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New Thread: BNO

Anand Tn at 10:22 AM - Jul 17, 2019 ( )

Long in BNO 30700 CE from 225 with a SL at 151....

Reply for: Nifty 11000 CE

Anand Tn at 09:32 AM - Feb 11, 2019 ( )


Reply for: Nifty 2019

Anand Tn at 11:30 AM - Feb 08, 2019 ( )

At bought position..... adding again....

Reply for: Nifty 11000 CE

Anand Tn at 11:27 AM - Feb 08, 2019 ( )

Kohi hai darr gaya with this position......and already ran away?!!winkwink

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Anand Tn at 09:31 AM - Feb 07, 2019 ( )

At 11110, I will book half long NF and hold rest...

Reply for: Nifty 2019

Anand Tn at 01:49 PM - Feb 06, 2019 ( )

New Thread: Nifty 11000 CE

Anand Tn at 09:42 AM - Feb 06, 2019 ( )

Bought 11KCE at 160...

Reply for: Nifty 2019

Anand Tn at 09:37 AM - Feb 06, 2019 ( )

Long in Nifty Futures from 11030-40...

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Anand Tn at 01:15 PM - Feb 04, 2019 ( )

Closed 2nd lot NF sold position at 10860

Reply for: Nifty 2019

Anand Tn at 09:40 AM - Feb 04, 2019 ( )

Bank Nifty looks weak....

Reply for: Nifty 2019

Anand Tn at 02:34 PM - Feb 01, 2019 ( )

Book half sold NF at 10840...

Reply for: Nifty 2019

Anand Tn at 10:06 AM - Feb 01, 2019 ( )

Sold NF 2 lots at 10915....innocent

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Anand Tn at 02:34 PM - Jan 04, 2019 ( )

If NS sustains above 10740.... I will close rest half... today or Monday

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Anand Tn at 02:28 PM - Jan 04, 2019 ( )

Covered half at 10725....holding rest


Reply for: Nifty 2019

Anand Tn at 01:44 PM - Jan 03, 2019 ( )

Fearing people's first stop 100 points profit... book... Risk takers hold on....

Reply for: Nifty 2019

Anand Tn at 10:12 AM - Jan 03, 2019 ( )

If NS sustains 10833 and above(for at least 15min) today I will close my short call....

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Anand Tn at 01:02 PM - Jan 02, 2019 ( )

SOLD 2 lots NF at 10832

New Thread: Nifty 2019

Anand Tn at 04:41 PM - Jan 01, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Nifty Futures Nov Series

Anand Tn at 02:06 PM - Nov 06, 2018 ( )

So, levels are always levels.....!!

Reply for: Nifty Futures Nov Series

Anand Tn at 09:50 AM - Nov 06, 2018 ( )

BNF in short according to my levels...

Reply for: Nifty Futures Nov Series

Anand Tn at 09:48 AM - Nov 06, 2018 ( )

Intradayers,Sell NF when NS starts trading below 10565 (atleast 1 min) for 10541-517.Initial SL is 10589 and once first target achieved trail your SL to sell price and there on to previous levels...

Reply for: Nifty Futures Nov Series

Anand Tn at 09:33 AM - Nov 06, 2018 ( )

Seems to be a tricky day....do not wait at profit levels....

Anand Tn at 09:27 AM - Nov 06, 2018 ( )

Intradayers, Buy NF when NS starts trading above 10589 (at least 1 min) for 10613-637-661. Initial SL is 10565 and once first target achieved trail your SL to bought price and there on to previous levels...

New Thread: Nifty Futures Nov Series

Anand Tn at 09:01 AM - Oct 26, 2018 ( )

I will update Nov Series trading here....

New Thread: Nifty Futures - Oct Series

Anand Tn at 02:31 PM - Sep 27, 2018 ( )

Sold 2 lots Oct 11000 PE at 180

New Thread: Nifty Futures - Sept Series

Anand Tn at 09:35 AM - Sep 18, 2018 ( )

This is a new thread on Nifty as the old thread was too long - Nifty Futures Trading

There will be new thread on every month so, that it is easy to access...

New Thread: Stocks View

Anand Tn at 10:21 AM - Aug 10, 2018 ( )

On Bearish trend Ashok Leyland is at its resistance. Look for shorting this equity is around 129...

New Thread: Nifty Futures Trading

Anand Tn at 09:31 AM - Aug 01, 2018 ( )

No sign of weakness in index yet, early to think of taking shorts in Nifty. Watch 11463 level...

From: Anand TN at 09:33 AM - Aug 01, 2018( )

Bank Nifty crossing and STAYING above 27870 will give again more high to NIFTY....
From: Anand TN at 09:37 AM - Aug 01, 2018( )

Bank Nifty going and STAYING BELOW 27650, one can expect a correction in NIFTY where one can plan for going long at support...
From: Anand TN at 11:30 AM - Aug 01, 2018( )

Bank Nifty in trouble for LONGS.... shorters can short only nearby CEs...
From: Anand TN at 11:35 AM - Aug 01, 2018( )

Hedge your NIFTY longs by selling 11400 CE around 121
From: Anand TN at 02:07 PM - Aug 01, 2018( )

Bank Nifty - Watch the level 27820, if it stays above it today or tomorrow.... rally can continue. Levels discussed here are all Index only not Futures....

From: Anand TN at 03:13 PM - Aug 01, 2018( )

Bank Nifty - into a correction mode. Can face resistance at 27745-50. Booking LONGS and buying again at support is GOOD in this.

Nifty - Not showing weakness as of now, is down because of Policy news and Bank Nifty. But can face resistance at 11365-390. Breaking 11310 better to exit longs and continue shorted CEs. Trading above 11390 continue longs along with sold CEs.

From: Anand TN at 08:34 AM - Aug 02, 2018( )

Nifty may face resistance around 11365-90. Staying above 11390 only it can go higher. Below 11310 it may find support at 11265 breaching that and staying below can give a pause to the ongoing rally...

From: Anand TN at 09:45 AM - Aug 02, 2018( )

Nifty is at its near term support 11265, if it holds expect a bounce, but hold on to sold CE options. Hope no longs been carried till now...

From: Anand TN at 01:55 PM - Aug 02, 2018( )

Close Shorted CEs94-95... No Nifty Positions
From: Anand TN at 01:57 PM - Aug 02, 2018( )

BNF holding 27430 there can be bounce up 100-180 points...
From: Anand TN at 02:32 PM - Aug 02, 2018( )

There will be a PAUSE to ongoing rally in NIFTY, so sold 1 lot NF at 11290 and expect a bounce to add 2nd lot short later....

From: Anand TN at 09:28 AM - Aug 03, 2018( )

Gap up start for the day...
From: Anand TN at 09:32 AM - Aug 03, 2018( )

Sold 2 lots 11300 PE at 120
From: Anand TN at 02:33 PM - Aug 03, 2018( )

Closed sold NF at 11386 and held shorted PUTs

From: Anand TN at 02:45 PM - Aug 03, 2018( )

Booked profit in sold PE 95

From: Anand TN at 02:48 PM - Aug 03, 2018( )

No positions now - 46 points loss in the trade...

From: Anand TN at 03:16 PM - Aug 03, 2018( )

Unless Spot Nifty stays above 11390, I don't go long. At this moment it looks great to buy but handling Monday morning opening is tough ...so ...let me wait

From: Anand TN at 09:19 AM - Aug 06, 2018( )

Bought 1 lot NF at 11436
From: Anand TN at 09:48 AM - Aug 06, 2018( )

At this moment 11400 CE writers are well more than the DOUBLE of PE writers. Till evening aggressive 11400 PE must be written to NIFTY to go high further. So, moving to support is of more chances. I will sell 2 lots 11400 CE if required...
From: Anand TN at 02:46 PM - Aug 06, 2018( )

Sold 2 lots 11400 CE at 127

From: Anand TN at 02:55 PM - Aug 06, 2018( )

The only positive thing today is Bank Nifty looks strong and both made new high. Since 11400 PE writing is very nominal a FALL is imminent. Let us see at which place it may take support....

From: Anand TN at 10:35 AM - Aug 07, 2018( )

If Bank Nifty(not BNF) staying below 27836 in today's session will hint at lower support levels to NIFTY...
From: Anand TN at 01:11 PM - Aug 07, 2018( )

BNF don't want to stay below 27836 and recoverd 100+ points from low... No significant writing of 11400/500PE in Nifty till now. So, Nifty may struggle at its higher levels again...

From: Anand TN at 09:27 AM - Aug 08, 2018( )

Bit of uncomfortness with Nifty.... No positions now... 

From: Anand TN at 09:32 AM - Aug 08, 2018( )

BNF show weakness if it STAYS below 27830... As of now NIfty direction is bit confusing.... so staying away

From: Anand TN at 10:35 AM - Aug 08, 2018( )

BAnk Nifty may rise if it sutains day's low. ...

From: Anand TN at 10:45 AM - Aug 08, 2018( )

Bought 2 lots NF at 11435

From: Anand TN at 11:10 AM - Aug 08, 2018( )

Today at this time no 11500 CE writing seen, even 11400 CE reduced and may drop also further. Looks like Nifty to march towards 11450-480.....Staying above 11427 is good for long NIFTY...

From: Anand TN at 01:38 PM - Aug 08, 2018( )

People have wriiten aggressively 4.40 lakh 11500 PE intraday where there is no 11500 CE written. Higher side of Nifty expected....

From: Anand TN at 02:20 PM - Aug 08, 2018( )

Will close my LONGS at cost if hit....

From: Anand TN at 03:23 PM - Aug 08, 2018( )

Humm!! Position saved for the day as it has not hit my buy level... Carrying 2 lots NF long from 11435...

From: Anand TN at 09:17 AM - Aug 09, 2018( )

Booked 1 lot at 11486 and held 2nd lot long....

From: Anand TN at 09:43 AM - Aug 09, 2018( )

11400 PE equalized with CE at 26 lacs each at this time. So, some 11500 PE more written intraday but should be careful with Nifty. So, I booked 1 lot for 51 points profit and holding 2nd lot long NF...

From: Anand TN at 11:02 AM - Aug 09, 2018( )

Bulls will not have it easy to cross 11500 as the bears control this strike.There is an high probability that Bears may encourage Nifty to cross 11500 to sell Calls at higher prices before driving the Nifty to under 11500. This could happen in the next few trading sessions. Let us wait....

From: Anand TN at 03:34 PM - Aug 09, 2018( )

Comparitively Bank Nifty is much stronger than Nifty....

From: Anand TN at 09:31 AM - Aug 10, 2018( )

Sold 2 lots 11500 CE at 92....

From: Anand TN at 03:16 PM - Aug 10, 2018( )

Bears hold their 11500 position tightly. Today from morning nobody dare to write 11500 PE. Instead some CE written so market slowly moving towards 11385-360. Inconspicious writing of 11400 PE seen which may not sustain intraday.... Situation is am NOT BULLISH today!!

From: Anand TN at 09:56 PM - Aug 10, 2018( )

2 days - Mon & Tuesday am away - So, few words....

The lack of action by the Bulls indicate that they are now on the bench watching the Bears take the market down. For Monday, an open below 11430 will be bearish continuation and will provide a sell signal for contrarian players. The trend followers will simply wait for the retrace to complete and enter closer to the support levels.

Bye, bye...

From: Anand TN at 01:44 PM - Aug 13, 2018( )

Closed NF long at 11424 along with sold CE at 71...

From: Anand TN at 01:47 PM - Aug 13, 2018( )

Sold 1 lot NF at 11423...

From: Anand TN at 01:56 PM - Aug 13, 2018( )

Sold another lot at 11415 making avg sell at 11419.... PE buyers can buy 11400 or 11200 PE...

From: Anand TN at 10:15 AM - Aug 16, 2018( )

Closed 1 lot NF short at 11440 and sold 2 lots 11400 PE at 89.... Direction - am NEUTRAL

From: Anand TN at 03:24 PM - Aug 16, 2018( )

Since mkt is holding day,"s low we cannot go with bears. Negative bias continued and better wait ...

From: Anand TN at 09:24 AM - Aug 17, 2018( )

Booked sold PEs for 78....
From: Anand TN at 09:53 AM - Aug 17, 2018( )

Nifty Spot staying above 11452 good for BULLS. Bank Nifty looks weak till now....
From: Anand TN at 10:00 AM - Aug 17, 2018( )

Closed short NF at 11470 and bought 1 lot long at same 11470....
From: Anand TN at 10:11 AM - Aug 17, 2018( )

At this time 11400 PE(7.10 lacs) written, more interesting is 11500 PE(3.22 lacs) and 11450 PE also written. No sign of call writing.Bank Nifty STAYING above 28050 is required for Nifty to shoot higher.
From: Anand TN at 10:35 AM - Aug 17, 2018( )

Added 2nd lot LONG for NF at 11478 making 2 lots LONG at 11474....

From: Anand TN at 02:47 PM - Aug 17, 2018( )

Some of us dreaming 11600 and contrarians 11200 in this series itself. But market move on its own.... we just try to adjust to market. We are not here to hit jackpot always but to minimize losses when market goes against us. I was wrong in selling NF earlier and made up losses by hedging, otherwise it would have loss.

Coming to reality like what is happening in market - 11500 is the place where BEARS held TIGHTLY till today in the series. Today BULLS are making an attempt to superscede this place. Its only an attempt. So, be cautious with LONGS is required until unless final signal comes out, which is yet to confirm.

Booked 1 lot NF at 11505 for 31 points profit and held 2nd lot LONG....

From: Anand TN at 09:18 AM - Aug 20, 2018( )

Market at new time high... one can initiate LONGs in Bank Nifty....
From: Anand TN at 09:40 AM - Aug 20, 2018( )

With 1 lot long NF from 11474, sold 2 lots 11500 PE at 66...
From: Anand TN at 02:36 PM - Aug 20, 2018( )

11500 PE surpassed CE by marginally about 2.50 lacs today. 18+ lacs 11500 PE written today to make it to surpass CE. At the same time CE dropped is negligible. So, nifty may take some time to move up further or will move ferociously if 11500 CE written dropped in coming days. Bank Nifty except opening looks weak in intra day. Positions of NF and sold PE are in profits and looking for further upside in coming days....
From: Anand TN at 09:32 AM - Aug 21, 2018( )

Bank Nifty may go down.... Sold 10500 PE booked at 53 and holding NF long 1 lot...
From: Anand TN at 09:44 AM - Aug 21, 2018( )

Current LONG trade 31 points profit in NF and 26 points profit in sold PE. Holding 2nd lot NF long...
From: Anand TN at 03:15 PM - Aug 23, 2018( )

Unless nifty stays below 11545, it will not go down, so selling CE is not warranted. Since BNF is weak Nifty is struggling. If Spot Nifty goes below 11545, I will book 2nd lot long

From: Anand TN at 11:46 AM - Aug 24, 2018( )

Sold 2 lots 11600 CE at 46 along with 1 lot NF long from 11478...

From: Anand TN at 09:06 AM - Aug 27, 2018( )

As long as Nifty Spot holding 11545-32, no fear for BULLS. If Bank Nifty is taking support around 27745 then market may continue with BULLISH trend. Watch Bank Nifty closing below 27745 on daily basis which indicates long term weakness. Nifty crossing lifetime high again is an indication of renewed BULLISHNESS....

From: Anand TN at 10:10 AM - Aug 27, 2018( )

People in just a span of an hour written 11600 PE of more than 15 lacs to make it to surpass 11600 CE by small margin. Any Nifty seller will become bankrupt. Anyhow Bank Nifty is facing resistance around 28165, which only hampers bull run in Nifty. So, nifty move can be sideways for some time if Bank Nifty cannot trade above 28200...

Am not going to do anything with my positions. NF is approaching 200 points profit while sold CE is making 68 points loss at this moment.  

From: Anand TN at 02:42 PM - Aug 27, 2018( )

So, 11700 conquered though 11700 CE is highest call written as of the day...

From: Anand TN at 09:26 AM - Aug 28, 2018( )

Non stop rally... No idea where it is heading... Going strong and strong....

From: Anand TN at 01:15 PM - Aug 29, 2018( )

Call writers are aggressive in intraday..... so much of sideways in Nifty till now...

From: Anand TN at 03:22 PM - Aug 29, 2018( )

At last some depression seen, Nifty may take support around 11630-590, do not forget it is not BEARISH, there is enough bullish hangover....

From: Anand TN at 03:23 PM - Aug 30, 2018( )

In poor signal areA. One can end up in profits with my call. Happy ending of the series. Will plan tomorrow for next series. 

Thank you all, bye....

From: Anand TN at 10:28 PM - Aug 30, 2018( )

Few things... before going into Sept Nifty Future Series....

1)Here on what I trade will be posted below and not here. I will only post what I trade. It is up to you how you are going to use it. So, no diclaimer etc.

2)If at all someody want to trade this style, you must have optimum fund to sell options as and when required. Nifty Futures(NF) will be traded in multiples of 2 lots. Say you must enter 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 or 10 like lots. At some point  I book 1 lot or say book half of what I entered. Then on option selling may start. 

3)It is always looked into like whenever we have 2 lots NF in trade, we don't go for selling options. So have a plan on fund requirement. If at some point if option selling is not done then trade may end up in loss.

4)Option buying is not an alternative to option selling.

5)I don't trade Bank Nifty but will take it as reference to trade Nifty.

6)Trading involves risk of losing capital. But I believe in managing the trade. I had busted my trading capital couple of times and learnt a simple way of trading nifty. I look for at least 300 points profit in a month from this trade.

Happy Trading....



New Thread: VIX

Anand Tn at 11:34 AM - Jan 08, 2018 ( )

Intraday, VIX shot up above 4.25% is NOT a good sign for Index LONGS - Better exit LONGs around 10630-635 and wait for an opportunity....

New Thread: Very Interesting Real Story

Anand Tn at 07:27 AM - Dec 27, 2017 ( )

This post is from my Facebook friend...

Very interesting real story regarding stock market..... Long term investment..... Must read this honest confession of a value Investor for LONG TERM :

" I retired from my 35 years Services in 2006 and received Rs. 60 Lakhs from my Company towards consolidated Retirement benefits.

That was the time when I came in contact with a Leading Share broker and Investment Advisor .

Influenced by his LONG TERM VALUE INVESTING THEORY IN GREAT STOCKS OF EQUITY MARKETS ,then sit tight , forget the investments for a few years - to SEE THE REAL GROWTH , I made a " S.I.P. type " buying in the Shares of following BLUE CHIP

Companies, investing Rs.10 Lakhs in EACH Stock as and when recommended..(total savings INVESTED Rs.80 Lakhs).

1. Year 2007 : RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS @ Rs.730.00 a share.

"Reason "given: Largest investor/ fastest growing in the Telecom Sector.

2. Year 2008 : VIDEOCON @ Rs. 755.00 a Share.

"Reason": Largest Player in Electronics with their TV and other Products finding a place in most of The Indian Homes and tremendous Growth Potential of Consumer Goods.

3. Year 2009: JP ASSOCIATES @ Rs. 260 a Share.

"Reason": fastest growing Company in Cement, Power and Infrastructure - all key growth drivers in India.Also the Chairman Mr.Jp Gaur getting the Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by ET and E & Y.

4. Year 2010-11: JINDAL STEEL & POWER

@ Rs. 3200/= a Share.

The Investment firm said the NAME of MR.NAVIN JINDAL, MP, as the sole reason for this most profitable Steel giant to maintain FUTURE VALUE CREATION.

As I was not getting the desired results, I changed my INVESTMENT ADVISOR in 2012 and on his Recommendations , further invested for LONG TERM in the following Shares (in S.l.P. style to prevent any risk) with assurance of Earlier LOSSES being covered adequately by New buying.

5. Year 2011-12: UNITECH LTD. @ 105 .00

REASON: not only one of the biggest builder, but
Leading Investment Firms rated this Company as the FASTEST / LARGEST WEALTH CREATOR.

6. Year 2013: Dr.REDDY

@ Rs. 3380.00

Reason : In PHARMA name required no reason

7. Year 2014 -15 :

i) LUPIN @ 1700/- and
ii)SUN PHARMA @ Rs.1175/-

Reason: LUPIN being the qfastest growing PHARMA Company in developed Countries like USA and JAPAN while SUN PHARMA needed no introduction.

The CEO of Sun Pharma Mr.D.Sanghwi was reported as occupying the position of "RICHEST INDIAN" by replacing Mr.Mukesh Ambani to 2nd Position.

Today , the value a Share of these TOP and ONCE MOST RESPECTED Companies is :

R.com @ Rs. 22/-,

Videocon @ Rs. 19/-

Jp Associates @ Rs. 22/-

Jindal @ Rs. 125/-

Unitech @ Rs. 7/-

Dr.Reddy's @ Rs.1900/-

Lupin@ Rs. 950/- and

Sun Pharma @Rs.460/- ."

While I helped this Person by servicing some of his Old LIC Policies ( negligeble amount) , THIS story of LONG TERM INVESTING(10 years) only shows that " Share Markets are full of RISK,

No Company is SAFE and Losses can eat ANY RECOMMENDATION."

THE GENTLEMAN, today 70 years of age, also warned that " it was his GREED combined with his Broker's ADVICE only, that restricted him selling shares at some reasonable rates in ANTICIPATION of Future upward corrections."

In conclusion one can only say the GURU MANTRA " don't keep all the Eggs in one Basket"

New Thread: How to trade triangle pattern in Nifty?

Anand Tn at 02:22 PM - Dec 26, 2017 ( )

While we are on moving with our trade we only notice formation of triangle pattern only after it formed. Faulty trading strategy or half technical knowledge during this triangle formation leads to losses. Between mid August - September in this year we noticed 2 types of tirangle pattern in Nifty which jeopardize our trading set up. Later we resolved such situation and the out come is shown in the chart below. One can be benefitted out of our learning path by going through it carefully.

All the best for your trading and WISH YOU ALL HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YAER 2018...

From: Anand TN at 02:54 PM - Dec 26, 2017( )

For those who don't understand above chart write up is here....

Now let us think how one can trade such triangle pattern in Nifty. Above chart shows the answer. As for as our policy in trading goes we always book half the quantity as soon as we make 51 points and we hold on to 2nd half till we find optimum RSI divergence or reversal signal. This is good to make more profits and to handle situations like this triangle kind of patterns.

As usual it was uptrend market went into correction in first week of August 2017 and RSI showed perfect divergence on 11th Aug at 9685. Wait till the initial resistance breakout at 9774, which happened next day. Go long at breakout 9774 – 2 lots, book 1st half at 9825 next day which act as insurance for that trade if it hits stop loss. In normal cases one can observe nifty crossing resistance at different levels but in this case struggled to cross 200 ema and hold.

For our strategy nifty must cross 200 ema decisively and hold which was not happened on 17th Aug which must prompts to sell 2 lots 9950 CE ITM at 66 as hedge to 2nd half of nifty long. 29th Aug opening indicates possible formation of triangle in nifty chart or indecisiveness in traders. Till expiry (31st Aug) the chart confirmed symmetrical triangle formation and in the last bar it showed a break out to close sold 9950 CE option at 3 and also 2nd lot nifty at 9910 both for good profits.

As there was a break out, next month nifty 2 lots (multiples of 2 say 2,4,6,8…) must be bought at 9910. Insurance of 51 points at 9961 came next day where 1 lot has to be booked. There after ascending triangle formation indicated upside breakout which happened on 11th Sep open and nifty rose to 10132 finally. It is nearing to the target calculation as shown in the chart.

We normally trade with simple strategy of support and resistance in nifty chart and have not given much importance to patterns like this one. After we and clients struggled during Aug – Sep we came across a solution for it which you read already. So, we believe learning is NOT a continuous activity when it comes to trading.

New Thread: Index trades

Anand Tn at 02:21 PM - Sep 25, 2017 ( )

BUY BNF 2 lots upon crossing 24225 ONLY before 3 pm. If not forget buying for the day!

New Thread: For Nifty Option Lovers!

Anand Tn at 09:17 AM - May 23, 2016 ( )

You Buy or Sell any option you will be in trouble in no time! A positional call option on a gap up or down can send anybody into gallows. How to be in profits with options? You might have heard Option Spreads already. Based on that theory I will provide some calls here. Watch out.... 

From: Anand TN at 08:10 AM - Sep 30, 2016( )

Here on I will give Combo Nifty Option Calls. I advise strongly to watch till you get confidence. These calls are not Option Spreads. These calls can be positional and we may initiate opposite call while the first call is on.

These combo calls strat with Selling a Nifty Option, then buying another Nifty option. So, you should dare enough to start with selling option. Hope you all know selling an option will get you FREE buying of other option.

Keep watching for sometime. It is based on technical analysis only...

New Thread: Sell Stock Options

Anand Tn at 12:00 PM - May 18, 2016 ( )

Sell LT 1300 CE at 21.30 and keep Stoploss at 24.8

New Thread: Profitable Nifty Futures Trading with Hedging

Anand Tn at 10:48 AM - May 16, 2016 ( )

The Idea is to keep less trades in a month and to make decent profits. I will do it in the following way. You can watch this thread and see is that suits you to trade or not.


a) Depending on the chart I will buy or sell 2 lots Nifty Futures based on Spot levels. If the signal reverses it will hit stoploss and otherside trade will be on. So you have a chance of making loss!!

b) Once trade triggered and move towards the expected direction I will book 1 lot at 50 - 60 ponits and hold on to the 2nd lot till signal reverses on chart.

c) At appropriate time I will sell 1 lot call/put options to preserve the holding position. 

d) 90 % of the time we end up in profits, in all cases we preserve our invested capital

e) Personally I am into trade what I say. I have 5 lacs to trade so my 2 lots Nifty futures is 300+300=600 quantity.

Watch it out....


Anand Tn at 02:39 PM - Sep 22, 2015 ( )

Just follow this thread before you start trading Nifty with my calls. If you feel comfortable trading this way then you can start trading my calls.

Important Points

a) I always take 2 lots to trade Nifty

b) I will take Spot Nifty as guideline to trade Nifty Future

c) I will have stoploss and traget as the trade proceeds

d) I am making 300+ points on average a month with this strategy from Jan this year

e) Most of the time they are positional Nifty calls.

Call 1 - Sell OCT Nifty Future once the Spot Nifty goes below 7818....

From: Anand TN at 02:41 PM - Sep 22, 2015( )

Nifty OCT Future SOLD at 7831 as Spot Nifty breached 7818....

From: Anand TN at 03:27 PM - Sep 22, 2015( )

Its going so deep into RED as if there is no market from tomorrow. Nobody is believing Raghu Ramarajan's credit policy or what.

Anyhow OCT NIFTY FUT closed at 7814.7...

From: Anand TN at 08:56 AM - Sep 23, 2015( )

Am keeping Nifty Spot level 7660-7670 as target to book my 1st lot Oct Nifty Future....

From: Anand TN at 02:25 PM - Sep 24, 2015( )

My Short Call will hit stoploss if Spot Nifty breaches 7887......

New Thread: BUY Bank Nifty - Sept

Anand Tn at 07:49 AM - Sep 15, 2015 ( )

Buy Bank Nifty Sept Futures if it is trading above 16960-16980, Target open and let you know Stoploss...

From: Anand TN at 12:21 PM - Sep 15, 2015( )

OK, It is not even going to 16950 today. SELL BANK NIFTY SEPT FUT NOW AROUND 16760-16770, Target open and let you know Stop loss....

From: Anand TN at 03:22 PM - Sep 15, 2015( )

The SELL call I entered at 16773 around 11.15 today and trade looks OK till now, how about tomarrow? Nifty doesn't want to move anywhere big. So, let me think of Bank Nifty SL tomorrow otherwise it will be wasted like my L&T Short call.....!!

New Thread: Stock Futures to Trade

Anand Tn at 09:24 AM - Sep 11, 2015 ( )

BUY L&T Futures ONLY if it goes above 1626. Target open and let you know Stop loss...

From: Anand TN at 12:47 PM - Sep 11, 2015( )

SELL Now L&T Futures at 1602, Target open and let you know Stop loss...

From: Anand TN at 03:08 PM - Sep 11, 2015( )

Move can be sharp at Monday opening or later in L&T. Those carrying the SHORT position must have Stop loss at 1618. If there is a gap down opening wait for target levels...

From: Anand TN at 09:42 AM - Sep 14, 2015( )

It  has opened at 1630 and came down. Exit short positions and wait...


Anand Tn at 10:54 AM - Sep 10, 2015 ( )

Sell Nifty Futures ONLY when Spot Nifty goes below 7704. Target open and let you know Stop loss.

From: Anand TN at 01:15 PM - Sep 10, 2015( )

Be patient! Do not hurry to SELL Nifty. Movement could be sharp to either of the side in last 1-2 hrs.

From: Anand TN at 03:05 PM - Sep 10, 2015( )

People shorted Nifty in the morning in a hurry might be hitting Stoploss now. So is the reason to be patient in the market. As nifty has not gone below 7704 till now NO TRADE INITIATED. Let us check what is there for tomorrow....

From: Anand TN at 03:15 PM - Sep 10, 2015( )

Wait for trade setup to come to you: Don't run after it, as u will get lost in this financial jungle...


Anand Tn at 10:25 AM - Aug 10, 2015 ( )

Buy IndusInd Bank Futures @ 960. Target open and let you know the Stoploss.

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