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From : Ravi Dani at 09:07 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

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From : Ravi Dani at 08:59 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

Today in maharashtra also done, 

Any way wat ever situations comes out no issue, market haved own way.... 

So just chill n relax... 


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From : Ravi Dani at 08:57 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

One by one, many states, going relief in agricultural loan of farmers, it's not a good sign for market.... 

Finaly it's show pressure on banks..... 

Let's see how banks recovery this loans comes out,  

Government Wll pay to banks later.... But in shotterm.... It's not a good situation for market, spacialy for banks, 

By all this, investor's worry about portfolios as a investment..... 

But trader always like this type of upside n down wid good or bad sentiment. yell

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From : Ravi Dani at 07:27 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

Oke no issue stay in... U can get all as u want, till then just a hint, sell wid Bu n buy wid bd..... cool

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From : Ravi Dani at 06:17 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

@ dear TK ji, u join mudraa from 18 June 2017 n u observing my thread from last 20 day, how.... I don't know, but any way, stay tuned,  u can get easily, clear pictures as when to do n wat to do wid bd n Bu. cool

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From : Ravi Dani at 05:02 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

now about most imp things... about ... BD n BU ...this statg ... comes out soon will update... n once when u get how to find ... bu or bd ... then no need to any thing for a take trade.... just a hint ... its very simple ... n one can get in min .... cool just wait some times.... .....till then bbyeeeeee   cool

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From : Ravi Dani at 04:59 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

just one line ...to understand levels game... dont use any tools or software... , use only ur own mind n closely observd ... as when any main levels ...for intra or in positionly... when any main levels comes... then that time ... wat type of sentimnt... use that wid levels  n take trade as n just chill n relax... wid trade... dont panic wid ur own trade , as wat ever ppl or so called expert shouted... just chil n relax... wid right levels entry trade wid right sentimnt... bcz in first attempt mostly markt give respect 100 % ... n rest in second or third attempt... u know all  wat i mean....  laughing

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From : Ravi Dani at 04:51 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

expiry week a  big game by biggy playr... they mange index acording there own option  holds... so need to alert in trade .....n no need to say that as .... wat ever event or new or sentimnt.... at first attempt.... market always give respect ... n second time...its comes in 50/50 zone as ... may be market can give respect or may be can taken out... n in third time... when market attempt any main levels.... then its full chance to taken out that levels... but its also ture... if in third attempt ... markt give respect as faild to taken out main levels... then its big n big turning point ... all detail about how works levels.... n wats the important levels....  cool

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From : Ravi Dani at 04:43 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

so one can do as wat to want to do...wid ... bd for gg.. ... bcz as per time factor... month n trade almost over ... n next week expiry... n in this week... levels r ready for july month... so be ready for that monthly levels of july.... which i updat on 1 july..... cool by that month july we take trade ... for a month july..... acording levels.... not acording chart .... bcz levels creat chart..... a best example ...bns n ns life time high.... which print on chart ... by a levels 23901 cool

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From : Ravi Dani at 04:37 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

as given june month levels , how hot imp levels.... even ns not touched it yet... n bns its amezing turn wid imp levels at for higher , just left a few point only ... 

imp levels was 9741/9781 n bns 23801/901... 

levels print on chart bns high 23897.85 that was thursday high , even that day i given for intra bu 23901/23931... n wid bu its intra fall 200 n then next day firday 200 ... in just two day... 

ns was given best deal entery 9675/9725... even its not actve fully  its just came 9701/9711 range n turn two times till 9561/9565... 

moral of story ... as per june month levels wid imp... its not comes as big gain yet ... but level r levels... if they right, then market always respect it....cool

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From : Ravi Dani at 04:29 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

now about ... BD ...for ...GG.....

yestrday was update as ... about this... do wid this as wat ever u want to do... keep full or even in part... n as alredy amny time given as this bd for gg ,,,  only as per june month levels n for june month only valid... so next week as four working days left as almost june month over...... laughing

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From : Ravi Dani at 04:11 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

Back to back two master stroke, in ns n bns...... cool

 U haved three days, to think about it? Why n how? wink

Next week expiry.... 

Bit change a game plan... But only wid levels,  bcz read will automatically comes in chart.... cool


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From : Ravi Dani at 12:42 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

have a nice day frnds.... n no need to give detail as ... just saved thats my msg about sup n res n sentimnt wid time... bcz later i wll not repat or ccp my own msg...  wink bbyeeeeeeeee   

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From : Ravi Dani at 12:41 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

 n about ....

BU n BD...how to find it , give detail later but sure  i will.... just wait for some time... 

n no need to give detail about BD n BU as its most imp part of trade ... even sup or res theory works only after this first .....cool

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From : Ravi Dani at 12:38 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

just keep in mind as ... first sup or res n third sup or res ...only works for trade, n in mid as second sup or res , its not works only its works as halt for some time ... for next .... for third one...  cool

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From : Ravi Dani at 12:34 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

there r three sup n three res mainly works ... so sentimnt also is there , three sentimnt... 

first sentimnt as ... so - so ... as not good not bad.... 

second sentimnt as  .... good or bad.... 

third sentimnt as ... too good or too bad... 

so these three sentimnt ., use wid levels as sup or res... 

one can get easly right levels for trade entry.... cool


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From : Ravi Dani at 12:29 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

so finding a right sup for buy n right res for sell ..... its only we can get , wid two factor , first  sentiment n second is time.... cool

basicly... main r three sup n three res... as per time ... intra or monthly or yearly... divide it equaly wid levels as sup or res ... u can get easly as which sup or res works for buy or sell as per time... for buy or sell... laughing

n most imp thing is  for trade , its sentiment ... add sentimnt wid levels n see the results in trade.....  wink

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From : Ravi Dani at 12:21 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

for trade as intra or holds... just few basics works n that is as ... buy at sup n sell at res...this factor works , its known by every one.... but fact is .... when too many sup n res  in script ... then matter is which one sup or res is right for trade entry... ?cool 

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From : Ravi Dani at 12:13 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

I never believed in above or below, senseless thing for trade.... 

Bcz if ur levels r right then only hit the trade as buy or sell no issue.... 

If concept clear then why above or below,  just hit the trade at cmp... N must give respect to levels,  till safe, be in trade n once levels brk as failed, politely comes out from trade..... cool

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From : Ravi Dani at 12:00 PM - Jun 24, 2017 ( )

for any trade, intra or holds trade..... need a only hit the sentimnt...... against... but at right levels on... bcz no need to give detail about levels as if they r right , then wat comes out results....  cool 

moral of story is, when sentimnt is bull , then hit a sell trade at right level n same as when sentimnt bears, then hit a buy trade at right levels,  laughing

n in both case one thing is common n that is levels, only right levels....  wink

the best example as in last two days   market moves... cool


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