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HSBC Global Investment Fund Mauritius bought 44,78,883 shares of Star Cement at Rs 110 on the NSE on October 26, 2017


From : Arjun Chennam at 04:03 PM - Oct 26, 2017 ( )

Star Cement Ltd, a subsidiary of Kolkata-based Century Plyboards (India) Ltd, is looking to invest ₹1,000 crore for greenfield and brownfield expansion of its cement grinding and clinker manufacturing plant.

According to Sajjan Bhajanka, Chairman, Star Cement, the company plans to set up 1.5-2 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) cement grinding unit at Siliguri in West Bengal. Plans are also afoot to double its clinker manufacturing capacity at Lumshnong in Meghalaya to five million tonnes per annum in the next three years.

While its greenfield cement grinding unit will entail an investment of ₹200-300 crore; the estimated investment on the brownfield project will be close to ₹700 crore. The investment will be funded partly by internal accruals and partly by debt.

“Our annual general meeting is on September 11 in Meghalaya; the board will deliberate on the issue of both greenfield and brownfield expansion,” Bhajanka told BusinessLine.

Clearance for cement unit

The company has a 40-acre land at Siliguri and has also received environmental clearance for setting up a cement grinding unit.

“There were some minor issues with land but that is likely to get resolved soon. Once we get the board approval, we will commence work on the project,” Bhajanka said.

Star Cement has a capacity to grind 4 mtpa of cement from its own grinding units at Meghalaya and Assam. However, the capacity utilisation for cement, which varies from season to season, is roughly around 70 per cent.

The company produces 2.7-2.8 mtpa of cement from its own units and three hired grinding units at Bankura, Siliguri and Durgapur in West Bengal put together.

Talking about the need to add capacity, Bhajanka said, the cement industry is expected to perform better this year due to improved demand on the back of a rise in the number of infrastructure projects and enhanced capacity utilisation.

The ‘Housing for All by 2022’ scheme will drive real estate construction across the country, which will help the company strengthen its offtake in its key focus markets in Eastern India — West Bengal and Bihar.

The company expects its cement production to increase to 3 mtpa this year on the back of a good demand.

For the quarter ended June 30, 2017, the company posted a net profit of ₹109 crore on a consolidated basis, as compared with ₹37 crore during same period last year. Net revenues grew by 10 per cent to ₹ 451 crore.

“The profits in the April-June 2017 quarter was better because of higher prices, better capacity utilisation and lower costs,” he said.

The company’s clinker manufacturing unit at Lumshnong in Meghalaya produces about 2.5 mtpa of clinker. The clinker plant, at times, is unable to meet the company’s total cement production capacity.

“Our clinker capacity is not enough, sometimes when the cement demand is good then we have to buy clinker from outside. The capacity addition will help meet our demand,” he said.

Star Cement has adequate limestone reserves in Meghalaya which could take care of its clinker capacity expansion plans. “Since we have our limestone reserves in Meghalaya, our clinker plant has to come up there,” he said.


From : Arjun Chennam at 12:38 PM - Oct 26, 2017 ( )

Gm Dear Investors, Yesterday "The Cabinet Approved India`s Biggest Highway Construction Project Plan Under the Bhartmala Scheme, with Special Focus on Development of the Entire North-Eastern/East Corridor, and Star Cement the Biggest Player in the "Core NE Region Should become Strong Beneficiary With Strong Potential for Being a Robust Reward Generator in 2018-19, with BJS Perspectives as Under" : Company has Strong 4.40 MT Cement Capacity : 2.60 MT Clinker Capacity : And 51 MW Power Capacity : As Said Above its the "Largest Manufactuer of Cement in the NE Region, with FOCUS to Spread its Presence in 11 States in the Entire Eastern/NE Regions. ::::: Company has a Very low Debt-Equity Ratio of 0.32, With LT Debt Pegged at 428 Cr for June Qtr and SHOWING LOWER TRENDS. :::::::::: Promoter Stake is Robust at 74.60%, and 7 Entites Hold Around 17% Stake, and coming days may see Float Getting Absorbed, with Equity Base at 42 Cr FV1/-. :::::::: Company enjoys Very good Benefits being in the NE Regions and Enjoys logistical advantages for Coal/Lime ::::::::::Company has clocked 110 Cr Net Profits for June qtr, and For 2017-18, Profits Could Move towards 280-300 Cr Conservatively, which could give EPS Estimates of 7-8, and there is good Scope for these Targets being broken, as well which can see Robust Re-rating in 2018. :::::::::: Company has to Receive large Subsidy Amounts from govt as well, by which Debt is Expected to be Brought down Further.:::::: Investors will "Welcome and Probably be Surprised to Know that the Group/Chairman Mr Sajjan Bhajanka is Also Chairman of Century Plyboards which has been one of the top wealth Creators in the Past Years.::::: Thus Fundamentals are Strong, and NOW FOR THE TECHNICAL SETUPS : Star Cement Closed at 108.65 and in Kissing distance of ST Resistances in the 109.30 Zones, and Breaches/CLOSES ABOVE 109.50 Will see Sharp Surge towards 111.95/113.30/115.70 and Test its Next Resistances in the 117.70 Zones, and Ability to Get Past these zones will see Swift Moves towards the 121.40 TO 121.60 where its Crucial Longer Term Resistances Exist. The Scrip has Underperformed in the Past Years due to varied resons and 2018 should be good Periods wherein the company should come into its own and Investors See Good Percentage Rewards. Accumulation at Current zones/ ANY DECLINES TOWARDS 100 Zones Should Prove Rewarding for Investors, As "Star Cement is Poised to Star N Shine Going ahead". Wishes N Cheer


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