminal for 3-4 hours?
  3. And at what time you start trading? I mean at 9-30/ 10-00 AM ? When do u normally square the first tranche? At 11-50 or 1-45 0r 3-00 clock or some other time. 
  4. How much loss or profit you contemplate ? Do u trade daily?

From: pradip ray at 08:19 PM - Aug 01, 2018( )

By the way I forgot to mention. I am expecting NIFTY around 11430 . And a reversal may come. An indecisive spinning top. Almost a Doji.  

From: pradip ray at 11:47 AM - Aug 04, 2018( )

No taker of the idea! Sigh! But I insist.

In order that one succeds in Stock market, you must make sure if you are a Trader or Investor. Can you afford to block a few thousands / lakhs for some time ? May be a year ? What kind of return you expect ? Have you tried to understand the basic Technicals and Fundamentals ? Are you in Cash or F&O segment ? Do you put SL in the system ? What Risk Reward ratio you look for?

As I said, I am a Trader . And my experience suggests me to be one at my age for being a regular in the market. Usually I dont follow any body because I can study of my own. Of course I do check what others are prescribing. 

I want you to  realise what I wrote. You are free to put any intelligent query. Sure they would be answered. By me or othere in the forum. But self learning is a sine qua non. You cant simply avoid it unless you wanna follow some one blindly (not a bad habit).


New Thread: News for all of us

Pradip Ray at 11:13 AM - Mar 06, 2018 ( )

Pls follow and comments on todays news. One news is OK to avoid clutter. I post one. 


New Thread: Tomorrow's Market Technical View.

Pradip Ray at 08:07 PM - Nov 20, 2017 ( )

Why you guys stopped discussing what will happen to morrow ? What is the EOD candle pattern to day ? Twizzer Bottom ? Signifying an up move ? Or LH LL pattern meaning a Down move.

Pls again initiate these discussions as we used to do coupla years back. 

New Thread: Investment Stocks

Pradip Ray at 12:31 PM - Nov 18, 2017 ( )

  • Can we discuss names of some stocks for delivery. May be Large, Mid or Small Cap. Intention is to earn return more than the Bank Rate. Time Horizon may be long term. 3-5 years. Amount may be 5-10 INR. Bees are already in consideration. Freeing the invested Capital would be preferable. No of stocks may be around 10.

From: pradip ray at 05:23 PM - Nov 18, 2017( )

  • I am sorry. 5-10 Lakhs corpus. 

New Thread: Intraday ATM NIFTY Option Trading Strategy discussed.

Pradip Ray at 01:16 PM - Sep 17, 2017 ( )

Underlying - NIFTY;

To trade  - ATM Option Straddle ;

Why -- Refer Delta . Underlying to ATM Option Move around 50 %;

Aim -- Less Profit. No Loss  ie Loss management ;

SL - 10 point ( approximately 20 point movement either side);

Risk - Negligible; 

Tools -- Google Finance 5 mins Chart. 3/13/20 EMA;

Action - Buy when 3 crosses 13 and 13 crosses 20; Either side. Buy both Call and Put;

Liquidate -- When the 3 EMA direction changes slightly.

From: pradip ray at 09:32 PM - Nov 07, 2017( )

In case any of you had been following the thread, can now try only one trade instead of a Straddle. Eery other thing remaining the same. One might have to take multiple trades in a day. So act accordingly. When you see the trend down buy PE and reverse it in time. Practice a bit.  Not very tough. but have to be on terminal and Google Finance, I will post my trade for info only.

From: pradip ray at 09:21 PM - Nov 15, 2017( )

Will it be this week it self ? 

From : Pradip Ray at 01:18 PM - Nov 14, 2017 ( about 21 hours ago)

We are entering Bear Market. 10K looms large. Take guard. 

From: pradip ray at 08:41 PM - Nov 16, 2017( )

I forgot to write it in this column. Pls excuse me. 

How to play Gap . Trade in the direction of the Gap . Simple. I told it else where. But should have mentioned here. SL and rest others remain the same. 

From: pradip ray at 09:52 AM - Dec 05, 2017( )

So 10 K is close. Scroll up to check the caution. GM To day is 5.12.17

From: pradip ray at 02:21 PM - Jan 16, 2018( )

A new experience. 9-54 AM and 1-54 PM are the times for taking quick trade. Watch that.  I got it from Net and found it effective. Also most active Call and Put buy is another decision to make a quick buck. 8 point SL .

From: pradip ray at 04:00 PM - Jan 23, 2018( )

For four months, consistently, I showed you how to trade nifty option with a very small capital of 15-20 K.

I did not intentionally allow any unnecessary pat at the back or abusie language, I dont need either.

Suffice it to say that Option trading I was told, when i first started trading in terminal, to be RISKIEST. My experience proved it WRONG.

I was also told that when you are aged Inestment , and not TRADING, is THE thing. Again I found that to be WRONG.

There is also a school of thought which suggests that Chart is Bull Shit. I proved them WRONG as well.

This far was my On the job Training and proving my belief. Trust I could help some of you. BOL

From: pradip ray at 07:08 PM - Feb 20, 2018( )

Last two days trade was keeping Expiry in mind. Risky.

From: pradip ray at 03:38 PM - Mar 01, 2018( )

An important rejoinder.

Please note that of late I have not been putting a SL in the system as I can afford to be in front of the Option and Index Chart. Market VIX is tending to hit SLes. EOD SL may be a better option. It is just the beginning of the Expiry month. To that extent the trade has to be modified. 

New Thread: Flags and Pennants

Pradip Ray at 10:11 AM - Aug 11, 2017 ( )

Flags and pennants can be categorized as continuation patterns.  They usually represent only brief pauses in a dynamic market.  They are typically seen right after a big, quick move.  The market then usually takes off again in the same direction.  Research has shown that these patterns are some of the most reliable continuation pattern

Characterized by lower tops and lower bottoms, with the pattern slanting against the trend. But unlike wedges, their trendlines run parallel.


(Volume generally contracts during the pause with an increase on the breakout.) 

From: pradip ray at 02:01 PM - Sep 08, 2017( )

Does anyone remember ? 

New Thread: Broking House

Pradip Ray at 04:14 PM - Jul 14, 2017 ( )

I saw the advt of Astha Credit and Securities Pvt.Ltd. in Mudraa. any body having any account there ? How is the experience in Option Segment? 

New Thread: Bankim Chandra

Pradip Ray at 10:13 AM - Jun 26, 2017 ( )

Remember Bankim Chandra Chatterjee famous for penning India's national song, Vande Mataram was born on June 27, 1838 in Kantalpara village in West Bengal's 24 Paraganas district. After completing his early education in Midnapur, he joined the Mohsin College at Hoogly.






Remember Bankim Chandra Chatterjee famous for penning India's national song, Vande Mataram was born on June 27, 1838 in Kantalpara village in West Bengal's 24 Paraganas district. After completing his early education in Midnapur, he joined the Mohsin College at Hoogly.

He was a voracious reader and was especially interested in Sanskrit literature. He joined the Presidency College in Calcutta in 1856. After completing his education, he joined government service and retired in 1891.

He was adept at both verse and fiction. He shot into the limelight with Durgeshnandini, his first Bengali romance, published in 1865. He then went on to write other famous novels like Kapalkundala in 1866, Mrinalini in 1869, Vishbriksha in 1873, Chandrasekhar in 1877, Rajani in 1877, Rajsimha in 1881 and Devi Chaudhurani in 1884. He brought out a monthly magazine called Bangadarshan in 1872.

His most famous novel was Anand Math, published in 1882, which contains the famous song Vande Mataram. Anandamath depicted an army of Brahmin ascetics fighting Indian Muslims in the pay of the East India Company. The book called for unity among the Hindus and Muslims. This famous song Vande Mataram was set to music by none other than Rabindranath Tagore,.

Bankim Chandra had married when he was only eleven. After his first wife died, he remarried. This great novelist and poet of Bengal, nay entire India passed away on April 8, 1894.


New Thread: 10000 by July ?

Pradip Ray at 10:34 PM - Apr 26, 2017 ( )

Will there be 10K by July 2017 ? My Chart study indicates as much. What is yours ? 

From: pradip ray at 10:45 PM - Apr 26, 2017( )

New Thread: Broker

Pradip Ray at 04:22 PM - Apr 04, 2017 ( )

Looking for a Broker for Options only. May be Commo Crude only as well.Can any one suggest ? Zerodha I am aware of. Few others i have been getting as messages. Like to discuss it here,

New Thread: NEW YEAR 2017

Pradip Ray at 02:00 PM - Jan 01, 2017 ( )

Happy New Year 2017. All the members have a peaceful and fruitful year ahead.

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