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New Thread: Surfing the Waves

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 12:00 PM - Apr 15, 2018 ( )


Seems the 3rd wave got completed this friday & now 4th wave has started.

This 4th wave may come down till 10300 & 24700.

Lets see how it pans out.

Reply for: Divergence Decoded

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 07:39 PM - Apr 11, 2018 ( )

@abhinav - agreed, that u pointed out the technical part.

but wasn't it a divergence?? although I am not sure about healthy & unhealthy divergences.

was there an opportunity to make money based on the divergence with small SL??

this is 15 mins chart, so mostly its for intraday or max 2 day, and the targets are also rather small approx 40/70 points.

The point why i have put this chart is, to let viewers know..there may be opportunities based on divergence trading as well...

Reply for: Divergence Decoded

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 06:17 PM - Apr 11, 2018 ( )

@ abhinav - i am a short term trader / day trader...as of yesterday i saw weakness on chart, i shorted ...i made money...it doesnt matter to me....if ur targets are 11k or 20k....what matters to me is by EOD or End of week, I made money or NOT.

I thought, by posting this chart somebody may get benefitted, hence this post. I am not a tip provider. So it entirely depends on the person seeing this post, if he agrees to my view...he can take a short entry with proper SL & targets in mind.

Reply for: Divergence Decoded

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 09:42 AM - Apr 11, 2018 ( )

@abhinav - ur view is for long term...i am reading this chart in 15 mins time frame...so as of now...am seeing weakness...& there was a shorting opportunity

@ Ram babu....generally we dont short untill n unless, the macd touches the zero line or is nearabouts the zero line...& yesterday we had a good setup for shorting opportunity...that was my reading...others may differ. suggestions welcome

New Thread: Divergence Decoded

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 09:28 PM - Apr 10, 2018 ( )


This is 15 mins chart of Nifty. We can see that price is moving higher but MACD is not moving on the upside but rather going down...This is divergence. So MACD is hinting that we may have a weakness in short term.

New Thread: What Next in Nifty?? - 16 Jan 2017

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 07:49 PM - Jan 15, 2017 ( )

What Next in Nifty?? - 16jan2017

If & only if the gap near the abandoned baby (8461-8510) is not filled, then we will be going towards 7420.
Then the wave structure would be as follows :

Am considering the start of correction from 8968 & the A wave completed around 7916 (a break of brexit low of 7927 - that should have been the clue)

Now B wave is going on which will complete below 61.8% of the entire move from 8968-7916, which comes to around 8566.
So the mentioned gap at 8460-8510 - becomes more important.

So the C wave down will start from anything from 8460 - 8510 - 8566 towards 7450 after budget.

This wave count will hold true untill 8570 is breached on the upside.

New Thread: Clue from Open Interest

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 11:11 AM - Jan 08, 2017 ( )


The Open interest gives a good clue where the market is headed if we read correctly.


Generally it gives clue in a short term perspective. Dont look at it with an intraday perspective, there is a lot of noise.


Avoid looking at current months OI during the expiry week.


Look at next weeks OI table for a better clue during the expiry week.


Current Max Open Interest


Call - 8400

Put  -  8000


Average  - -  8200


Now that we are already above 8200, so it means we are moving towards 8400, 


But before moving to 8400 we have to test 8200, from 8200 only we can decide if it will go towards 8400 or towards 8000.


Another Clue - as of now Max OI is at 8400-8000, so the resistances/support will be near 100 points.

That is 8100,8200/8300 & lastly 8400 approximately.


If the max OI is at 8000-8500, then the resistance/support would be around 8125/8250/8375/8500 approximately

Reply for: Nifty in Short to Medium Term

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 09:31 PM - Jan 06, 2017 ( )

@ Rakesh - Thanks


@ Mustafa - the 3rd Wave cannot be the smallest, that means 5th wave will be smaller than 3rd

New Thread: Nifty in Short to Medium Term

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 07:15 PM - Jan 06, 2017 ( )

What Next in Nifty - Short Term to Medium Term


Now that the new year has started, lets try to find out whats in store for nifty.

As per me, we are in C wave of Nifty

A wave completed at 8968 - 8002

B Wave was a fast retrace Wave from 8002-8598

Now C is going on-  -  8598-7400 (Probably)

In C wave, Out of 5 waves, we have completed our 1st wave at 7893.
2nd Wave either got completed today at 8306 or may complete near 8447. (IMO - it got completed today at 8307.
3rd Wave might get completed near 7630

New Thread: Good Stocks to Trade on Intra Day basis

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 09:13 AM - Jan 06, 2017 ( )

Stocks with High Price & 1000++ Lot Size


Below mentioned are the few stocks which has high price & has 1000++ lot size.

If we get a signal in any one of these stocks , we can trade & can earn good money.

Stocks Lot Size
Bharat Financial 1000
BPCL 1200
Century Textile 1100
CESC 1100
Cipla 1000
IGL 1100
Lic Housing Finance 1100
Tata Communication 1400
Upl 1200

The Price is in between 600-1000
So on an intraday basis there is a good movement of 20 points on these mentioned stocks.
So even 1 point can give us a good RR (Risk Reward).

uptill 10 am in the morning , screen out a good stock out of these & if you get a good signal, can go ahead with the trade with small Stop Loss.


From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 10:59 AM - Jun 04, 2015 ( )

Can we assume our markets will rise because chinese market is falling??

last time when chinese markets had IPO's lined up, our markets were declining, so is that money coming back to indian markets???

Reply for: Intraday Change in OI

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 11:54 AM - May 19, 2015 ( )

now at 26.50 lacs - calls addition (calls sold)

Reply for: Intraday Change in OI

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 11:18 AM - May 19, 2015 ( )

more than 25.20 lacs now.......is it a sign of market fall??

New Thread: Intraday Change in OI

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 10:16 AM - May 19, 2015 ( )


There is a huge addition of around 23 lacs in Calls as of now.

Reply for: 8855 on Nifty

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 03:07 PM - Apr 13, 2015 ( )

now is it possible?? 8855

Reply for: 8855 on Nifty

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 10:09 AM - Apr 13, 2015 ( )

Hi Krunal,

I agree, but as of now, there is a huge builtup in 8800 call, so it needs time to get to 8855, but eventually it will touch 8855

Reply for: 8855 on Nifty

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 09:31 AM - Apr 13, 2015 ( )

still holding friday's low.......so we can expect 8855 by wednesday

New Thread: 8855 on Nifty

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 09:09 AM - Apr 12, 2015 ( )

We may see 8855 on Nifty  & 19050 on Bank Nifty by Wednesday.

Lets Hope for the best

Reply for: Will we have a rate cut Next week???

From : Kshitij Sakhadeo at 12:08 PM - Apr 11, 2015 ( )

Just a possibility

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