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Reply for: I am going to start Paid services Join me.

Naveen Rastogi at 09:18 PM - Jul 06, 2012 ( )

I wanna join..

New Thread: Where are these Gold Prices Heading

Naveen Rastogi at 04:23 PM - Aug 11, 2011 ( )

Hey Guys can you Make any Wild guesses for Gold Prices in coming Future???

Please share it here if anyone else is also tracking this stock...


Well there are many reasons for this stock to buy.

1. Governent is plaaning to introduce Ethanol Blended Patrol (EBP) Policy in a short while. Where 5% ethanol addition in patrol will be must for oil comapnies. This will bring Patrol cost lesser in india as well as it will be good for environment also. Ethanol produces less emmisions. AT present market price of ethanol is fixed at Rs21.5 but government is planning a support price of Rs27 for ethanol. Everybody knows there will be whole lot of sugar companies which will get benefitted from this policy. But very few know that this textile company is having a ethanol production facility which can produce 200K Litre per day. This was installed by pPaj Industrries 6-7 years back. Once Government policy is out this stock is set to bounce back. AS you can see on charts this stock showed immediate reaction on 22nd july when this policy was discussed in public domain.
This is link for Hanil Era Textile Ethanol Capacity information..

which says..

Hanil Era has recently gone beyond textiles. We launched a new fully-automated chemical division that focuses on the manufacturing of ETHANOL, a fuel additive. We supply pure ethanol to chemical units and to oil companies. This 200,000 LPD capacity plant - the largest Ethanol unit in India- is the most contemporary one of its kind, with a cutting-end USA based DELTA T Molecular Sieves Dehydration Technology. The plant was designed & erected by PRAJ industries Ltd, one of the top Alcohol & Distillery constructors. To ensure quality, process parameters are adjusted by the latest PLC controls. Acute inspection is carried at every step- from raw materials to finished goods. The plant works in full capacity and is geared to take large orders for quicker execution. Meeting global competition and guaranteeing consistency in the quality of raw materials is our next goal. We are laying down plans to build down-stream projects, i.e. Sugar / Starch based distilleries in India & overseas markets. The company is also venturing into setting up of Renewable Energy Resource Units such as Bio Diesel plants. These would be from multi feed raw materials including jatropha, vegetable wastes, bio degradable items, non edible oils, waste industrial oils, agro waste etc. .

2. From Last 5 years textile companies are suffering because of the competetion provided by Chinese companies. as chinese currency was devalued and they had upper hand in international markets. Now chainese currency is appreciating day by day and their textile companies are bleeding and most of them are on verge of bankrupcy. As they say ones loss is others benefit.

3. Stock is trading at lower levels which also gives safety in case these news take time to materialise.

So current Price of 5.8 is totally looks justified. Stock can be bought with one year time frame. And a target of 22 can be expected. This is also a technical level as this stock is having a tough resistance at 22-25 levels. In the long term view a price of 100 is totally justified.

Please Do Your Own Research before investig in this stock. This is very volatile stock.

New Thread: MAX India June 2010 Quarterly Results

Naveen Rastogi at 04:32 PM - Jul 31, 2010 ( )

Max India has announced it June 2010 quartely results. Total Income has increased to Rs 101.71Crore from 82.83Crore in June 2009. While it has posted a Net Loss of 2.83Crore compared to Net Profit of 20Lacs in June 2009.

Max india is currently trading near its 52 week low at Rs154.2 .

New Thread: ICICI Bank June 2010 Quarter Results

Naveen Rastogi at 04:18 PM - Jul 31, 2010 ( )

ICICI Bank has come out with its June 2010 quartely results. Total Income has decreased to Rs 7493.05 Crore from Rs 9223.32 Crore in the same quarter last year June 2009. While Net profit has increased 16.8% to Rs1025.98 Crore from Rs 878.22 Crore in June 2009.

ICICI Bank Current Market Price (CMP) is Rs901.9

New Thread: Rupee depreciates by 27 paise against dollar

Naveen Rastogi at 11:09 AM - Jul 19, 2010 ( )

The rupee lost 27 paise to trade at a two-week low against the US currency in early trade largely on foreign fund capital outflows from equities and increased demand for dollar from importers.

It was trading 27 paise lower at 47.04 a dollar, a level last seen on July 7.


Reply for: HCL Info bags MP UID deal

Naveen Rastogi at 12:08 PM - Jul 16, 2010 ( )

Yes This news is already out yesterday.. You can search on net or see newspaper...


New Thread: HCL Info bags MP UID deal

Naveen Rastogi at 10:16 AM - Jul 15, 2010 ( )

HCL Info bags MP UID deal.

HCL Infosystems has bagged MP UID deal. A good movement can be seen in the counter in the coming days. As on the basis of same work, it can bag deals for other states also. so definetly a must stock to watch in near future.


New Thread: L&T gets Hyderabad metro project

Naveen Rastogi at 08:50 AM - Jul 15, 2010 ( )

Larsen and Toubro has got Hyderabad Metro Rail project.L7t was the lowest bidder at Rs12132 crore to build and operate the project.The 71-kilometre-long elevated metro rail project in Hyderabad will have 66 stations and will be completed within five years.
The project had earlier been given  to Maytas Infra Ltd. but scrapped due to satyam controversy.


Reply for: Markets may open down

Naveen Rastogi at 08:41 AM - Jul 15, 2010 ( )

Economic recovery may get effected as reports are showing that US retail sales has declined and the Federal Reserve has cut its growth forecast.

New Thread: Markets may open down

Naveen Rastogi at 08:37 AM - Jul 15, 2010 ( )

Asian markets are trading lower. Indian Markets may also open lower.

China's Shanghai Composite was down 0.52% or 12.93 points at 2,457.51.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng was down 0.15% or 30.52 points at 20,530.29.


Japan's Nikkei declined 1.24% or 121.06 points at 9,674.18.

Singapore's Straits Times was down 0.19% or 560 points at 2,947.21.



Naveen Rastogi at 11:29 AM - Jul 06, 2009 ( )

Pranab says: Farm loan waiver scheme extended by six months


Naveen Rastogi at 11:20 AM - Jul 06, 2009 ( )

Indian Infrastructure Financial Corporation Limited (IIFCL) to evolve financing mechanism for giving increased support to infrastructure projects.


Naveen Rastogi at 11:19 AM - Jul 06, 2009 ( )

Fiscal deficit grew from 2.7 per cent to 6.8 per cent of GDP, says the Finance Minister. Total fiscal stimulus during 2008-09 amounts to Rs 186,000 crore.


Naveen Rastogi at 11:15 AM - Jul 06, 2009 ( )

Growth rate in 2008-09 dipped to 6.7 per cent from average 9 per cent growth in previous three fiscal years, says Mukherjee.

New Thread: Moving in the range of 90 and 120

Naveen at 03:09 PM - May 14, 2009 ( )

This stock is moving in the range of 90 and 120. and having a little resistance at 100. This is one of the stock which did not go down much in the last big market correction.

Reply for: How is Parsvnath?

Naveen at 09:00 PM - Jan 27, 2008 ( )

Buy with a short term target of 400. as there is lot of gap between 300 to 400. and technically this gap has to be filled.. on the other hand there will be a pull back in short term... otherwise also in medium to long run this stock is not bad...
Does anybody has any comments on my analysis??

Reply for:

Naveen at 01:45 AM - Dec 08, 2007 ( )

What is your target price.. will it be ok to enter at current price of 315.... how much upside you see in this stock????Naveen

Reply for:

Naveen at 10:22 PM - Dec 02, 2007 ( )

Hi Scahin
i feel it is a sell in short term... as on charts it is making three consequitive highs so should see a correction..


Reply for:

Naveen at 05:53 PM - Nov 11, 2007 ( )

stocks for 2008


Reply for:

Naveen at 06:13 PM - Oct 11, 2007 ( )

you have purchased at the year high price... Ok... It is in strong momentum zone.. so there are good possibilites for chambal fertilizer to come to 60 level but i can't say whether it will cross this level.. if it is crossing 60-61 levels and staying above it for quite some time then good you can hold it for some more time. otherwise at present 60 is resistance level. watch out for it.
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