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Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 06:35 PM - Jun 15, 2019 ( )

Again commodity exchange at it...increasing size of copper to 2.5 from 1

Even copper is brought to delivery category.....

So increase of margin...increase of loss and profits.....

right now base metals are very weak and sell on...rise..will trade on Monday.


Reply for: CRUDE OIL TRADES.2015

Shiv Prasad at 06:36 PM - Apr 25, 2019 ( )

Crude has broken down and we can expect a target of 4580 today..

low is 45...........so hold for targets with sl of 73 or 84........

Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 06:35 PM - Apr 25, 2019 ( )

Copper sl is safe..........low 45.40 sl is 45.30

zinc mini sl triggered.......

hold copper it can rise ..........till 453+

Reply for: CRUDE OIL TRADES.2015

Shiv Prasad at 05:04 PM - Apr 25, 2019 ( )

Use 73 or 83 as ur sl ........if u do short.

Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 05:03 PM - Apr 25, 2019 ( )

zinc mini.........risky trade

sell cmp 199.80-75 sl 200.20

target 196.50.......

trade in small qty ........

Reply for: CRUDE OIL TRADES.2015

Shiv Prasad at 04:55 PM - Apr 25, 2019 ( )

Crude cmp 4665.......res at 4673 and 4683

if above sl is safe...its going to minimum 4620-4580..

a good support exist at 4647...break of this is must for further fall...otherwise...again rise possible..if so cover ur shorts at 48 and sell once again on break of 4645....for 4620-4580

Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 04:52 PM - Apr 25, 2019 ( )

Can someone please confirm if Futures trading in MCX base metals will be possible going forward ?

Dear u can trade in these commodities...but u must clear buy or sell positions by expiry..i.e. if u have sold zinc or aluminium and failed to cover shorts...then u will be forced to give physical delivery to Mcx exchange/buyer same way if u r long in zinc and could not sell it in mcx before expiry you will have to take delivery of zinc material from ware houses directed by exchange.So dont keep any position opened after expiry

Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 04:48 PM - Apr 25, 2019 ( )

Copper.............cmp 46.50-55.......low 46.10

I have a doubt copper has made its low today......

If it doesnt break it today, or does not fall below 445.30......its on the way to 453-456 once again. So shorts shold be out in short dare devils can go long in copper with sl of 445.30 for 453+

Reply for: JET AIRWAYS

Shiv Prasad at 01:49 PM - Apr 20, 2019 ( )

While further fall can not be ruled out and jet should be avoided for delivery .....carrying shorts in fno will be at risk as any time some take over news can be spread all of sudden and it can hit higher levels ...so any trade must have some back ups in such a stock.  Now it has become operators darling....it will go up and down as per their wish ...news will come positive and negative..as per their wishes......so dont think of making naked shorts in future hoping for big fall........unless u hv big heart to carry shorts irrespective of any positive news or big jump.

just my view.......just a caution........

Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 06:13 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )

There is some positive data from us for base metals..

But they are already in good downtrend...so dont expect any trouble..still u have ur sl in system with manageble positions..

Even Lead will fall towards 132.15 all of sudden.......

So is copper..........

all the best......bye

Reply for: CRUDE OIL TRADES.2015

Shiv Prasad at 06:10 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )


support at 26-17

if it fails to break 17 then exit shorts .......it can rise..

watch out 4426-17 levels....

Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 06:08 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )

The following message is not to show that I am superior and smart trader, or chest pumping just sharing some mistakes we traders doing while trading..thats all.

No one is free from emotions...emotions play a big role in trading...it panics.....even I am losing and earning money like every trader........but my small stop losses and managable positions help me in trading better.....

Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 06:02 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )

Do u not short a fallen stock/item just because it has fallen too much and scared to short it , rather go for one item which has not fallen....but u think it may fall later.......and short it?

U r wrong mostly...because if one item did not fall because its finding buyers and if oneis falling more and more its just because it finds no buyers...so u should short fallen item without getting scared...

this is the traders mantra.......like copper and zinc are tend to fall more than others..

Just c this example...while i was posting this message......I had shorted zinc lead copper and alu.....

Copper and zinc were most fallen items..from the level of 197+ zinc made a low of 196.30 where i have covered some good profit.......keeping some for next fall towards 195.80 and lower

copper fell 1 points or so from 448...

Alu which was not falling rose to 148.40 from 148.25

lead which was quoting at 133.75 still quoting same.

It means .........

Reply for: CRUDE OIL TRADES.2015

Shiv Prasad at 05:43 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )


SMALL TRADERS USE 4455........

CMP 4440.........ALL THE BEST

Reply for: CRUDE OIL TRADES.2015

Shiv Prasad at 05:35 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )

Crude 4447 can be the final target..........if so

sell now or near 447 with sl of 4455......target 4370 minimum

High so far,,,,,,,,4449

keep sl of 4456 only.........

if it crosses 4456 then 4459/75 can come so avoid big sl..


Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 05:28 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )

Do u not short a fallen stock/item just because it has fallen too much and scared to short it , rather go for one item which has not fallen....but u think it may fall later.......and short it?

U r wrong mostly...because if one item did not fall because its finding buyers and if oneis falling more and more its just because it finds no buyers...so u should short fallen item without getting scared...

this is the traders mantra.......like copper and zinc are tend to fall more than others..

Reply for: CRUDE OIL TRADES.2015

Shiv Prasad at 05:25 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )

Crude 4447 can be the final target..........if so

sell now or near 447 with sl of 4455......target 4370 minimum

Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 05:23 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )

Already zinc is bleeding and it can test 222 mostly today..........if 225.15 is safe..

all base metals are moving down...so general public tend to short them more and it looks like big money coming in shorts........any time market can run opposite direction also when no one thinks..so dont do a mistake of not putting ur sl in system and ride ur profits.

all the best.This has happened to me many times and so caution......otherwise technically all base metals looking weak and further redy to fall....

Even Aluminium 148.30-45 if 148.90 is safe it can fall up to 145........

all the best

Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 05:19 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )

Lead 133.70-85 ..........cmp

if 134.85 is safe...........to day u get 132.15


Reply for: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 05:18 PM - Apr 18, 2019 ( )

Today i m later

copper cmp 448

if 449.95 is safe...........u will get 443.10 today

New Thread: Our Hero Will Be Back with Us

Shiv Prasad at 05:22 PM - Feb 28, 2019 ( )

Our War Hero.......Air Force Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman  Will be Released Tomorrow By pakistan.  India Cried and Prayed For him..........

Our Hero will be Back after destroying Pakistan Figher Jet.........He requires a Heros Welcome.

Celebrate Guys.......Its  the much needed news.;lets enjoy and wait for the moment with other countrymen and his proud family members..we are proud of our heroes.......How calm was he after being captured and how he was talking...........PROUD OF Him.........Proud of all heroes .........Of Indian Army/Air Force/Navy/Paramilitary force..Jai Hind.

New Thread: NIfty /Market view with IFs n ButsShiv Prasad

Shiv Prasad at 09:41 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

I am confusing my threads like Bear thread and giving Bullish views..May be old timers Understand..But not new ones..They will laugh like any thing and will count me as a Jom of Mudraa.......

I dont want..it. I would say........market is Like an Apsaras from Indra Lok( Urvashi, Menaka, not maneka Gandhi, and Thilothama..) it mesmerise u with its movements and traps both sides.......NIfty is an Item which has made most traders bankrupt beacuse of its swashbuckling Movements.

No more preaching..When I find some time..I will give my view which I think or technicals say, But with some ifs n buts..I am a real trader who use my emotions and egos .........while trading with market. But I always prefer to put my Stop loss before waiting for any targets.

This is dedicated to some of my old pals..........who are interested to read my style of writing  without assessing the results..

So all the best for you........And Me

New Thread: MarketElection And fiis.

Shiv Prasad at 06:18 PM - Mar 04, 2017 ( )

All  sars and Madams,

Nse Building hit 8992.50...less than 9000....

Market started rally...from 7893.80

1098.70 points so far from 26.12.16

Every one is eyeing U P Elections.

Bjp had got 43% votesl in last Parliament elections. So even if it falls by 10 percent, this time, for any reasons, Bjp is likely to win the seats....if we beleive in old statistics and current mood of Upaites.

So it can be a boon for Central Govt as not only Bigggest state of the country will go with them but also their numbers in Rajyasabha will get increased which can make them capable of making decisions.

As a common man, I think its a positive news for market...

market is already overpriced comparing with Asian counterparts ..

Also its near its peark of previous valuation.

So do u think market already Topped out?

If not whats ur likely top for our Market...Or top for market starting its Downward journey/profit booking?

If market is not topped out what are the levels where we should use sl for shorts if already taken or if want to take?

All are invited.....may we have ur opinion.......either techncal/or as a common traders.

thanks......I will give my opinion also....though mostly u know my opinion as I have been giving my views on other thread......with ifs and buts.


From: shiv Prasad at 06:20 PM - Mar 04, 2017( )

I forgot to add...Fiis are the biggest buyers in market as New allocation to India must have been utilised/still to be utilised by them. They are heavy buyers every day, not giving any single day negative figures///

They have made money in good percentage...May be hedge funds or equity funds..Untill they become negative we should also watch them every day.

New Thread: Nifty.will it fall or riseShiv Prasad

Shiv Prasad at 06:26 PM - Jan 17, 2017 ( )

Hi Guys,

Hope u all are doing fine and enjoying ur life with all ur beloved family friends.

I am giving below some of the likely movement of nifty future.

Nifty has moved up from the last day of December  expiry and  has not given any meaningful correction. While rallying from a low of 7930 odd it has caught most market participants unaware, rallying towards 8465 levels within 2 weeks.  Now it looks like it is discounting all negative news, over performing against Asian counterparts, without giving any needed correction since last 15 days.

More or less it looks like some naked shorts are trapped or people are buying puts and averaging shorts at every small rise. This is what I feel  the way nifty futures suddenly rising with premium of 15-20 points while spot does not rise.

What next,

Technically….Nifty has for the time being left some important levels which it should have targeted.

While 8485 futures will be the biggest challenge for next rise……which are 8564 and 8665-8761

If it fails to clear 8485 and close above it  withing Friday, chances of it hitting 8364-8286-8255-8206-8091-7995 very much there.

It may take some time to fall back to these levels, because of the current positions and money strength..,but altast market has to fall back to lower levels at any cost within next 2 expiry.

May be a big negative news or gap down opening any day can open flood gates.

So lets watch these levels can be crossed……….

Upper side…..8485-----------8564-------------8665-8761….

Lower side………8363--------8286--------8206------8091—8020-7995

This is just an idea for the future market…

Right now market looks bullish ..its artificial or real…but in strong hands…It needs a gap down opening for changing the trend.

I expect market to trade between 7995-8760 levels in coming 6 months…….

Don’t  use this for trading purpose……just some idea where to buy or short when risk favours our entry/exit.

I wont be an index buyer at this level..waiting for right time to short..

either a rise up to 8462-85 for short or short once market weakens and start giving discount on premium.

Budget is ahead........so a big shake out is necessary......

From: shiv Prasad at 06:30 PM - Jan 17, 2017( )

If it fails to clear 8485 and close above it  withing Friday, chances of it hitting 8364-8286-8255-8206-8091-7995 very much there.

read It,

if it fails clear and close above 8485 within friday chances of lower targets are possible...with the same as invalidation point.

New Thread: Can Silver Break highs this year???

Shiv Prasad at 10:43 PM - Aug 08, 2016 ( )

Is some big movement on the way for Silver , after such wonderful journey for gold which is hitting highs........on the back of brexit..

Silver had tested 75000 odd before years and quoting below 55000 for quite a long time.According to market silver pundits...some big upward movement in silver is going to come this year..........surpassing old highs and taking out 100000+ this year.......I dont know what is the reason..But silver bulls are very active and are advising traders to go for silver physical for a target of 100000+....While i would say to avoid silver in mcx and dabba...it will be prudent to accumlate silver at every 5000 points fall( i dont know whether it will come or not) in physical.......for a 2 years investment....in mcx carry forward cost will give u tension and any fall will give u nightmare..So if interested go for physical delivery in different rates.

New Thread: Commodity:-ATP,Break Outs-Excel SheetData

Shiv Prasad at 12:00 PM - Apr 27, 2015 ( )

To make it easy ....i have made this thread.

Some one can use yesterdays atp, values as per earlier sheet and Break out and break down values as per new sheet on this thread.

Keep only those values...no other comments please..so that it will be handy for those who are not able to have it at one go.

But dont make it a habit of watching it for every days levels forgetting ur home work. Do ur home work and make ur sheeet, if ur sheet tallies with this only use it for trading day purpose.

Any one can put it every day.Tx


Shiv Prasad at 10:45 PM - Mar 07, 2015 ( )

As an investor, I always regretted when I sold an item and it went to hit upper cirucuits…also when I bought it came crashing to make new lows.I thought technicals were the last , and I would belive it. As a villager, who came to Hongkong/Singapore,  to see rising buildings and Infrastructure, beautiful roads with no littering etc, and surprising and surprising with his hands on his cheeks.

I believed technicals were the ultimate force and fundamentals were just another time pass. Then I had my friend who was very senior to me in market , he is one of the directors of a listed brokerage house who told me, never regret when u sell and it rise, or when u buy and it falls.U are a small fish on pond u cant buy at lower and sell at higher.

Then I wondered who were selling exactly at highs and buying at lows.Were they fiis or diis?I saw Uti /Lic, making losses, when they were forded to suppor a falling market when global market were bleeding. Our Governement thought they must protect capital market from falls.

But later market  rose and lic and Indian institutions made money.

Now my doubt is who is deciding to sell and to buy when.

Is there fundamentals that these market makers are using as their barometre.

Technicals when give only new bullish levels , once it cross some important levels

I saw many analysts and Industry captains giving some big levels even before breaking some important levels.

They never told to book profits partially or stop investing money at one stage.They kept giving dream targets which never came for the next 5 -6 years and investor got not only their profit but also part of their capital which they invested.

Techies never gave any importance to fundamentals. They kept giving new levels, Same way industry captains or market makers also gave big targets, never bothered to check fundamentals.

Later I came to know.,indias gdp growth, and other fundamentals play a big role in determine the valuation of Indian stock market.

Now I am giving below some of the details where investors should take care of their old investments to take out money from market to re invest some where in Fdr/post office, or any where where they can get easy liquidity.

As I said early, without any doubt our market double every 6 years, see this

Historically, the Indian market has given a compounded annual return (CAGR) of around 16 per cent on a long-term basis. Anybody who is saying that in five years the Sensex will go to 60,000 is only saying that in the next five, years the Sensex will generate a CAGR of around 19 per cent. Given the mandate that the Modi government has and the possibility of some epoch-making changes in the economy, it is entirely possible that the market gives a 19 per cent compounded return over the next five years instead of the 16 per cent it has been generating hitherto.

I don’t have chart for previous 6 years , but u can get it from google.

But as per me,

However, anecdotal data suggests that Indian markets tend to double from election to election. The Sensex doubled from 5,500 to 11,000 in 2009. And just before 2014 elections, it has hit a peak of 22,000.

Now as per me ,market is giving its discount on the basis of pe its getting by the sensex /nifty components.

As per me, for ur kind information, how fundamentals works, for big hinis and fiis………

I have seen whenever nifty fell to pe of 14.00 it has given good valuation to investment and whenever it -reached 26 to 30 it has given negative resuslts for the next 3 years..So we dont know when can market top out and start its downward joureny..but rising pe will be alarm bell.

just keep this in mind

Less than 14


























So 22-24 levels offers around 15% negative movement for next 3 years,

So 24-26 ...level it is entering to danger levels.

26-28.......Bomb ready to blast.........

As per current valuation:-its quoting at 23.90 spot value…8938

26 will be at 9720

28 willl be at 10472

30 will be at 11220

Now, the data suggest market can go up 10400-11220 also which is a time bomb levels.

But data says, any investment above 22 does not give positive return, if u r a long term investor with an eye for next 6 years.

Why cant u wait for corrections and invest your money at 14 pe.

Correcttions set in no one knows.

Even liquidity can take market up to 10200-600 levels also…all these are of ifs and buts.

Traders I don’t know…they use a good tool …stop loss.

But investors should be aware of this..

As an investor, I would be happy to take out my investment above 24-26 levels, in partial atleast and I would not put back my money in market.

Now its up to u to decide…to go with smart investors or fools.

Do u want to take out ur investment gradually or invest more money in markets to double to triple the money…..

Decision is yours……..

Atleast watch the essence of this thread till 31.12.2015

Till then …….





New Thread: Budget Highlights Modis Gift to Indian Voters

Shiv Prasad at 10:40 PM - Feb 28, 2015 ( )

High lights of tbe budget by arun jaitely who failed to win his seat during the election, but used back door entry to enter finance ministry

  • Black money: 6 months for voluntary disclosure?

    02:12 PM

  • Black money...every note must have Gandhijis photo, and any money thats not used to give bribes to income tax/sales tax, and other govt officers, politicians are black money.If u give same money for election/party fund..its white money.

  • Yoga included in the ambit of charitable purposes under the Income Tax Act.

    12:34 PM

  • Ram dev Baba through Yoga has made an empire worth ..........So nothing new.

  • Individual tax payer will benefit to the extent Rs 4,44,200 from the exemptions announced.

    Here who is individual tax payer? take out the cost of living.Its a big announcement, when corporate tax is reudced from 30% to 25% this is big ...announcement.

  • Govt to reduce custom duty on 22 items.

    12:21 PM

  • Ok.

  • Quoting PAN a must for all purchases above Rs 1 lakh.

    Bloody 1 litre milk is 56 rupees...he wants any item above 1 lac pan compulsory, if some one from village use his money to buy ornaments for his daughter he has to apply for pan number.A child whose education cost which is minimum 1 lac must have pan number.

  • Corporate tax reduced from 30% to 25% over next four years

    12:09 PM

  • Yes,Adanis, ambanis, biyanis need money for buying yachts and jets .......these poor fellows can not afford to pay old rate of 30%...very good thinking by finance ministry...Dividend tax not abolished ...but rate of tax reduced..good .

  • Are you satisfied with the Budget? Write in your reactions here

    12:06 PM

  • Yes, with such dream budget, bjp will be only a party in all states within 1 year..No other party can think so much of genral public.its a videshin budget by swadeshi party.British used it earlier...now swadeshi using it.

  • Defence allocation for this fiscal is Rs 2,46,727 crore.

    12:04 PM



Shiv Prasad at 08:18 AM - Feb 12, 2015 ( )

Swargeeya Guru Bhai,

I always respected u and stil i have high respect for you as a shrewd business man who made a large industry from zero .U not only made money for you but also for all small investors who trusted u by bonus and dividends. U brought many folks from even interior to stock market.

India grew............from one tv set for one village or a premier padmini car to one big shot to tv sets, internet and audi cars, forget maruti...in most of the houses..

India grew,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ur investors also grew with you..

But urs sons mukya and takya are only interested to outsmart each other by buying favourite gift for their wives.No interest in business.......Page 3 culture, appearing at every party, very bad friends are putting onus on us share holders.We lost every thing...........warring brothers have no interest in business..shares of tata birlast have hit the roof, bse sensex is at near 30000..many gaowalas had invested in your empire for sending out their daughters/marriage..now they are in trouble..just because they trusted you.

So more and more problems are coming........margins under pressure, financial trouble...all will hit them most.

So with due respect to you.........its high time I and my family members, exit/book losses( if any) from all stocks belong to your children on 14.02.2015, valentine day.

No emotion can feeed one.Its high time..

Sorry for detaching you.........but untill ur sons behave and take interest, in business...it wont be far all their stocks hitting at two digits without bonus and split.


A die hard fan and an investory

date: 12.02.2015

New Thread: Economi Calender/Commodity market News.2015

Shiv Prasad at 09:54 PM - Feb 10, 2015 ( )

This is what badly needed In Mudraa........Any one can put a news/particular days data, meetings that will effect commodity etc here.

Including crude and Ng inventory..

This will be useful for all. Especially news from China will always make an impact on basemetals, lead by Copper.So please put any news related to Commodity market here.

Tx in advance.

I need Ambarish to take care of this thread.

New Thread: STOCKS OF THE YEAR 2015.

Shiv Prasad at 09:43 PM - Jan 23, 2015 ( )


I have already made a investment thread......thats for my friends/followers/welll wishers..

Now..i am giving some views given by market men about some stocks

which can be the real stars of the year 2015

They are.

1) BHEL.......CMP 279........23.01.2015

2) AGRI TECH FOODS.........CMP 680

3) IDFC..( ALREADY HMS FAV, MY FAV)////////CMP  175


Dont go and buy now.

Operators/market makers say, when ever market falls on panic/correction/crash

buy these stocks especially Bhel and Agro tech foods.

They say Bhel will be the star of 2015

I did not check any fundamentals......all these companies are very good.

If u r interested invest for 1-3 year,,,

Buy when big fall comes..whenever without thinking about loss on paper

All the best

New Thread: CRUDE OIL TRADES.2015

Shiv Prasad at 11:29 PM - Jan 20, 2015 ( )

Trade with discipline.

Never wait for exact target...Keep booking profits.............in partial so that it will take care of your stop losses.

When I say Use Strict Stop losses.......Means from that sl level market can take u turn also...So strictly use my Sl.

Always give 2 points difference to my stop losses..........when i do not say use Strict Stop losses.

Never trade without stop losses..........in crude..even if every thing looks set to hit your target.'Crude can be rude...so sl is must

happy trading days ahead.


Shiv Prasad at 09:11 PM - Jan 20, 2015 ( )

Just for updation of trades as per my nifty bear thread.......'

Only i will be allowed to post in this thread by admin.Tongue out

We think some one will hijack this thread...

New Thread: NIfty Bear.2015From.19.01.2015

Shiv Prasad at 10:59 PM - Jan 17, 2015 ( )

There is an old saying goes.

Bull makes money

Bear makes money..

its only pigs which gets slaughtered.

As a trader i play both bulls and bears what i feel without thinking the result.But Definitely with a clear stop loss to protect my capital to  enter new trades.

Many feel when they are playing bulls bears are fools and only losing money.

Many feel when they are playing bears......bulls are fools ,,,,,,,,,

Now market is bullish on the back of A stable govt, money inflows, New allocation to India, Rbi cut, after all 1lac crore new investment by public in mutual fund.Indian public , with greed or intelligence are putting money now at this stage in domestic mutual funds.

NOw i am trying to make one understand even from this bull market bear can make money more than what bull is making.But for that matter bears need patience and margin.

I will give details later........

till then enjoy ur trades

From: shiv Prasad at 09:15 PM - Jan 20, 2015( )


Updation of score card here.

From: shiv Prasad at 05:47 PM - Mar 01, 2015( )

Nifty PE ratio measures the average PE ratio of the Nifty 50 companies covered by the Nifty Index. PE ratio is also known as "price multiple" or "earnings multiple". If P/E is 15, it means Nifty is 15 times its earnings. Nifty is considered to be in oversold range when Nifty PE value is below 14 and it's considered to be in overvalued range when Nifty PE is near or above 22. The market quickly bounces back from the oversold region because intelligent investors start buying stocks looking to snatch up bargains and they do the exact opposite when Nifty P/E is in the overbought region.

Check out what Professor Bakshi (a famous Indian value investor ) has to say about Nifty P/E. Recent research done by my firm shows just how dangerous it is to remain invested in an expensive market. Since NSE started, every time when Nifty's Price/Earnings ratio exceeded 22, the average return from Indian equities over the subsequent three years became negative.

New Thread: Nifty-Futures Market Views 17.01.2015--

Shiv Prasad at 10:13 PM - Jan 17, 2015 ( )

This thread is for my friends/followers/well wishers who are playing in Nifty and its components.

I would say, small players should avoid future and option market, and change to investment segment with whatever capital they have.

Futures and option market is risky.

I will give my views as per my understanding.........

Wish u all .............all the best.

From: shiv Prasad at 11:07 PM - Jan 17, 2015( )

Make Him Ur Guru.....

Jesse Livermore, Wise Trader from History


From: shiv Prasad at 05:45 PM - Mar 01, 2015( )

Nifty PE ratio measures the average PE ratio of the Nifty 50 companies covered by the Nifty Index. PE ratio is also known as "price multiple" or "earnings multiple". If P/E is 15, it means Nifty is 15 times its earnings. Nifty is considered to be in oversold range when Nifty PE value is below 14 and it's considered to be in overvalued range when Nifty PE is near or above 22. The market quickly bounces back from the oversold region because intelligent investors start buying stocks looking to snatch up bargains and they do the exact opposite when Nifty P/E is in the overbought region.

Check out what Professor Bakshi (a famous Indian value investor ) has to say about Nifty P/E. Recent research done by my firm shows just how dangerous it is to remain invested in an expensive market. Since NSE started, every time when Nifty's Price/Earnings ratio exceeded 22, the average return from Indian equities over the subsequent three years became negative.

New Thread: who are small traders waant to trade in crude mini?

Shiv Prasad at 11:48 PM - Jan 06, 2015 ( )

I know u were not able to trade in crude due to its volatality and nature........of big movments

Now there is a chance for you to enjoy trading this darling of all commodities.

Personaly i dont advise small players to enter crude and ng....( i dont ask even seasoned players to trade in ng..lol)

Small lots are a blessing for small traders.......

U can use big stop losses..and book ur profits small every day.

Who are intersted to enter this area.........tell me...........

Those who are familiar with only base metals please continue...this will disturb ur base metals trade.

just for idea........put ur presence here...then we will think of finding some suitable trade....

From: shiv Prasad at 01:54 PM - Mar 09, 2019( )

we see lot of stop losses hitting in crude and again it coming back to higher or lower levels which we bought or sold and later lost money due to stop losses triggered. Rather than trading with stop losses from 15 points to 35-40 points...why cant we trade in crude mini 5 lots (half of one Mega) and wait for minimum 20 points , every day thats 1000 rupess...with a big stop loss like 100 or 200 points...which may not hit in intrady trades and ur chances of losing money is very less where as small stop losses hit within minutes.

If u are a good observer, crude hardly make movement of 100-200 points unless there is some big news/opec/Us market etc. Inventory hardly make any big movements, as every thing will be settled in one or 2 days.

Crude played 3600-4200 for quite some time and in a trding range..

So how to trade...wait

From: shiv Prasad at 02:09 PM - Mar 09, 2019( )

Trade is clear.

If crude gives buy or sell as per my levels i will put it here..

Buy or sell as per the levels.Dont use any sl..

Consider your stop loss 150 points .ie.7500  rupees.

when u get 21 points exit and close the trade or carry as you like

Interested? we can do paper trade for next 5 trading sessions..then if comfortable we can go for it. Interested guys?


Stop loss--7500

Chances of hitting stop losses are very less...If only some news come against our trade from OPEC/Egypt etc can only trigger sl..

We do every day.....can we?


Shiv Prasad at 10:28 PM - Jan 01, 2015 ( )

R u a trader who is keen on Future and Options market?

R u confused with daily up and down movements for some good positional trades

Market says....watch bse sensex and trad on nifty,,,,,

Bse sensex or sensitive index is the real barometre for the sentiment of the market...........and components make it easier to identify a trend using bse sensex.


If u watch weekly closing

If u watch....monthly closing

If u watch..........yearly closing

Any stock/Bse sensex.......Below the weekly close can be loser next week with stop loss being the weekly closing above.

Any stock /bse sensex can be the winner...if it happpens to close above previous weekly close...........stop loss for buys below previous week closing......

Any stock /bse sensex can be the loser...if it fails to close below the monthly..........close.

Same way vice versa...

Any stock/bse sensex can change it direction when it fails to close above its previous yearly close..and can fall or rise below or above its yearly closing..

r u confused...today is 1st Jan 2015

take out the Yearly closing of your favourite stocks/bse sensex and keep  a track of it...if sensex of stock close below its yearly closing..then consider it starts its journey towards opposite direction.

Do some home work...start making it........

From: shiv Prasad at 10:37 PM - Jan 01, 2015( )

BSe sensex closing as on 31.12.2014..........27499.42

UNtill its above this level.......on  Weekly, monthly and yearly basis ........Bull market is here to stay.Once it break below this level..we should be careful.........to take opposite position...........its quite sure some whipsaws possible..but may be we will get some good trend identification..

Do watch these levels.............then decide.

From: shiv Prasad at 08:31 AM - Jan 02, 2015( )



Close on DEC. 31, 2014 
Axis Bank 502.05
Bajaj Auto 2438.45
Bharti Airtel 352.85
BHEL 265.2
Cipla 625.8
Coal India 383.75
Dr. Reddys Lab 3244.95
GAIL India 444.95
HDFC 1135
HDFC Bank 952
Hero MotoCorp 3103.4
Hindalco 157.7
Hindustan Unilever 759.5
ICICI Bank 353
Infosys 1971.2
ITC 368.4
Larsen & Toubro 1496.5
Mahindra & Mahindra 1234.5
Maruti Suzuki 3328.3
NTPC 144.1
ONGC 341.2
Reliance Industries 891.15
SBI 311.85
Sesa Sterlite 214.1
Sun Pharma Inds. 826.15
Tata Motors 496.1
Tata Steel 399.35
TCS 2554.7
Wipro 553.8

Tx To My Dear G.K.Saaaaaaaaaaaaaar .

Now lets watch does it work or not..Every one take one scrip so that it will be easy to monitor.....I will take ONgc.LEts see how it behaves and how much whipsaws possible.

Its clear when ever ongc close below 341.20.......i will consider it as a short candidate and short in paper trade.......Use 5 points as sl...........in paper trade.

If it keep on falling below 341.20 and trade there we will remain short untill it closes above 341.20

Definitely, profit booking and other risk reducing strategy should be made.otherwise it will close below 341.20 u short it keeps coming down and one day it closes above it..we cover..where is our profit.All these answers will be given by Paper trades.

New Thread: Daily Commodity Atp ( Vikas Vats)

Shiv Prasad at 09:04 AM - Dec 23, 2014 ( )

Vikas Vats will be updating every day Atp........which will come handy for u all while trading in commodity.

Tx Vikas.

New Thread: Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 08:42 AM - Dec 05, 2014 ( )

As per request i have made this thread for only Base metals.

Crude and other items will be updated on other old thread ........

Funda is simple........sheet is given to every one...trade according to it.

I.e.if buys break out  happens.first see if it can clear the first target..........

i..e.if copper gave a buy above 403.60 in our sheet and now its trading at 403.70..........next target being 404.90.........u buy and hold it as per sl given.

But while going up it failed to break first target.......means its false break out...u have to exit there and short with a sl above first target or second target.As per me, it fails to move above first target means ...it is going to fall...if it breaks first target then u can expect it to rise again

Watch atp.....in commodity items atp plays a major role..it keeps on testing atp between the movements.

Try to buy near atp.............on a break out.........so that ur stop loss is minimum.

i.e.if it gave a buy above 403.60 and now trading at 404.70 with atp at 402.90......there are 2 chances it may keep on moving up or come back to test atp.

if its break out...at 403.60 ,,,,,,safe players should wait for buy near atp instead of buying at 404.70 so ur sl is small.

While big traders can use break out levels also to buy otherwise u may lose a chance to ride the rally.U can afford...but not small investors.

Profit area..Dont look at target..make ur mind for profit and get out for next trades if it is necessary.

Happy profit making trades ahead.

All the best.

From: shiv Prasad at 10:41 PM - Jan 14, 2015( )


Please do not use the same sl in crude or any other items which i mention.

Always use stop loss above what i have given in all items.Please give 2 point difference more than my sl.

Ie.if i give a call saying short crude at 4525 with sl of 4528 always use sl above 4528..only or 2 points + 4528=4530

Also for other items always use sl above my levels ...not the same even if i mention it.


Shiv Prasad at 09:48 PM - Nov 25, 2014 ( )

Are we facing some problems..or a new look given to mudraa.

i am finding some problem and it does not look beautiful as it was early........what s it? new look or some setting problem?

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