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Reply for: BUY NIFTY 8058 SL 8038

Rajesh Kumar at 02:50 PM - Sep 23, 2014 ( )

In my chart it was 8035.5 at 14.40. Is nifty trading on premium?

Reply for: BUY NIFTY 8058 SL 8038

Rajesh Kumar at 02:43 PM - Sep 23, 2014 ( )

stop loss hit.

Reply for: SATAN'S MEETING ( Read even if you're busy )

Rajesh Kumar at 11:25 AM - Nov 06, 2010 ( )

Best way top keep people spend, spend and busy 12 hrs a day atleast, then ask them to open a Dmat account and ask them to day trade!

Reply for: my nifty outlook (Js)

Rajesh Kumar at 11:22 AM - Nov 06, 2010 ( )

Thanks Mr. Jagmohan

Reply for: My System - Daily Updates {For 5th October 2010}

Rajesh Kumar at 02:19 AM - Oct 05, 2010 ( )

I got it. So when there is a reversal then profit would be 130 + XXX. Great going. God bless you for this wonderful effort.


Rajesh Kumar at 02:12 AM - Oct 05, 2010 ( )

When the call hits stop loss and if someone comes with the statement "I am not running paid service" then it will not take of their responsibility of giving calls. The biggest truth is Mudraa is free site for free calls. If someone talks about paid service then they are in wrong place. If this is stated as " I'm updating this for those who are in this call already" then what about those who took the loss when it hit the stop loss. Is it like rubbing some salt on their wound by saying  " See now.. 14XX"?  There is one more category of analysts are here. They give a call with 2 or 3 targets. But when the call crosses over the final target and runs high still they come back and say "See now ...today touched this level". Just apply some commonsense here. If I am taking this call I will sell once it hits final target. Unless specified do I dream that it will run further so that I will hold without selling? If already sold then what is the point in saying it reached to XXX levels? Then how cheap tactis of the analyst to claim further credits for that call. If that is the case then the same analyst should take the responsibility as stock plunges down below the stop loss and trades down every day. No. In that case call is closed. But in case the scrip goes over the final taget  then call is still open and the credit will be claimed by the analyst everyday. It will  be chewed again and again like a chewing gum as the scrip/ index is making new highs. Think about this call, “buy nifty at 6200 Sl 6190 target 6210, 6220, 6230 and I will pop up again when it makes 7000 to say .."See Now Nifty is 7000.."

Reply for: Bought Emini @ 10730 now watch

Rajesh Kumar at 01:34 AM - Oct 05, 2010 ( )

30 points $150 per lot. good trade.

Reply for: Bought Emini @ 10730 now watch

Rajesh Kumar at 01:34 AM - Oct 05, 2010 ( )

30 points $150 per lot. good trade.

Reply for: My System - Daily Updates {For 5th October 2010}

Rajesh Kumar at 01:31 AM - Oct 05, 2010 ( )

Mr. Shekar I believe if your system is long from 5430,then there should be minimum 500 points profit( if we consider 1 or 2 reversal). As long as I remember it was stiking only on one side then how come total profit is just 130 points? Guess you have forgotten to correct that.

Reply for: Bought Emini @ 10730 now watch

Rajesh Kumar at 01:17 AM - Oct 05, 2010 ( )

E mini is a stock? I think it is an index future.

Reply for: Market Matters

Rajesh Kumar at 01:08 AM - Sep 22, 2010 ( )

Your trade can never go wrong. If it goes then it is operators play. You are always right so the market.


Rajesh Kumar at 04:28 AM - Sep 21, 2010 ( )

Good work, even in the early morning.

Reply for: nifty strategy

Rajesh Kumar at 02:09 PM - Aug 08, 2010 ( )

Are you sure nifty spot reached 5400 in april? I thought it was 5399. Someone could verify this?

Reply for: nifty strategy

Rajesh Kumar at 02:08 PM - Aug 08, 2010 ( )

Are sure nifty spot reached 5400 in april? I thought it was 5399. Someone could verify this?

Reply for: Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Rajesh Kumar at 02:05 AM - Aug 08, 2010 ( )

Similar movie has come as amitabh acted as hajimastan, but this movie has a slightly diffrent script. Haji mastan was the only one in the world who had natural death, he was known as smuggler in his time than a gangster. The script and narration of story and recreation of 70s era, a fabulouus work.


Rajesh Kumar at 04:40 PM - Aug 03, 2010 ( )

Your calculation was right, even after 200 points In Dow nifty did not move much. I would like to see a comment from you after dow closing tonite

Reply for: Bearish Option Strategies for August 2010

Rajesh Kumar at 11:01 AM - Aug 02, 2010 ( )

Is this closed oe still active? If closed what was the loss?

Reply for: BUY RNRL

Rajesh Kumar at 06:42 PM - Jul 30, 2010 ( )

RNRL profit for Q1 is 10 crore. So far no other anouncement

Reply for: Nifty on Monday - 5400 or 5300?

Rajesh Kumar at 06:27 PM - Jul 30, 2010 ( )


Reply for: What happened to nifty today????

Rajesh Kumar at 06:20 PM - Jul 30, 2010 ( )

Finally at the end around 3-30 nifty closed for trading so that no more heart attack(h)  for buyers. Does this mean nifty sellers are heartless people?

New Thread: Performance Report for Stock/Indices

Rajesh Kumar at 05:02 PM - Jul 30, 2010 ( )

July series is over. Post mortem of performance reports are coming in mudraa.  Normally  a tip provider gives call for (buy or sell) a scrip with 2 or 3 targets, sometimes 5 targets. Many times stocks hit 1 or 2 targets and many times all the targets. Few occasions SL. Now when declaring the performance I have seen many would say it made high(or low) of Rs.XXX , and this high price sometime fall in between the first target and buy price(or sell in case of short selling). I do not understand how one can make profit in this call? Still call giver says it made a high of so and so. Assuming that if one sells his stock at this high price to achieve the profit then what is the point of giving 1st target, 2nd target and so on ...? 2nd point is  I have noticed some stocks cross all the targets and they move further. Then call giver declares it made high of Rs XXX . How one can benefited by this high price? Does anyone dream that the call will surpass all the targets and will make this so and so high? In that case I have given a call of Tata Motors last year( not in Mudraa) when it was trading at 150 rs. Now it made a high of 850 .Personally  I bought at 150 and sold at 200 because I even didn't know it goes to this level. Funny! Similarly Orbit was 38 now it made 300 odd. There is only one way to do this . After buy or sell call it should be anounced as  which target is achieved. Between the targets whatever price it goes it can never be used for profit/los calculations. If first target is not reached then call is considered as failed and loss is declared w.r.to stoploss. No point in blowing the trumpet when the stock reaches higher levels after crossing all the targets. When final target is achived, maximum profit declared and call closed. I must admit 2 guys who put lot of efforts and honest in their performance, Mr Vikas, Mr. Subramanian. Many other would be like them , but I wish members will agree with my points.

New Thread: Some funny Shayrri in this boring market

Rajesh Kumar at 12:57 PM - Jul 05, 2010 ( )

Tumse pyaar karte karte hamne kar diya crime....
"1 is neither composite nor prime"
Agar dava chahiye toh dhundo koi chemist....
yuh khamosh reh kar tadpogi kabtak....
Cameraman praful ke saath deepak chaurasia AAJ TAK..
Arj kiya hai..
* * *Some text is missing
woh mujhe chor ke chali gayi, usse pana mein chahun....
ahun ahun ahun............ahun ahun ahun
mehangai ki iss daur mein karna padta hai apne kharche par kabooo..
ek chutki bhar sindoor ki kimat tum kya jano Ramesh babu...
mein hoon yahan tu hai wahan...
LIFEBUOY hai jahan tandurusti hai wahan...
Blood donate karne se pehle hamesha uska group janchna...
"BASANTI in kutton ke samne mat nachna...."
Ratan tata ne establish kiya TATA..
 "itni shakti hamen dena data "
Emotional Shayari…
Arz kiya hai…
Ab toh Zindagi ka maksad hai tujhe apnana…
A for Apple B for Banana…
Kal tak thee jo meri present…     Aaj ho gayee hai past…
Kal tak thee jo meri present…    Aaj ho gayee hai past…
Offer valid till stocks last..  :-P
Bakre ne maara jo bakri ko seeng……
Bakre ne maara jo bakri ko seeng……
Toh Bakri bhi maregi bakre ko seeng. :-\
Yashomati Maiyya Se Bole Nandlala ...
Yashomati Maiyya Se Bole Nandlala ...
"Maa, Tata Sky Laga Daala To Life Jhingalala ..!!"
Teacher to student : 1 chiku ke ped pe 10 kele lage hai, usme se 5 aam gir
gaye , to btao ab kitne angoor bache…
Raju : Sir 10 hathi bache…
Teacher:  Arrey waah, tumhe kaise pata chala
Raju : Kyunki aaj main tiffin mein methi ke pronthe laaya hun..
Romio ne juliet se  kaha ek sach
Romio ne juliet se  kaha ek sach
Asali masale sach sach           --MDH.....MDH ...!
A scientist disconnected his doorbell.......
can u guess why???  ????
he wanted to win the No-bell prize!!!!!!!!!! :P
Salma ke pyaar me doob gaya Peter
Salma ke pyaar me doob gaya Peter
Ab hero Honda splendor 80 kilometer prati leter
1 ladki ne kiya ladke ko gaal pe kiss
1 ladki ne kiya ladke ko gaal pe kiss
Mutual funds are subjected to market risks……!!!!
World’s most PAINFUL shayari…
Dil mai chubhi sui….
Dil mai chubhi sui…
Aawaj aayi…………..Uui uui, uui uui

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Rajesh Kumar at 12:55 PM - May 13, 2010 ( )

ICICI Direct web site is not working for me. Is there ayone else who is expereincing the same?

In a sudden move RBI has raised its short-term borrowing and lending rates by 25 basis points each. Now it is expected to impact market negatively on monday. I would like to request fellow mudraaites share their view on this issue. I feel we can make good money by shorting certain scrips in Futures. Auto is the one sector which can go down by 1 to 2%( as rate increased in short term loan not long term). In that auto sector also particular shares can tank more than others. Like 2 wheelers can shed little less than 4 wheeler segment as two wheeler market is around 25 to 30% loan dependent where as 4 wheeler market is about 70 to 80% loan depenedent. In this 4 wheeler segment Iam negative about Maruti and M&M than others. Similarly tech stocks and pharma sector is expected to correct a bit. I would like to invite Mr. Bhikka Modi, Jayakrishnan potty, Sandy,Girish, Prasad Rao,Syam, Subramanian, Jagmohan and all others ( sorry,I can not write everyone's name) to share their view as which particular stock (or stocks) can trade negatively on monday.


Rajesh Kumar at 02:04 PM - Mar 15, 2010 ( )

CLSA Pays Rs 20 Cr Vs Rs 2.9 Cr (YoY)
Shipping Corp Pays Rs 10 Cr Vs Rs 11.9 Cr (YoY):
Sterlite Tech Pays Rs 15 Cr Vs Rs 2 Cr (YoY):
Bajaj Holdings Pays Rs 35 Cr Vs Rs 10 Cr (YoY):
Lupin Pays Rs 25 Cr Vs Rs 6.8 Cr (YoY):
HDFC Bank Pays Rs 300 Cr
SBI Pays Rs 1,857 Cr Vs Rs 1,810 cr
Asian Paints Pays Rs 60 Cr Vs 43 Cr (YoY):
India Infoline Pays Rs 20 Cr Vs Rs 7 Cr (YoY)
Castrol Pays Rs 40 cr Vs Rs 37 Cr (YoY):
 Union Bk Of India Pays Rs 185 Cr Vs Rs 353 Cr (YoY)
 ACC Pays Rs 330 Cr Vs Rs 340 Cr (YoY)
 Ambuja Cem Pays Rs 120 Cr Vs Rs 125 Cr (YoY):
 BoB Pays Rs 300 Cr Vs Rs 280 Cr:
 Tata Motors Pays Rs 115 Cr Vs Nil
 M&M Pays Rs 235 Cr Vs Nil (YoY)
 RIL Pays Rs 770 Cr Vs Rs 365 Cr (YoY)
 Bajaj Auto Pays Rs 177 Cr Rs 60 Cr (YoY)
 TCS Pays Rs 178 Cr Vs Rs 53 Cr (YoY)
 HDFC Pays Rs 280 Cr Vs Rs 280 Cr
 Yes Bank Pays Rs 73 Cr Vs Rs 49 Cr: 

Source CNBC


Rajesh Kumar at 04:07 PM - Mar 05, 2010 ( )

IN FNO segment, Does any one know  ICICI charging one side brokerage or two side brokerage for intraday futures?

New Thread: HDIL and DLF

Rajesh Kumar at 03:38 PM - Feb 26, 2010 ( )

HDIL and DLF fallen so fast than it raised today. I made good money by shorting both. Cool

New Thread: Market analysis

Rajesh Kumar at 04:37 AM - Jan 28, 2010 ( )

Dow jones closed at green on wednesday, 48 points up from previous close.  U.S. Federal Reserve said it will keep interest rates near zero and much depend on Bernake re election as Fed chairman. It has been viewed as if Bernake re elected then market will cheer that in bigway. Even though some of his policies are blamed most of the analyst feel that he is the right person to continue in this job. He is the person behind US massive bailout program. If he is replced means congress wants to change the policy. Then the new chirman will have to have a different approach than bailout program which may affect the growth, revenue. Let us keep watching.

New Thread: Operator play or global impact?

Rajesh Kumar at 04:26 PM - Jan 27, 2010 ( )

Dear All,
If anyone says that there is little impact on our market due to glbal cues then we are fooling ouselves. In this forum I have seen many times "operator play in nifty",. Agreed. operator can play in few stocks( like an example given by Mr. Srikanth) But definetly not in 1.5 lakh crore turnover nifty. Now all 5200 5300 CE available under 10 rs. If operator can play then they must buy these in millions, turn the market to 5300 at exipry and churn billions out of it. Operator play in nifty is the phrase we are using when nifty goes against our view. when nothing works in our favour then it si the statement to support our view. Our market is not immune. Take a clue from from CHINA and US. Its shear global impact. Few argue about dubai. Dubai is small market comapared to other global peers, its impact is negligible on other markets as well so ours. Every time there is a global pressure our market gone down . I agree, Our market recovered faster than others but that doesn't mean that even global maket is falling our market can raise by operator play os whatsoever. If anyhthing can boost our market then it is our fundamental growth, good earnings not operators.

New Thread: How do you see TCS from now onwards? .Rajesh

Rajesh Kumar at 11:06 AM - Jan 16, 2010 ( )

Dear Mudraa members,

TCS has declared its results. It is above the street expectation. TCS’ quarterly net profits surged to Rs 1,824 crore, a jump of 12.32% compared to the previous quarter, while its revenues grew at 2.86% to Rs 7,648. As per money control . com estimation, its net profit was expected to go up 1% at Rs 1,641.2 crore versus Rs 1,623.9 crore, on quarter-on-quarter basis (QoQ). But what TCS declared was way too high!! Apart form monday opening where we can expect TCS in next 10 to 15 trading sessions?


New Thread: Market Speculation Pros and Cons

Rajesh Kumar at 12:36 AM - Jan 15, 2010 ( )

Dear members,

Recent days we have seen Nifty movements between 5170 to 5320. Entire F&O segment moves on speculation. We may say it is a kind of betting, either on nifty or stocks. Based on our calculation, analysis we predict certain scrip or nifty bullish or bearish. I would like to ask mudraa members how far should we speculate? Speculation is risky, but a calculated risk can yield fruit. Today nifty is around 5250. Now predicting 5400 plus and 5100 minus level is very risky. Even a well experienced analyst can not do that accurately with a time frame.( if they do, they would not sit at CNBC,  rather earned crores at home). I agree a sudden movement 5100 level or 5400 level  can yeild enormous amount of money. But what if it did not move? All members following these levels will lose money while chasing a BIG money. I have learned a thing or two here. Premium for "in the money" is little costlier but it has a chance to cut the deal on day to day basis, it is much safer. One can earn decent profit in that rather playing too high "out of the money"options. One or two calls in F&O for January10 may hurt several newcomers ( I always consider myself as NOVICE) very badly. I wish market should turn in other direction so that all these guys will make profit.  I request mudraa members not to speculate very high for the next month (FEB). Few members predict about day to day basis, I think this is a good job and more useful to cut the deals. It is much safer when you cut the deals in a day or two rather carrying it till expiry. Anyone can say NIFTY moves to 5600 when market is bullish or 4800 when it turns bearish, But "WHEN"? No one can predict this accurately. F&O segment has a time frame and remember all out of the money calls are going to expire with zero values. Please do not criticise any particular members here. I have almost taken care not to criticise anyone in this forum as I believe some impossible things are possible in this market and then we have to eat our own words. Please write your constructive openion about speculation. How far we should speculate in different segments? Do you really think it is good to speculate 4900 levels or 5400 levels with respect to F&O segment?

Rajesh Kumar
( 14 Jan 10 )


New Thread: Trading in gold, silver, oil, dollar euro

Rajesh Kumar at 02:11 AM - Dec 24, 2009 ( )

Dear friends

Im looking for those who trade in commodities. Members who has good technical analysis please reply here. I would like to add you guys in my list. If you can provide any  trading ideas, current market analysis, information, technical analysis I will be greatful to you. 
Thanks and regards

Rajesh Kumar
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