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Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 07:14 AM - May 20, 2019 ( )

Let me make it very clear. 

Todays exit poll is a feeding done by algoritham to trigger short sellers.. so use the gap up to sell holding and keep short open to cover around 10800 on 23rd the result day !

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 05:19 PM - May 15, 2019 ( )

I am least bothered dear. 

Things look ugly and will be more ugly. Blind faith on leaders will ruine india.. lot of lay off, banking crisis, real estate shock will soon hit the market.. let the result be out. 

The market already know 2 digit figure for bjp... but public still cant digest this truth !

Puttaiah Narasimhalu at 11:43 AM - May 14, 2019 ( )

madam, finally who has made money in this market is the point.  Everyone is smart enough in this forum no one will follow blindly based on your views.  Continueous losses will teach hell lot of lessons to traders in trading.  Not to react too much on critics whoever it may be. Good luck to all admirers and critics. 

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 10:57 AM - May 14, 2019 ( )

Hope all are enjoying the show.. 

Wait till this month end.. 

The real. Show from. 23rd onwards.. 

Those who teasing me regrets... !

Reply for: Dear SEBI and NSE are you aware of this????

Leena Sebas at 11:18 AM - May 01, 2019 ( )

Finally Sebi wake up.. 


Reply for: The dark force of indian stock and commodity market.

Leena Sebas at 11:16 AM - May 01, 2019 ( )

Finally Sebi wake up !


Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 11:59 AM - Apr 08, 2019 ( )

What will happen to nifty if EVM is hacked from outside this time?  

If congress or bjp not get a majority then? 

Where Nifty can go ?  

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 10:03 AM - Apr 04, 2019 ( )

Dear ALl, 

I am not at all in the market and just watch nifty from time to time. What we are witnessing in the market is few funds seeing the huge short position built in market (70% of traders are short which include famous brokerage houses too i suppose )  pushed the market up to do the short squeezing are the real reason for the upmove. This has nothing to do with any fundemental nor the media hype of  BJP will come to power etc. 

Believe it or not,  this time BJP will not be able to see three digit figure in lok sabha polls and many unexpected incidents will witness in india. 

So better be careful.. 

NIFTY now 11641 can see a fall to 11538 and the day it fall below 11320 consider it as the end of bull market.. 

One key point to note is next weapon USA want to use is QE -4 and sudden interest rate cut.. all these news likley to hit market before the election result.. 

Because they are likley to  unload before election result and to hold the market only option is planted news and quantitative easing, which is nothing but print more dollars.. !

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 12:18 PM - Mar 25, 2019 ( )

Last days pull back was a trap.. clear reversal of down fall.. 

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 01:42 PM - Mar 22, 2019 ( )

Remember 70% traders are short in market.. so fake news always hit the market to squeeze short sellers.. 11584 cant be ruled out before the fall.. 

Though long term look bleak..the more negative  economic  data, the more market likley to move up!

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 02:29 PM - Mar 20, 2019 ( )

This move going to stop today else tomorrow..

Above 10584 nifty unlikley to go...

The risk is 50 points..

Short sellers position squeezing is  going on as 67% are short in nifty..

Long term target 10900


Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 01:01 PM - Mar 08, 2019 ( )

Yesterday touched 11089 !

Many cant believe this fact that indian stock market rally is over .. 

No one will predict with this accuracy... 

Yes.. The mega rally seems over.. And we are heading 25% down slowly... As it is a slow process many will find it hard to realise... But in long run the picture will be gloomy and with a hung parliment things will go ugly !

Leena Sebas at 10:36 AM - Mar 06, 2019 ( )

Those who booked yesterday today start to short.. 11040 -11090 maximum upside for nifty.. Smart money exiting from market using gaps.. So play smart.. 

Nifty 11015 now

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 09:56 AM - Mar 07, 2019 ( )

Dear  Rakesh, 

It seems you are watching few paid channels. Watch the street and crowd and asess the situation. Dont watch TV and newspaper for political news and dont be a blind believer.. 

This time a hung parliment formation is high i guess and smart money trying to exit the market.. 

The mega Rally from 9000 to 11091 is likley to be completed this week.. 

The final leg of bull move and later a big fall!

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 10:36 AM - Mar 06, 2019 ( )

Those who booked yesterday today start to short.. 11040 -11090 maximum upside for nifty.. Smart money exiting from market using gaps.. So play smart.. 

Nifty 11015 now

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 02:15 PM - Mar 05, 2019 ( )

The negative news from USA is done to create more short position in the system to invite short covering to unload position it seems. Use move to unload profitable position 

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 11:16 AM - Mar 05, 2019 ( )

Nifty 10890

Better book profit and stay away..


Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 01:33 PM - Feb 15, 2019 ( )


Cover all short position and brave traders go long.and exit if get profit.. 

Long term is bearish as there is not going to be any stability..  But short term


Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 03:14 PM - Feb 11, 2019 ( )

Book your profit and smart traders go short only... 


Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Leena Sebas at 10:33 AM - Feb 11, 2019 ( )

Personally i am expecting a recovery from 10867-870 level towards closing.. 

Later next day or two might continue the slide.. 

New Thread: 10600 The last chance to clear position

Leena Sebas at 02:21 PM - Feb 26, 2018 ( )

Keep this figure in your radar .. 10580 -10636 

A range to exit from market  and only play bearish in all high premium calls .

Just short squeezing only happening and smart money is getting out. .

Be cautious .. 

New Thread: terminal getting hanged and log out automatic

Leena Sebas at 02:51 PM - Jan 08, 2016 ( )

Did any one facing today this kid of automatic terminal getting freezed and cant log in or trade and later you are forced to login again then you see big difference in bid and offer price in call and put?

Did any one experience this around 2.35 to 2.50 pm today in any brokerage houses terminal?

New Thread: Thank you All

Leena Sebas at 01:04 PM - Oct 30, 2015 ( )

Dear all,

This is to inform you all that i am stepping down from the post of moderator and wish to express my sincere thanks to all who supported me during this  tenure.I know many feel embarrassed due to my policies,but the fact was, it was necessary for the smooth functioning of the forum to filter  out the unwanted subjects.I beleive, i done justice to the post i was holding and request all to support Mr Hemant Parikh for the smooth fucntioning of the forum in the future too.

Thank you all...

New Thread: Any one saw today nifty future high 8723.85

Leena Sebas at 10:24 AM - Oct 26, 2015 ( )

This how the manipulation happen in NSE 

how nifty can show 8723.85? who is helping to enter such trade in exchange?

New Thread: Dear SEBI and NSE are you aware of this????

Leena Sebas at 10:42 AM - Apr 28, 2014 ( )

Dear SEBI official and NSE..can you please enlighten us how such a trade can happen in NSE when there is no high showing in the System as 6827 but the tick list is showing this trade? Who is this invisible trader when the rate is trading at 6804 future? How such trade can happen and why it is hidden from public as the actual high is showing only 6826.80.

does this means what ever rate what we are seeing is a recorded tape running in exchange? As an investor i am really concerned what is going on in our exchange.Can any reader in mudraa can enlighten me in this regard? i highly appreciate if some one can clear my doubt.Or whether i am wrong in understanding what is this trade all about

New Thread: The dark force of indian stock and commodity market.

Leena Sebas at 01:12 AM - Mar 13, 2014 ( )

A good article every one should read and understand.



High Frequency Trading: Is It A Dark Force Against Ordinary Human Traders And Investors

The omniscience of the high frequency computers can see your every move and the land mines are everywhere. The structure of the markets has permanently changed. A human hand that can react in seconds is outclassed by machines operating in milliseconds and even microseconds. It is neither all good nor all bad. It is just the way it is.

(courtessy to forbes)

few of the discussion copy pasted below

Mr. Dick: HFT’s are the new market makers without the traditional affirmative obligation of designated market makers to keep markets orderly. When uncertainty enters the picture, they cancel their orders and liquidity disappears.  Without traditional market makers to step in and be the buyer of last resort, prices can fall quickly as we saw in the flash crash in May 2010. HFT’s big advantage is co-location or speed which helps keep their bids and offers at the front of the order queue. HFT’s goal on the big liquid stocks is simply to make the penny spread between the bid and the offer, and to make exchange rebates. (Explained below)  When HFT’s buy stock, they make sure that there are other real bid’s to buy behind (waiting to buy) them. If they can’t sell on the offer, they can push a button and sell to one of the other bidders at the same price they bought in at and scratch the trade. So the High Frequency Traders of today are just like the old line human market makers except the speed at which they operate and the information advantages they have means they are only going to play when very high probability setups exist. They always want to make sure there are plenty of real bids or offers in line behind them to “lean” on so if markets start to gyrate they can exit the trade flat.

Richard: So do they or do they not provide liquidity for our markets today.

Mr. Hunsader: I don’t think there is a yes or no answer to that one. On a day to day basis the HFT’s are certainly there on the big liquid names to buy and sell so long as you are willing to pay their penny toll, which is not much different than when beating hearts were in charge. Things get dicey when a market dislocation occurs and then bids dry up. With no affirmative obligation to be buyers of last resort, if some big macro news event causes markets to shudder, then the HFT’s simply pack their bags and there are no underlying bids in the markets.

The flash crash of May 6, 2010 is the best example of what can happen. After the “fat finger” trade by mutual fund group Waddell & Reed and markets went into a dive, HFT’s went hiding under rocks and the market for a short period was without any bids and big price dislocations occurred as evidenced by the nearly 10 percent free-fall. I think it fair to say that without the “affirmative obligations” of the human system, HFT’s run like chickens and during times of duress greatly exacerbate market declines. HFT’s were a big reason the flash crash became the flash crash.

Mr. Dick: Despite the enormous edge High Frequency firms enjoy they are starting to show significantly lower profitability. Exchange volumes from 2011 to 2012 are down from 7.8 billion shares per day to 6.5 billion or 17 percent. Another contributor is that, as has been stressed, High Frequency Trading is all about co-location or speed. These giant dominant HFT firms, like GETCO, Citadel, and Virtu Financial are all being forced to constantly upgrade their systems in the arms race to be fastest, to collate information closer and closer to the speed of light. GETCO reported in a 2012 SEC filing it spent $37 million upgrading or “building new trading strategies”. Lower volumes hurt the HFT’s because as fewer orders enter the markets there are just that many less opportunities to “scalp” the bid/offer spread. Another issue which gets overlooked in the media is that there are fewer traders exposing themselves to being gamed by the HFT’s.

Richard: Can you elaborate on that last sentence?

Mr. Dick: I made a video in 2012 which gives an example of how traders who have limit orders floating out there in the marketplace get “picked off” or gamed by the HFT’s. It is called “adverse selection” risk and here is how it works. My example focuses on the S&P E–mini contracts and the release of the Friday morning monthly unemployment reports. When the number came out at 8:30 EST there were hundreds of bid limit orders to buy the S&P E-mini’s representing thousands of contracts. The actual employment number was very bad, meaning claims were higher than anticipated, and the market gapped down over 7 points instantly. But even faster were the High Frequency algorithms which hit hundreds of bids (they sold stock to the bids) before the clock had moved one second……it was still 8:30 sharp not even close to 8:30.01. Traders with limit orders could not withdraw their orders before they were filled by high frequency computers in a matter of micro seconds. In the blink of an eye, the HFT’s bought back shares that they had sold at much lower prices reaping millions in profits. This is information arbitrage where High Frequency Traders take advantage of just released data and profit from it. They react far quicker than any human possibly can. Given this advantage, traders have much less incentive today to place limit orders. The adverse selection risk is simply too high.

Mr. Hunsader: I might add that today in 2013, it is any “limit” orders where the retail investor potentially gets shafted. Say Bank of America (BAC) is trading $13.93 bid and $13.94 offer. The retail investor has very little chance of being able to buy on the bid at $13.93.  That person is typically at the back of the queue, behind all the HFT’s. The only time they get filled is when the quote rolls over them (the bid becomes the offer). In most cases, for the retail investor it is better to buy BAC at the $13.94 offer, get filled and not risk the market moving and not get filled at all……just pay what amounts to a one penny “toll” to get filled. In the old days of human NYSE market makers, or specialists as they were known, the retail investor had a much better chance of buying on the bid.

Mr. Dick: Where the HFT’s become really pernicious is on smaller more thinly traded securities when the bid/offer spread is wide, say 30 or even 50 cents. Say the bid/offer is $25.50/$25.80. The High Frequency computer is programmed to “step in front of” the real buyer willing to pay $25.50 and bid $25.51 or a penny more than the bona-fide buyer at $25.50. This “penny hopping” pushes the real buyer back in the queue so he will not get filled. If the real buyer cancels their bid, (the computers recognize this) then the HFT will withdraw its bid to buy as well. If the HFT gets filled at this price by paying up a penny more they will hold the shares and make an offer to sell at somewhere below the $25.80 offer price so they can once again be first in the selling queue. Now that the HFT owns the shares, machines will watch to make sure that the real buyer is still there so that if they can’t sell the shares within their timeframe they always can instantaneously sell to the real buyer at only a loss of a cent. They have a bid to “lean” on…….with potential loss of only a cent and a possible profit of nearly 30 cents.

Richard: What are some other things you can tell us that I haven’t asked about?

New Thread: Finally the time has come to be alert?

Leena Sebas at 08:24 PM - Mar 09, 2014 ( )


The chart posted is monthly chart of march  and the confirmation for this comes only if nifty fall below 6200 next month(not march).This triangle pattern formation in the monthly chart should be taken with atmost care in the coming days as any fall below 6200 next month can give a clear break out towards  down and as per technical.if that happens then  the retracement can  be 1200 point from the current range which is almost 5300 from the current range of 6525 levels..

So one should be very careful from the current levels and watch the market in the coming days.This is a long term chart  pattern and the  time period also depend on the market consolidation from the current levels..

this chart also give a hint that market will not dip so fast but might give lot of woolf waves to trap the traders.At the same time it give another clear signal that market is about to top out.

Most of the planted news can even act as  oil pour in  to  fire.(in other words, nifty can show wild move up and down move to  confuse the traders )

So monday closing can be very important for the market.

From: leena sebas at 08:25 PM - Mar 09, 2014( )

New Thread: Dont give money or password to any one for trading

Leena Sebas at 10:05 AM - Feb 17, 2014 ( )

It has come to the notice of the moderators that many are misusing mudraa inbox facility and asking mudraa members indirectly to handle their account and promising big profit figures...

some inbox examples are given below




Many innocent traders fall in to their traps and later lost all their  money..

so be careful .....

when the fact is revealed , many start to threaten and start to create scene in mudraa..

but fact is always fact..when we watch the inbox facility of many, lot of  hidden facts and truth  get revealed.

So always safe guard yourself..Many kind of marketing technic will unfold in  one way or other.

many come in the form of helping , later the talk turn in to other form, here start the real game!

Never ever give your trading account login and password to any other members...

many members lost money before and started complaining  and  posted  their stories in  mudraa .

Also please kee in mind, many are coming with new ID and new name.

So ,dont  be get cheated and dont regret later.

From: leena sebas at 10:12 AM - Feb 17, 2014( )

The objective of this post is to caution  all members regarding the danger associated with it...

Also requesting members not to reveal any name here in mudraa related to this post.

We dont want to deflame any members here, at the same time, it is our duty to inform all members about the danger associated with it..

New Thread: Bugs created error(message deleted by thread owner)

Leena Sebas at 07:51 AM - Feb 12, 2014 ( )

Dueto to  some  error (can be a bug)happened earley morning, and all threads showing message deleted by thread owner.

please wait for admin message.

New Thread: After creating Euro fear , Emerging market next.?

Leena Sebas at 02:14 PM - Feb 02, 2014 ( )

Few years back, the big news which  surrouding the market was the europe crisis.The so called media and financial market industry as a whole predicting european crisis espeacially euro.There was certainly a fear created and greece was the center stage and all Big funds are active in those sector.The rest is history now.Nothing much happened but the big financial institutions used that chance and build position in other part of the world creating this fear .

Now what is the option left for them? After all ,there should be some news to be created some where in the continent to shift the money from one side to other.This is the only way for ponzi schemes to mint money from the financial market, in other words stealing the money by the 1% smart people who control the world financial market around the world.

Where the smart money is eyeing now? This is one of the tough thing to predict.When the sign of peace is returning back regarding Iran nuclear talk, The warning given by US to the negotiators need to keep an eye on now.

If the initial signs and body language of the media,FII  and their circles can be beleived, i feel another well plotted game plan is undergoing behind the scene.This time the tool is to create fear among emerging market by creating panic.Which way they are plotting the game is hard to predict now.

As the election is nearing in india, and the outcome of the result is still unknown,the best strategy is to create a big crack in the market now  and later think about re entering.If such a strategy is implimented , then we can expect the actual figures of the economic indicators  start to pour in from US and europe which was hiding since long time.

Next week can be crucial for the indian market to decide which direction our market is heading in to.

For the market to sustain,nifty spot at  6013-6023 level need to be maintained..If this level is broken on closing basis and nifty close below 5950, then we are heading to 5610 level in the coming weeks.

Feb 4th and 5th can give a clear picture about the market trend for this month.

As per chart 6053-6055 is the support nifty need to get and if broken, then 6013-6025.

from the above support levels nifty need to rebound and continue the gap filling.If that doesnt happen, then be careful in the market for the time being and dont be agressive.

New Thread: Is this Alarming? who are those 85 rich people?

Leena Sebas at 09:11 PM - Jan 23, 2014 ( )

World In Which The 85 Richest People Have The Same Wealth As Half The World's Population!

What an idiocy!This shows the economic pundits around the world failed to realise the core issue of financial fraud and terrorisom happening in this world and not even taken any bold steps to prevent it.What is the real message it is giving to the world? the real thief exist in the system itself..A part of our wealth is stolen every day knowingly and unknowingly from you and me every day.Who are they ?

The poorest half of the world’s population—that’s 3.5 billion people—control as much wealth as the richest 85 individuals.

On the eve of World Economic Forum, when the global elite gather in Davos, Switzerland, to forecast international trends, Oxfam International has released a new report, Working for the Few, (PDF) documenting yawning global wealth disparities. Other findings:

• The world’s richest 1 percent control almost 50 percent of global wealth.
• In 24 out of 26 countries studied, the richest 1 percent has increased their share of national wealth since 1980.
• Only three in 10 people live in countries where economic inequality has not increased over the past three decades.
In the U.S., 95 percent of post-financial-crash wealth generated (i.e., since 2009) went into the bank accounts of the richest 1 percent.

who are they?Undecided
• Nine in 10 people in the U.S. control less wealth in real terms than they did before the financial crash.

  (above news source, internet).

Now the key interesting thing to note down is who are they?

Now watch each these countries ..

how the countries like mauritious comes in the list? and what about Singapore?

This will give us the clue who is looting the world and how it is!

New Thread: Any one watched Woolf of wall street?

Leena Sebas at 11:46 PM - Jan 21, 2014 ( )

Any one watched the movie woolf of wall steet?

I watched that movie, which though created much hype, reflects how primitive the writer of that movie is..He still copied the old style of outcry system and didnt shown any modern manipulation in that movie.

Only thing he exposed is the fooling game of tip providers.Careful not to watch that  movie along with family members or kids around you as it  expose too much nudity ,vulgarity  and sexuality.

But it give a very clear idea how the Tip providers play the game, which for a new bee,it  is worth to watch ...

How that game working in india in another way? and how they plant the game?It is very interesting to watch their game..

If you all recall, few months back , when nifty was at 6150-6130 a massive propaganda is published  across market that market is about to fall..then it get circulated all across and which make all public bearish...then those who never show their face , come and start to give very lower target..When they make sure the public trapped and turned bearish, they start to move the market up..Before that, they start to convince the public to buy  the put of those stocks which  are  about to reverse and go one way up.

Then they disappear from the scene and market start to move up and finally when market about to reach the top and about to reverse, they come again and start to create another game plan and start to convince the public with some data and theories and try to trap them again giving higher target, which is very visible in the chart itself and use that to exit all their long position and dump it..Now interesting thing is why they do this at the peak time? because they dont want a pshychological advantage not to make any one attempt to short that counter...So giving a wrong impression ..Here the innocent traders get trapped and like the wolf of walstreet movie, all  those syndicates laugh behind the scene hearing the persons long speak of conviction!

We can see such faces every where , in media, in forum, in blue channels and all around us ...

so never ever jump in to any trade just by  hearing any long convincing talk.They are laughing behind the scene seeing your stupidity!

Traders loose money most of the time by greed or  false hope..When some one say i made laksh in short period , and convince you to join you , think , if you are that person , why you  need others help? why you  cant do it himself ? why you need them?

The lesson is 

No one will make you rich over night...First learn then try to earn!

There is no short cut exist in the market to make money!

New Thread: Indian leading brokerage houses adopted new style?

Leena Sebas at 03:52 PM - Jan 11, 2014 ( )

I dont know how many of you believe  the fact that leading brokerage houses are now acting almost the same like the forex brokerage houses .In forex market there are bucket shops , book makers, retail market makers, then institutional  market makers.

Book makers are similar like bucket shops type, who bet against the position of the public, in other words,These types of brokers will essentially “book” or take the opposite position of a trade made by a retail trader.But in india i guess they execute it through the exchange but in forex they dont execute it through the exchange but do the cross trade among themself.

book makers dont make any bet, but try to make profit between spreads (,difference between the buy and sell price).

The rest of the catagory are less harmful.

How the above  players play  the game?

When betting against the client position,The most important point they consider to win the game is to make sure  the system hang during the trading hours.This acitivity  i guess most of the retailers seeing  every day in our market these days.Most of us think it is our  network problem , or  computer problem etc.but most of the time it happen at a time when the market take a sudden upside or downside move , and here the jobbers or scalpers get trapped.This is exactly what they wanted.For that, the position of the HNI retailers are closley  monitored their trading style is always in the radar by these people and their sever will lost the connection which is a smart game done by them.In forex market  it is called as slippage(same in stock market too) but in forex market, this slippage duration  last for long period(virtually the system will not work for 2 to 5 minute some time depend on the type of broker.(bucket shop,book maker or market maker)

Here the term slippage have lot of significance.Most of the brokerage houses who give attractive low brokerage make real money with the help of this slippage route and to make the things worst, they play more dirty game which i mentioned above.

So now to make the profit more, is the broking community looking for more risky  alternative?

The recent NSEL scam might give more inputs in this regard i guess, as the radar now turn  to the role played  by brokers.


New Thread: A hung govt after lok sabha election???

Leena Sebas at 10:29 AM - Jan 07, 2014 ( )

Stock market always anticipate things much in advance before the actual thing happen.

Chances look high more than 70% to see a hung parliment at the centre after lok sabha election.

Where nifty will go if that happens?

The pshychological level of 6170 broken and 6142  need to take support and bounce should happen.

6142 and 6095 spot nifty levels  are higher foundation stone for the market.The Whole FII money pumped in to the market is holding the breath on these two levels i guess, which need to be protected at any cost.

 If 6142 break again the final support at  6095 is given up, then i guess we are moving in to a bear market...

now the distance between the bull market and bear market is just 70 points away from the current levels.

will market show some signs of panic and reverse the game upside again?

or we are already heading towards a bear market?

current nifty level is 6152 levels.

Any views?

New Thread: Cyber cell is vigilant, be careful!

Leena Sebas at 04:03 PM - Jan 04, 2014 ( )


If any  think we can threaten any one by opening a fake  account in any site or forum else  use the login id of  some one  to threaten some people , it is almost similar like hand overing  your car with the  key  to some one for doing some wrong doing.Once any such incident happens, then the real  owner of the car is liable to be answerable.

same applies to any one who give their login and password to some one else.So be careful.

Recently one of our  member was being threaten by a group member.Further investigation revealed that it was done by some one .(the member given the login and password to another known person), who holding a very fancy mobile number.Even if the intention and  objective is different,The after effect of such incidents can have multiple impact in many peoples life including the account holder too.So before doing such evil act,be careful.

Dont give your User id or password to any one.Even if some one misuse your login or password from other premises, it is so easy to track them too.

If any one dont know, how to track such people, by contacting, the cyber cell will help you.

For them such information is very vital.They says such people always have criminal background.So it help them in controlling cyber crime and as well many other things.It give a clear message to public too.

the detailes attached.

Assistant Commissioner of Police
Cyber Crime Investigation Cell
Office of Commissioner of 
Police office, 
Annex -3 Building, 
1st floor, 
Near Crawford Market,

Contact Details:

Web site: http://www.cybercellmumbai.com
E-mail id: officer@cybercellmumbai.com

Assistant Commissioner of Police 
Cyber Crime Cell 
Commissioner office Campus 
Chennai- 600008
Contact Details: +91-40-5549 8211
E-mail id: s.balu@nic.in

For Rest of Tamil Nadu,
Address: Cyber Crime Cell, CB, CID, Chennai
E-mail id: cbcyber@tn.nic.in

(for whole of the Karnataka)
Cyber Crime Police Station
C.O.D Headquarters,
Carlton House, 
# 1, Palace Road,
Bangalore - 560 001

Contact Details:
+91-80-2220 1026 
+91-80-2294 3050
+91-80-2238 7611 (FAX)

Web site: http://www.cyberpolicebangalore.nic.in
Email-id: ccps@blr.vsnl.net.inccps@kar.nic.in

Cyber Crime Police Station
Crime Investigation Department,
3rd Floor, D.G.P. office
Hyderabad – 500004

Contact Details:
+91-40-2324 0663
+91-40-2785 2274
+91-40-2329 7474 (Fax)

Web site:http://www.cidap.gov.in/cybercrimes.aspx
E-mail id: cidap@cidap.gov.ininfo@cidap.gov.in

CBI Cyber Crime Cell:
Superintendent of Police, 
Cyber Crime Investigation Cell 
Central Bureau of Investigation, 
5th Floor, Block No.3, 
CGO Complex, 
Lodhi Road, 
New Delhi – 3

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Thane West,
Thane 400601.

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Web site: www.thanepolice.org
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Assistant Commissioner of Police
Cyber Crime Investigation Cell
Police Commissioner Office of Pune
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Pune 411001

Contact Details:
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http://punepolice.com/crime branch.html
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DIG, CID, Crime and Railways
Fifth Floor
Police Bhavan
Sector 18, Gandhinagar 382 018

Contact Details:
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Superintendent of Police

New Thread: Market about to give a break out above 6446 in Jan?

Leena Sebas at 10:42 PM - Dec 30, 2013 ( )

A caution note......Dont jump into any trade  seeing this thread.

After seeing the market movement and chart, and likley political scenerio, i feel we are about to see a break out soon in Jan.The market at lower level lack supply and market is well under the control of big players now.

As election is near, all eyes are on the Performance of the new govt in delhi.Still it seems people are fed up of the corruptions happening all around the country irrespective of whoever party coming to power.So if people change their mind this time, no one can blame them too.So under this circumstance, those who invested  money in indian market need an exit before the election announcement i guess.How is it  possible?

Everything is possible in indian market.So if we watch the recent development..All effort are being done by big players since long time to have an upper hand on the market and now most of the options are not even reachable for the common trader due to the increase in the lot size.Slowly the retailers are forced to sit on the side line and this is exactly what the big players want.Then only the market can be moved according to their tune else the supply coming from retailers will be hard to control.This is even visible in mudraa due to the lack of retailers interest.Retailers are always like the crowd  who jump in seeing any big upside, till then they sit on the side line.And the moment they jump in , they get crushed.This is what history teached us.

If we watch the chart of nifty, market is showing all signs of upside movement, though lot of retailers are not believing this fact.The reason is, a good section of the market participant feel like no one is going to get a majority in the coming lok sabha election.As long as retailers dont beleive in a bull rally, this is the best time for the big players to push the market upside to acheive their goal before the election result are out.

I guess soon we are about to see a break out in  nifty and triangle break out is about to happen in the higher time frame of nifty and this can totally change the market set up i feel, which can be acheived by the  help of over night dow manipulators.

As long as the FII and the local operators join hand in hand with the govt insiders and exchange traded fund, anything can be expected in indian market and those who pumped billions of dollars in to the indian market will do all hook or crook game to exit their long position before the election.As long as SGX nifty is allowed to trade before and after market hours, the manipulation of indian market will take new turn in 2014  and outside forces will have an upper hand on indian  stock market i guess.

So in this thin volume traded market, every day, artificial intelligence tool is being used by big players to judge the retailers participation and counter move is generated after the initial  hour of  market opening seeing a the public position.in such market condition, it is so easy to manipulate the market and this is what we are witnessing now.This have a very clear aim and i feel it will be soon visible to the public.And that time most of the public will be in the wrong side of the market.

Personally i dont feel surprised to see nifty moving towards 6660 in Jan 2014.Because the chart is showing all potential for such a move if nifty spot nifty move above 6445, which i give a probability of 65% .

Let me repeat, only if spot nifty move above 6445!

New Thread: Market Every day at 9AM!

Leena Sebas at 02:29 PM - Dec 22, 2013 ( )

The purpose of this thread is to get a collective thoughts of  members before market open.To analyse how the market can open and what all news can influence the market and what members expect from the market before  market open.

Most of the traders sit in front of the terminal may be 30 minutes before market open, and some time even  minutes before.With in this time period, reading all members opinion is a tedious task.

those who wish to express their thoughts can use this thread for that purpose.

I have no role in this thread.As i am one of the later comer most of the day in the morning time  due to timing issues.

please restrict your  posting from  5am  till 10 am and please avoid posting anything after that.

If any one like to express their thoughts can book mark this thread.

let me make it very clear, this thread not belongs to me.

This thread dedicated as a  common thread for all members in mudraa, .who wish to express their thoughts about market opening  and even can post chart according to their choice.Members  can even  discuss the Economic data, SGX nifty movement, even potential stocks for buy or sell before market open.

New Thread: Market every day at 10PM!

Leena Sebas at 02:29 PM - Dec 22, 2013 ( )

Dear All,

The purpose of this thread is to get a collective thoughts of the members After  market closing.

Those who wish to express their thoughts can use this thread for that purpose.

please restrict  this thread for posting every day after the daily market  closing  till  4 am morning time.and please avoid any posting after that.

If any one like to express their thoughts can book mark this thread.

Please let me make it very clear, this thread not belongs to me.

This is a common thread for all members in mudraa, who wish to express their thoughts about market closing and even can post chart according to their choice.Members  can even  discuss the Economic data, SGX nifty movement, even potential stocks for buy or sell.  

Thank you!

New Thread: ICICI BANK bullish Harami bottom reversal above 1114

Leena Sebas at 11:28 AM - Dec 17, 2013 ( )

As per daily chart ,icici bank is showing all signs of bullish harami bottom reversal pattern.

this counter better avoid any kind of short or buying any PE and dont get trapped.

and use the dip to go long only.Any closing above 1114 will confirm the bullish trend in this counter and avoid any bearish play in this counter.

high chance to see a big uspide in this counter if today close above 1114.

From: leena sebas at 01:00 PM - Dec 17, 2013( )

Stop loss for this stock is 1068

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