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Manpreet Bull at 12:53 PM - Jul 30, 2019 ( )

Hemant Bhai u r absolutly right

Reply for: ICICI BANK 440 CE

Manpreet Bull at 10:49 AM - May 27, 2019 ( )


Reply for: 30200 PE

Manpreet Bull at 03:21 PM - Apr 04, 2019 ( )

Gr8 call dear...all applause to U


Reply for: 10453 Stoploss, Sell Niftyfut above 11000

Manpreet Bull at 10:20 AM - Mar 15, 2019 ( )



Reply for: ZERODHA - A worst Broker in town

Manpreet Bull at 10:27 AM - Feb 27, 2019 ( )

Yes the worst . All round complaints and very frquently


Reply for: BTST CESC 680CE

Manpreet Bull at 09:43 AM - Feb 18, 2019 ( )



Reply for: BUY NIFTY FUT @ 10880 (SHRIKANT)

Manpreet Bull at 10:48 AM - Feb 13, 2019 ( )


Reply for: BUY NIFTY FUT @ 10875 (SHRIKANT)

Manpreet Bull at 10:30 AM - Feb 13, 2019 ( )

Srikant seeing U after a long long time


Reply for: BN put

Manpreet Bull at 12:06 PM - Feb 01, 2019 ( )

NS not broken the Prebudget high of 10888 .Positive for PUTS.

Reply for: SELL NIFTY 10825

Manpreet Bull at 02:23 PM - Jan 31, 2019 ( )

u mean to say feb expiry

Reply for: Buy Niftyfut 10650-40, SL 10589

Manpreet Bull at 12:40 PM - Jan 31, 2019 ( )

Paresh bhai  I am continuously missing ur calls especially on NIFTY . How to do?


Reply for: NIFTY

Manpreet Bull at 11:47 AM - Jan 21, 2019 ( )

Stop Loss?

Vinod Sasi at 11:37 AM - Jan 21, 2019 ( )

NIFTY SELL BELOW 10980 T1 10965 T2 10950 T3 10935 T4 10920

Reply for: Sell NiftyFut 10770-80, SL 10825

Manpreet Bull at 02:59 PM - Dec 12, 2018 ( )


Reply for: Sell NiftyFut 10770-80, SL 10825

Manpreet Bull at 02:54 PM - Dec 12, 2018 ( )

Just missed10769.9.. What to do now?

Reply for: Buy Reliance 1160PE@ 12.50, SL 9.5, Target 17+

Manpreet Bull at 02:50 PM - Dec 12, 2018 ( )

call closed

Bhai bought and forgot

Reply for: Buy Reliance 1160PE@ 12.50, SL 9.5, Target 17+

Manpreet Bull at 01:07 PM - Dec 12, 2018 ( )


Reply for: Buy Reliance 1160PE@ 12.50, SL 9.5, Target 17+

Manpreet Bull at 01:06 PM - Dec 12, 2018 ( )

Entered 2 lots

Reply for: Buy Reliance 1160PE@ 12.50, SL 9.5, Target 17+

Manpreet Bull at 01:03 PM - Dec 12, 2018 ( )

Paresh Bhai it is 1060pe

New Thread: Mr. Deepak Singh

Manpreet Bull at 02:53 PM - Feb 05, 2016 ( )

Mr.Deepak Singh why have u blocked me?Iam unable to send my post. Pls remove the block.

From: Manpreet Bull at 12:33 PM - Jul 30, 2018( )

can someone update whetther Deepak is still giving the calls

New Thread: Bank NIfty

Manpreet Bull at 03:24 PM - Jul 28, 2010 ( )

Buy Bank Nifty 1050-53  with Stop 10000  for a tgt of 10125-10130

July/Aug fut

New Thread: Reliance Industries

Manpreet Bull at 12:12 PM - Jul 28, 2010 ( )

Buy RIL @ 1040 -1042  for a target of 1095 -1100 Stop Loss 1029 Cash. Good Luck ...!!!

New Thread: Buy 5300 ce @ 110-111 ( Manpreet )

Manpreet Bull at 11:12 AM - Jun 29, 2010 ( )

TGT  133  ,  150  ,  170

Stop Loss ; 85

All the best

New Thread: Buy Nifty Future ( Manpreet)

Manpreet Bull at 10:54 AM - Jun 29, 2010 ( )

Buy NF at 5298-99 with stoploss of 5280 for a intra tgt of 5330 - 35

All the BEst

New Thread: Risk Lovers Sell NF 5338 S/L 5370 Targets 5315- 5295

Manpreet Bull at 02:26 PM - Jun 28, 2010 ( )

All the best

New Thread: Risk Lovers

Manpreet Bull at 02:28 PM - Jun 24, 2010 ( )

Buy Nifty Fut @ 5296-97 with stop loss 5280 spot for a tgt of 5330-35

New Thread: For Risk Lovers Buy 5300 Jun Call @ 9-10 Stop loss 4

Manpreet Bull at 02:13 PM - Jun 24, 2010 ( )

All the Best

New Thread: Hazur Sahib Nanded --Manpreet

Manpreet Bull at 11:01 AM - May 01, 2010 ( )

My dear Mudraa friends

All of a sudden Sacche Patshah Sahib sri Guru

Gobind Singhji has called me to Nanded, of course my birth place too. I have too move and will be staying there atleast for one week.............During this entire week I will be missing u all.....From my side I will do ARDAS ' PRAYER'  for the well being , health , wealth and prosperity of my Mudraa friends and all the human kind in the Universe.........In case anyone has any specific prayer kindly let me know i will do at Hazur Sahib...And if any one has to offer any donation for the langer "Free Kitchen for All' can intimate me. I will deposit in their name and after reaching Hyderabad on production of receipt can online transfer to my account.....................My contact No. at nanded is 9420709878 ( Nanded ) and 9347238030 ( Hyderabad).............I also request Vikas Bhaiji , Srikantji,Moin Bhai, Arnavji,Umakantji, Rameshji, Gopiji,Geetaji,Ashokji and all involved directly indirectly just to give me a miss call....I will call back and take the updates of our thread " Nifty Options"..............................................................Good Luck to all!!!

New Thread: Jindal Cotex

Manpreet Bull at 01:04 PM - Apr 19, 2010 ( )

Buy Jindal Cotex @ 88.20-88.4  for a tgt of 90/92 /95   with a stoploss of 85

All the best

New Thread: GVN Reddy

Manpreet Bull at 10:24 AM - Apr 09, 2010 ( )

GVN Reddy Garu where are you ...We all are missing you....

New Thread: News letter dtd 404010 ( midcaps.in)

Manpreet Bull at 07:30 PM - Apr 04, 2010 ( )

Newsletter Dated 04/04/2010 (midcaps.in)
S. No. Scrips BSE Code Recommended Rate Target Rate Analysis 3 Years Price Data Company's Website
1. Kolte Patil Developers Ltd. 532924 56.35 71.00 Kolte Kolte Kolte
2. Raj Oil Mills Ltd. 533093 60.00 75.00 Raj Raj Raj
3. Asahi India Glass (FV Re.1) 515030 60.80 76.00 Asahi Asahi Asahi
4. Idea Cellular Ltd. 532822 64.60 81.00 Idea Idea Idea
5. Nelcast Ltd. 532864 71.65 90.00 Nelcast Nelcast Nelcast

Target rates are expected in two months frame of time, but we recommend you that whenever any scrip touches its target rate, you must dispose of all shares or in parts(if you have invested in that scrip),so that you may be able to invest those funds in other scrips recommended in further newsletters.

1. Options (Call/Put) :-
S. No. Scrips BSE Code Strike Rate Recommended Rate Target Rate Stop Loss
1. ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
2. Forthcoming IPO's :-
S. No. Scrips Offer Price Opening Date Closing Date Rating
No IPOs This Week
Rating :- ***Very Good **Good *Normal
3. Sectors to Watch :-
  • Banking
  • Infrastructure
  • Metals
4. Stock in futures :-
S. No. Scrips Bse Code Remmended Rate Target Rate Stop Loss
1. ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
Note:- Due to highly volatile market, we are not recommending stock in futures this week
5. Multibagger:-
S. No. Scrips Bse Code Remmended Rate Target Rate
(One Year)
Stop Loss Analysis Report 3 Years Price Data Company's Website
1. Punj Lloyd Ltd. (FV Rs.2) 532693 177.80 270.00 152.00 Punj Punj Punj
Om Sai Ram~~~


Chapter 1


Ek Onkar Satgur Prasad

Aad Guru Namah
Aadi Guru Ko Namaskar Hai

Jugad Guru Namah
Yugo Aadiko Ke Hari Ko Namaskar Hai

Satgur Namah
Sachchey Guru Ko Namaskar Hai
Shri Gurudev Namah----1
Sabse Bade Guru Ko Namaskar Hai


Simrau Simar Simar Sukh Pavau
Hari Ka Smaran Karo Aur Sukh Prapt Karo

Kali Kales Tan Mahi Mitavau
Sharir Mein Se Kalah, Kalesh Mita Lo

Simrau Jaas Bisambhar Ekay
Ek Brahmand Ke Malak Ka Smaran Karo

Naam Japat Agnat Anekay
Aneka Aur Agnit Uska Naam Japte Hai

Ved Puran Simrit Sudhakhyar
Ved, Puran Smritiya Aur Pavitra Akshar

Kino Ram Naam Ek Aakhyar
Ram Naam Ke Ek Hi Akshar Ne Kiye Hai

Kinka Ek Jas Jiya Basavey
Naam Ka Ek Karam Jiske Man Mein Basa De

Ta Ki Mahima Gani Na Aavey
Uski Upma Gini Nahi Jaati

Kaankhi Ekay Daras Tuharo
Jo Tumhare Ek Darshan Ke Ichchak Hai

Nanak Un Sangi Mohi Udhaaro----1
Hey Nanak! Unke Saath Mujhe Bhi Taar Do


Sukhmani Sukh Amrit Prabh Naam
Prabh Ka Naam Hi Sukho Ki Mani Amrit Hai

Bhagat Jana Ke Man Bisram
Jiska Nivas Bhakto Ke Man Mein Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Garb Na Basey
Prabh Ke Smaran Se Garb Baas Nahi Hota

Prabh Ke Simran Dukh Jam Nasey
Prabhu Smaran Se Dukh Aur Yamdoot Bhag Jaate Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Kaal Parharey
Prabhu Smaran Se Kaal Tyag Jaata Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Dusman Tarey
Prabhu Smaran Se Dushman Tal Jaate Hai

Prabh Simrat Kachu Vigna Na Laagey
Prabhu Smaran Se Koi Rukavat Nahi Aati

Prabh Ke Simran Andin Jaagey
Prabhu Ke Smaran Se Raat Din Hoshyaar Rehta Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Bhau Na Byaapey
Prabhu Ke Smaran Se Bhay Nahi Aata

Prabh Ke Simran Dukh Ne Santaapey
Prabhu Ke Smaran Se Dukh Aur Santap Nahi Hota

Prabh Ka Simran Saadh Ke Sang
Prabhu Smaran Santo Ki Sangat Mein Hota Hai

Sarab Nidhan Nanak Hari Rang----2
Hey Nanak! Hari Ke Rang Mein Sab Khazane Hai


Prabh Ke Simran Ridhi Sidhi Navnidhi
Prabhu Smaran Se Ridhi Sidhiya Nav-Nidhiyan Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Gyan Dhyan Tat Budhi
Prabhu Smaran Se Gyan, Dhyan Aur Budhi Ka Tatva Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Jap Tap Puja
Prabhu Smaran Mein Jap, Tap Aur Puja Aa Jaate Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Binsey Duja
Prabhu Smaran Se Dujaygi Ka Bhed Bhaav Jaata Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Tirath Isnani
Prabhu Smaran Se Hi Tirth Snan Ho Jaata Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Dargah Mani
Prabhu Smaran Se Dargah Mein Maan Prapt Hota Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Hoi Su Bhala
Prabhu Smaran Se Jo Hota Hai Bhala Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Sufal Fala
Prabhu Smaran Se Achchey Fal Milte Hai

Se Simrahi Jin Aap Simraye
Vah Smaran Karte Hai, Jinse Swayam Karvata Hai

Nanak Taakey Laagau Paye----3
Hey Nanak! Mein Unke Charno Se Lagta Hoo


Prabh Ka Simran Sabh Te Ooncha
Prabhu Ka Smaran Sab Se Ooncha Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Udhrey Moocha
Prabhu Smaran Se Asankhya Tar Gaye Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Trisna Bujhey
Prabhu Smaran Se Trishna Jaati Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Sabh Kuch Sujhey
Prabhu Smaran Se Pratyek Soojh Ho Jaati Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Nahi Jam Traasa
Prabhu Smaran Se Yamo Ka Bhay Nahi Rehta

Prabh Ke Simran Puran Aasa
Prabhu Smaran Se Sabhi Aashayein Poorna Hoti Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Man Ki Mal Jae
Prabhu Smaran Se Man Ki Mael Jaati Hai

Amrit Naam Rid Mahi Samae
Naam Rupi Amrit Hriday Mein Bas Jaata Hai

Prabh Ji Bashi Saadh Ki Rasna
Prabhu Sant Ki Jihva Par Basta Hai

Nanak Jan Ka Daasni Dasna----4
Hey Nanak! Mein Bhakto Ke Daso Ka Das Hoo


Prabh Kau Simrahi Se Dhanvantey
Prabhu Smaran Karne Wale Dhanwan Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Se Pativantey
Prabhu Smaran Karne Wale Izzat Wale Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Se Jan Parvaan
Prabhu Smaran Wale Ishwar Ko Manzoor Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Se Purakh Pradhan
Prabhu Smaran Karne Wale Pradhan Maane Jaate Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Si Bemuhtaajey
Prabhu Smaran Wale Mohtaj Nahi Hote

Prabh Kau Simrahi Si Sarab Ke Raajey
Prabhu Smaran Karne Wale Sab Ke Raja Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Se Sukhvaasi
Prabhu Smaran Wale Sukho Mein Baste Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Sada Abinasi
Prabhu Smaran Wale Abinashi Hai

Simran Te Laagey Jin Aap Dayala
Vah Smaran Mein Lagey Hai, Jin Par Ishwar Dayalu Hai

Nanak Jan Ki Mangey Ravala----5
Hey Nanak! Mein Bhakto Ki Charan Dhool Maangta Hoo


Prabh Kau Simrahi Se Parupkari
Prabhu Ka Smaran Karne Wale Parupkari Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Tin Sad Balihari
Jo Prabhu Smartey Hai, Unke Kurbaan Jaata Hoo

Prabh Kau Simrahi Se Mukh Suhavey
Prabhu Ko Smarney Walo Ke Mukh Sundar Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Tin Sukh Bihavey
Prabhu Ka Smaran Karne Walo Ko Sukh Prapt Hota Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Tin Aatam Jita
Prabhu Smaran Karne Walo Ne Man Ko Jeeta Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Tin Nirmal Rita
Prabhu Smaran Walo Ki Maryada Pavitra Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Tin Anand Ganerey
Prabhu Smaran Karne Walo Ko Badey Anand Hote Hai

Prabh Kau Simrahi Basahi Hari Nerey
Prabhu Ka Smaran Karne Se Hari Ke Paas Rehte Hai

Sant Kripa Te Andin Jagi
Sant Ki Kripa Se Vey Din Raat Jaagte Hai

Nanak Simran Purey Bhagi----6
Hey Nanak! Purna Bhagyo Se Hi Smaran Hota Hai


Prabh Ke Simran Karaj Purey
Prabhu Smaran Se Sabhi Kaarya Purna Hote Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Kabahu Na Jhurey
Prabhu Smaran Karne Wale Kabhi Nahi Pachtatey

Prabh Ke Simran Hari Gun Bani
Prabhu Smarno Mein Hari Ke Guno Ki Bani Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Sahaj Samani
Prabhu Smaran Se Aatma Anand Hoti Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Nihchal Asan
Prabhu Smaran Se Atal Padvi Prapt Hoti Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Kamal Bigasan
Prabhu Smaran Se Ruh Khil Jaati Hai

Prabh Ke Simran Anhad Jhunkar
Prabhu Smaran Se Ek Ras Shabdonki Dhwani Hoti Hai

Sukh Prabh Simran Ka Ant Na Paar
Prabhu Smaran Ke Sukho Ka Hisaab Nahi Hai

Simrahi Se Jan Jin Kau Prabh Maeaa
Smaran Vah Karte Hai, Jinko Prabhu Daya Karta Hai

Nanak Tin Jan Sarni Paeaa----7
Hey Nanak! Mein Un Bhakto Ki Sharan Pada Hoo


Hari Simran Kari Bhagat Pragtaye
Hari Smaran Se Hi Bhakt Prakat Hote Hai

Hari Simran Lagi Bed Upaye
Hari Smaran Mein Lagney Se Ved Paida Huey

Hari Simran Bhaye Sidh Jati Daatey
Hari Smaran Se Sidh, Jati Aur Daatey Huey

Hari Simran Neech Chahu Kunt Jaatey
Hari Smaran Se Neech Saare Sansar Mein Jaane Gaye

Hari Simran Dhari Sabh Dharna
Hari Smaran Se Hi Sari Dharti Ki Rachna Hui

Simri Simri Hari Kaaran Karna
Smaran Karke Hari Sab Kaaran Banata Hai

Hari Simran Kiyo Sagal Akara
Hari Smaran Se Sab Rachna Rachi Gaee

Hari Simran Mahi Aap Nirankara
Hari Smaran Mein Swayam Nirankar Hai

Kari Kirpa Jis Aap Bhujaiaa
Daya Karke Jisey Apni Soojh Karva Di Hai

Nanak Gurmukhi Hari Simran Tini Paiaa----8----(1)
Hey Nanak! Uno Ne Hari Ka Smaran Paya Hai

Jai Sai Ram~~~

New Thread: Jago India Jago Must read by every Indian

Manpreet Bull at 05:37 PM - Mar 31, 2010 ( )

Latest update after Swiss Bank has agreed to disclose the funds&.

Our Indians' Money - 70, 00,000 Crores Rupees In Swiss Bank

1) Yes, 70 lakhs crores rupees of
India are lying in Switzerland banks. This is the highest amount lying outside any country, from amongst 180 countries of the world, as if India is the champion of Black Money.

2) Swiss Government has officially written to Indian Government that they are willing to inform the details of holders of 70 lakh crore rupees in their Banks, if Indian Government officially asks them.

3) On
22-5-08, this news has already been published in The Times of India and other Newspapers based on Swiss Government's official letter to Indian Government.

4) But the Indian Government has not sent any official enquiry to
Switzerland for details of money which has been sent outside India between 1947 to 2008.. The opposition party is also equally not interested in doing so because most of the amount is owned by politicians and it is every Indian's money.

5) This money belongs to our country. From these funds we can repay 13 times of our country's foreign debt. The interest alone can take care of the Center s yearly budget. People need not pay any taxes and we can pay Rs. 1 lakh to each of 45 crore poor families.

6) Let us imagine, if Swiss Bank is holding Rs. 70 lakh Crores, then how much money is lying in other 69 Banks? How much they have deprived the Indian people? Just think, if the Account holder dies, the bank becomes the owner of the funds in his account.

7) Are these people totally ignorant about the philosophy of Karma? What will this ill-gotten wealth do to them and their families when they own/use such money, generated out of corruption and exploitation?

8) Indian people have read and have known about these facts. But the helpless people have neither time nor inclination to do anything in the matter. This is like "a new freedom struggle" and we will have to fight this.

9) This money is the result of our sweat and blood.. The wealth generated and earned after putting in lots of mental and physical efforts by Indian people must be brought back to our country.

As a service to our motherland and your contribution to this struggle,please circulate at least 10 copies of this note amongst your friends and relatives and convert it into a mass movement

New Thread: Midcaps.in - Extra Multibagger

Manpreet Bull at 10:17 PM - Mar 17, 2010 ( )

Extra Multibagger Dated 18/03/2010
S. No. Scrips Bse Code Remmended Rate Target Rate
(One Year)
Stop Loss Analysis Report 3 Years Price Data Company's Website
1. Bharti Airtel Ltd. 532454 297.95 450.00 255.00 Bharti Bharti Bharti

New Thread: Newsletter Dated 14/03/2010 (midcaps.in)

Manpreet Bull at 08:10 AM - Mar 15, 2010 ( )

Newsletter Dated 14/03/2010 (midcaps.in)
S. No. Scrips BSE Code Recommended Rate Target Rate Analysis 3 Years Price Data Company's Website
1. Ashok Leyland Ltd. (FV Re.1) 500477 50.85 66.00 Ashok Ashok Ashok
2. Mukand Ltd. 500460 61.25 77.00 Mukand Mukand Mukand
3. Eveready Industries (FV Rs.5) 531508 63.20 79.00 Eveready Eveready Eveready
4. Mahindra Ugine Steel Company 504823 65.10 82.00 MUSCO MUSCO MUSCO
5. Inox Leisure Ltd. 532706 67.65 85.00 Inox Inox Inox

New Thread: midcaps.com

Manpreet Bull at 09:43 AM - Mar 11, 2010 ( )

Extra Multibagger Dated 11/03/2010
S. No. Scrips Bse Code Remmended Rate Target Rate
(One Year)
Stop Loss Analysis Report 3 Years Price Data Company's Website
1. D B Corp Ltd. 533151 231.60 350.00 197.00 D B D B D B

New Thread: GVKPIL tgt. Rs.65 and Rs.150

Manpreet Bull at 10:37 PM - Mar 07, 2010 ( )

Bu y   GVKPIL  for a short term target of Rs.65.

Sell your last shirt and accumulate on every dip

Stop Loss Rs.40/-

According to ICICI direct the stock will touch to 150 by  Dec 2010.

The stock is bound to be a multibagger in 2010.
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