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Vijayan Kurup

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Reply for: Trade Diary ( KK)

Vijayan Kurup at 08:46 AM - Mar 28, 2019 ( )

Welcome back, Kripakar ji..


Vijayan Kurup at 06:50 PM - Mar 21, 2019 ( )

Great !!

Reply for: NIFTY FUT

Vijayan Kurup at 09:45 AM - Feb 28, 2019 ( )


Reply for: NIFTY FUT

Vijayan Kurup at 10:52 AM - Feb 27, 2019 ( )

Excellent, Ramesh..

Reply for: NIFTY FUT

Vijayan Kurup at 10:18 AM - Feb 22, 2019 ( )

Great call Ramesh as usual..

Reply for: NIFTY

Vijayan Kurup at 11:17 PM - Dec 12, 2018 ( )

Yes, very good analysis.. Nikhil ji...

Reply for: NIFTY AHEAD -II

Vijayan Kurup at 06:42 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

Lakshmi ji,

Very promising analysis.. Please keep going..

Lakshmi Devi at 05:00 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

I think many people confused abt the upmove abv 10400 10days back.. But still I'm holding shorts as gap up and no way to exit. Tomoro we will get price to exit, exit all shorts at 10425 -30 nf. Dont worry about the marginal loss. Buy nifty at 10430nf and hold.  We'll meet this month end. If any indication , I will update. If not, hold longs.. Nifty from here,if not goes below 10300 target is 12636 in three four months.


Reply for: NIFTY

Vijayan Kurup at 04:06 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

Excellent !

Nikhil Banerji at 02:56 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

Are you happy guys,  with today's tr?  

Reply for: Trade for ALL ( Umesh ) ( 20-10-2018 ) ( Sat )

Vijayan Kurup at 10:02 AM - Oct 21, 2018 ( )

Umesh ji, A very good initiative; I greatly apprecite your gesture of posting your guidelines as per above.


Vijayan Kurup at 06:25 PM - Aug 18, 2018 ( )

Dear Puttaiah ji, Thanks for posting this message.  I have already offered my house (through FB)  which can accommodate 15 to 20 people in my area Cherthala-Alleppey Dist.- Kerala, and also donated a small amount through my employer campaign "Disaster Relief Fund of Kerala".  I support this cause by sharing this post with others and request them to come forward, please..


Vijayan Kurup at 09:07 AM - Jun 30, 2018 ( )

Thanks Sundaram ji, for sharing the info.


Reply for: KARNATAKA ELECTION STOCK BETS ( election special)

Vijayan Kurup at 12:36 PM - May 11, 2018 ( )

Bawa, Big Move -  Up or Down ??

Reply for: Trade Diary ( KK)

Vijayan Kurup at 12:57 PM - Apr 11, 2018 ( )

I am there with you Kripakar ji..


Reply for: Swing Trade - using EXCEL

Vijayan Kurup at 07:30 AM - Apr 03, 2018 ( )

Dear KK ji,

In the below formulae, if you closely notice, there is a double space just before the word "IF"  (at the middle of the formula), hence when you copy &paste the formula it will not work, so friends, you have to remove any space between the letters within the formula, else you should type the formula manually without leaving any space.   KK ji, with due respect to you, please correct me if I am wrong.

In G6 cell,  enter the formula      = IF(AND($I5=-1,C6>G5),C6,   IF( $I5=1,C6, G5))

In H6 cell,  enter the formula      = IF(AND($I5=1,D6<H5),D6,   IF( $I5=-1, D6, H5))

In  I6 cell,  enter the formula      = IF($I5=-1, IF(D6<G6-$C$3*E6, 1, $I5),  IF(C6>H6+$C$3*E6, -1, $I5))



Reply for: Swing Trade - using EXCEL

Vijayan Kurup at 08:18 AM - Apr 02, 2018 ( )

Kripakar ji,

Just one question - Please advise when to enter into a trade.

Is it at the end of the day or opening of the next day or anytime during the day ?



Reply for: Swing Trade - using EXCEL

Vijayan Kurup at 08:08 AM - Apr 02, 2018 ( )

Dear Kripakar ji,

After a long time I am writing to you. 

Thankalude post vayichu; valare santhosham thonni.

Thank you so much for your post.

I will try your formula and get back to you.

Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge in this forum.

Regards, Vijayan





Reply for: BUY NIFTY FUT

Vijayan Kurup at 01:23 PM - Nov 23, 2017 ( )

Target Intraday or Positional ?

Reply for: RBI MEET

Vijayan Kurup at 11:36 AM - Aug 02, 2017 ( )

Thank you Harshvardhan ji

New Thread: RBI MEET

Vijayan Kurup at 11:05 AM - Aug 02, 2017 ( )

Does anybody know what time RBI meeting will be today ?

Reply for: Intraday Trading

Vijayan Kurup at 09:53 AM - Jul 31, 2017 ( )

Sukhinder ji,

The first call rocked.. Congrats..



Vijayan Kurup at 09:13 AM - Jul 31, 2017 ( )

Good Morning Sunil ji..

New Thread: HAPPY ONAM

Vijayan Kurup at 11:02 AM - Aug 28, 2015 ( )



From: VIJAYAN KURUP at 11:06 AM - Aug 28, 2015( )

Onam History

Onam is the state festival of Kerala. Celebrated in the first  month ‘chingam’ according to the Malayalee Calender, it is also the annual  harvest festival of the state. The festival falls in the month of August to  September according to the Gregorian calendar. The celebrations of Onam go ten  days long up to Tiruvonam and in some cases to twelve days long until chatayam  (twelfth day). The celebrations of Onam include elaborate rituals, music,  dances, sports, boat races and of course scrumptious foods. There are several  legends and stories attached with the festival. Read on to explore more about  the festival of Onam i.e. its history, its origin and its significance.

 Onam has been a part of Malayalee culture for centuries. The earliest record of  the festival that has been found belongs to the reign of Kulasekhara Perumals  around i.e. around 800 AD. However, there are great possibilities that the  festival was celebrated before this period also. Any ways, due to lack of  physical evidences, it has been assumed that the festival started somewhere  around 800 A.D. as the harvest festival of the state. However, there are so many  legends and stories attached with the day that it seems that the festival has  been a part of the region ever since its origin.

 Onam Celebrations has  two most important significances in context of the Malayalee culture. First of  all, it is celebrated as the harvest festival of the state. It reminds one of  the golden age of prosperity when the entire month of Chingam (the month of  Malayalee calendar that corresponds to the August- September time of Gregorian  calendar) was celebrated as the Onam month. It was the time when the farms of  the state produced excess of food grains and brought prosperity and riches to  the state. Arriving after the rain-drenched month of Karkidakam (July-August),  Chingam was welcomed with much enthusiasm by the people of Kerala.

 The  second and the most popularly quoted legend with the festival is related to the  demon king, Mahabali. It is said that Mahabali was a generous and kind hearted  king of Kerala. He was powered by a boon granted to him by Lord Brahma, he was  invincible and thus gradually won over the entire earth. Soon after he won the  earth, he also won the territory of heaven and became its king. He gradually  rose up to become the undisputed ruler of all the three worlds. It was the time  he inflicted violence upon the gods. Lord Vishnu then decided to overthrow Bali  from his powers. He went to Bali in the form of a Brahman as he knew that the  king rejoiced in doing good deeds and giving alms to the poor. He asked for  three feet of land from the Demon king to which the king readily agreed. 
Gradually, he Brahaman increased in size. In one step, he measured the  entire earth and in the other he covered the entire heaven, he then asked Bali  that where should he put the third step. Bali, a man of his words, then laid  down his head and asked Brahman to step his foot on his head.  Vishnu disguised  in the form of Brahman, thus appeared in front of Bali and offered him the  Kingdom of the nether world. However as Bali was very much in love with the  people of his kingdom at earth, he asked Vishnu to give him a boon so that he  can visit the earth once a year to which Vishu readily agreed. Bali, since then  is believed to come to earth in the month of ‘chingam’ according to the  Malayalee calendar and the entire festival is celebrated to welcome their dear  king Mahabali to earth.

Read more at http://festivals.iloveindia.com/onam/onam-history.html#ORHD5Rz2XeG0KoC4.99

From: VIJAYAN KURUP at 11:34 AM - Aug 28, 2015( )

New Thread: Where is my Posting

Vijayan Kurup at 10:04 AM - Oct 27, 2014 ( )

Today morning I posted a thread called NOWONLINE, in which I mentioned the package opening problem.  To my great surprise, within minutes it disappeared, I don't  the reason.  If it is deleted intentionally, Dear Admin, may I know the reason for deleting ?

From: VIJAYAN KURUP at 10:27 AM - Oct 27, 2014( )

Where has my posting gone ????



Vijayan Kurup at 10:06 AM - Sep 07, 2014 ( )

To all of my malayali friends, Wishing you all the best for a HAPPY ONAM.


New Thread: HAPPY ONAM

Vijayan Kurup at 12:22 AM - Sep 15, 2013 ( )






Vijayan Kurup at 01:22 PM - Jul 29, 2013 ( )

Dear Friends,

Does anybody know any site where we can view the Advance-Decline chart of BANKNIFTY Future ?  Please advise.

New Thread: Vishu Greetings

Vijayan Kurup at 12:57 PM - Apr 14, 2013 ( )

To all my malayali friends,

Wishing you all a very HAPPY VISHU.




New Thread: Login problem

Vijayan Kurup at 02:03 PM - Feb 18, 2013 ( )

I have Login problem in NOWONLINE.

Anyone of you have similar problem ?


Vijayan Kurup at 10:51 AM - May 21, 2012 ( )


Today Logging into NSE site is too much delayed.  Are you all getting the same delay ?

New Thread: Nifty Fall

Vijayan Kurup at 11:21 AM - Mar 15, 2012 ( )

Can anyone tell me the reason for sudden free fall in Nifty / Bank Nifty ??

New Thread: Hourly chart

Vijayan Kurup at 04:24 PM - Feb 20, 2012 ( )


Is there any site where we can see the hourly chart of any particular day in the past.  For example, can we see the hourly chart of say 1st Jan. 2012 from any site ?  Kindly advise. 


From: VIJAYAN KURUP at 05:03 PM - Feb 20, 2012

Anybody knows ??


Vijayan Kurup at 02:16 PM - Jan 23, 2012 ( )

Dear All,

Yesterday BNF Feb. 9600 PE closed @ 1171.75.  Today it opened @ 332.05, making a net loss of  839.7 points just over a night.  Is it possible ?  Are these figures correct ?  I got these figures from NSE site.  (I did not trade on the above, just an observation only).



New Thread: Inbox

Vijayan Kurup at 03:44 PM - Dec 18, 2011 ( )


If I want to send a mail to someone's inbox in Mudraa, please advise how to send.  Vijayan

New Thread: Gann RRR calculator in Excel

Vijayan Kurup at 11:28 AM - Oct 18, 2011 ( )


Can anybody advise where can I get the llink for downloading GANN RRR calculator (using Gann high & low values) in Excel file.  Regards Vijayan

From: VIJAYAN KURUP at 02:20 PM - Oct 18, 2011

Anybody knows ?  Please reply.

New Thread: Nive Spot vs Future

Vijayan Kurup at 04:36 PM - Jul 04, 2011 ( )

Dear Friends,

Can any one tell me whether Nifty Future is following Nifty Spot movement or the other way round ?  In order words, is Nifty Future depending on Nifty spot movement or the opposit way ?   Thanks & Regards Vijayan

New Thread: Gann calculator

Vijayan Kurup at 07:45 PM - Mar 24, 2011 ( )

Dear friends, 

Anyone knows where can we find Gann calculator in excelt format ?  Kindly advise.  Vijayan


New Thread: Nifty future real-time chart

Vijayan Kurup at 11:59 AM - Jan 27, 2011 ( )

Dear Friends,

Can you tell me where can I find 30 min. intraday real-time Nifty Future chart (I repeat, Nifty future chart).  The chart given in NSE site is delayed by 5 minutes, so I need to watch the real time chart.  Can anyone guide me, please.

Regards, Vijayan


New Thread: Nifty future real time chart

Vijayan Kurup at 11:03 AM - Jan 25, 2011 ( )

Dear Friends,

Where can I find real time chart for NIFTY FUTURE other than NSE site, because the NSE chart is delayed by 3 to 4 minutes.  Kindly advise.  Vijayan


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