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Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 11:28 PM - Jul 08, 2019 ( )


How to use excel, to get live signals whenever a stock breaches above level....


Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 08:43 AM - Jul 08, 2019 ( )

Bajaj-Auto booked 2906
Cipla booked 551.50
Jswsteel booked 277.25
Ambujacem, Heromotoco, ITC, Ongc, Techm ..... Hit Target !!!

Ajeet Singh at 09:04 AM - Jul 05, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 09:04 AM - Jul 05, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 08:39 AM - Jul 03, 2019 ( )

Sunpharma in Sell, Rocked, hit target !!!
Heromotoco just missed the target, so got Rs.5 profit
Similarly got 20p in Adaniports long....

Ajeet Singh at 09:06 AM - Jul 02, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 09:06 AM - Jul 02, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 10:44 PM - Jun 24, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 10:44 PM - Jun 24, 2019 ( )

Bajafinsv sold 8363.50, covered 8380
Gail sold 307.65 covered 306.50
Grasim sold 893.75 Hit target
Infy sold 747.15 booked 745

Ajeet Singh at 08:32 PM - Jun 23, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 09:08 AM - Jun 24, 2019 ( )

Cash Level
Sell at 6317.95
SL 6350.50
Target 6262 & 6242

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 08:32 PM - Jun 23, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 02:27 PM - Jun 23, 2019 ( )

No Entry in Indigo, as levels not met !!!

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 02:26 PM - Jun 23, 2019 ( )

Performance 21 Jun 2019:

BajFinance bought at 3600.50, booked 3595 as 3mins candle not closed above this level.
BajFinance Sold at 3587, booked 3562, Target Hit !!!!

Ajeet Singh at 08:50 AM - Jun 21, 2019 ( )

BajFinance Fut Buy if rising above 3600 SL 3587 Tgt 3623
BajFinance Fut Sell if falling below 3587 SL 3600 Tgt 3562

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 08:54 AM - Jun 21, 2019 ( )

Indigo Fut Buy if rising above 1587 SL 1579 Tgt 1603
Indigo Fut Sell if falling below 1579 SL 1587 Tgt 1563

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 08:50 AM - Jun 21, 2019 ( )

BajFinance Fut Buy if rising above 3600 SL 3587 Tgt 3623
BajFinance Fut Sell if falling below 3587 SL 3600 Tgt 3562

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 08:59 PM - Jun 20, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 12:43 PM - Jun 20, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 10:03 AM - Jun 20, 2019 ( )

Dont enter in othrer trade, if already in profit

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 09:50 AM - Jun 20, 2019 ( )

SRF Fut was Buy abv 2987
and it worked like charm..... Enjoyyyyyy
No other entry

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 08:47 AM - Jun 20, 2019 ( )

SRF Fut Buy Above 2987 SL 2973 Tgt 3010, 3033

SRF Fut Sell Below 2973 SL 2987 Tgt 2950, 2926

BEML Fut Buy Above 796 SL 783 Tgt 817

BEML Fut Sell Below 783 SL 796 Tgt 762

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 08:18 PM - Jun 19, 2019 ( )

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 08:46 AM - Jun 19, 2019 ( )

New Thread: ZERODHA - A worst Broker in town

Ajeet Singh at 10:18 AM - Feb 27, 2019 ( )

Hi Friends
today after I completed my trades with sas n sharekhan, I recieved a call from my friend
that he's stuck with zerodha
as he's not able to square off his positions, I was shocked as today is not a volatile day.
As I too experienced such issues with zerodha, thats why left it but it was on Budget days etc.
So I transferred 10K via upi and tried to place some orders....
here's the result !

New Thread: Problem with Amibroker 6.30

Ajeet Singh at 08:30 AM - Jan 08, 2019 ( )

Hi All,
I am facing a strange problem,
As I have upgraded to Amibroker 6.30
whenever I install my afl to any chart/tab,
it automatically creates a copy in drag-drop folder,
even if I dont make any change in it.
Previously I have Amibroker 6.0 and it was working fine.
I emptied the contents of folder many times but still it creates a copy.
Do anybody facing same prob?
My drag drop folder is over-crowded due to this and I am unable to search genuine afl in which I have made changes.

New Thread: Trades based on my excel

Ajeet Singh at 10:01 AM - Dec 10, 2018 ( )

Here's review of trades done by me, based on excels posted by me.

From: Ajeet Singh at 01:48 PM - Dec 16, 2018( )

Currently we are discussing:

  • Automatic Stock (Cash) Recommendations

  • Automated Stock Future Recommendations in Excel

  • Future excels can be accesed from given thread of mine.

From: Ajeet Singh at 10:49 AM - Dec 24, 2018( )

New Excels Added: 

From: Ajeet Singh at 06:38 PM - Jun 05, 2019( )

New Thread: Only Banks

Ajeet Singh at 09:04 AM - Mar 01, 2018 ( )

Occasional Intra-Day Calls on Banks....

From: Ajeet Singh at 11:16 AM - Mar 01, 2018( )

In case of Stocks, S/R Levels are of Cash.
In case of Nifty/BankNifty, S/R Levels are of Future.

I Dont trade Bank Stocks Daily, So will post levels, whenever I trade.
Index I watch daily, So that I try to post daily (If got time)

New Thread: CNBC Stocks 20-20

Ajeet Singh at 08:51 AM - Nov 21, 2017 ( )

As currently I have some urgent assignment in morning hours
so unable to scan bhavcopy for stocks to trade intraday,
Therefore taking help from Stocks 20-20 aired on CNBC Awaz
So posting here as well.... daily.
Happy Trading !!!

New Thread: NIFTY - Bounce & Beat

Ajeet Singh at 08:50 AM - May 04, 2017 ( )

Today BNF resistance 22400-22470
if trades above then next resistance 22600-22750
supports at 22300-22240

New Thread: Trading Futures For Future (Part-2)

Ajeet Singh at 01:25 PM - Jan 06, 2017 ( )

Hello, Friends
I am starting this thread with continuation to my prev. thread
As, this time I am little bit more confident so I am setting target
of 100% on investment of 200K in time span of 6 months.
Increasing target by 4 times, doesn't mean that I will play loose,
Money management is still my priority...
Basic priciple is same...

  • Buy Above or Sell Below.
  • Loss NOT more than 2500-3500 per lot .
  • Trgts at 1500, 3000, 4500, 6000 and 7500 of rupee value.
  • Buy if rising from lows.
  • Sell if falling from highs.
  • Levels will be posted of cash.
  • NO trade after 1 pm.
  • After getting money in 1 trade, enter again only if market is highly favourable.
  • For past performance, you can visit my prev. thread, posted above.
  • Anyone can post his/her query.
  • Levels will be posted at 9 am on trading day.
  • Will start from 9 Jan 2017, if fellow traders are interested.


New Thread: Trading Futures For Future

Ajeet Singh at 07:44 PM - Dec 06, 2016 ( )

I am starting this thread, where I will post daily levels for Buy or Sell
in Stock Futures only.
These calls are traded by me with real money with current capital of 200,000/-

Calls are in nature of Buy above or Sell below.
we will buy abv only when stock is rising from below and not merely if it trades at that level,
and vice versa for sell, we'll sell if it starts falling from high.
My target is 50% in 1 year....

Lets see..... 

From: Ajeet Singh at 03:42 PM - Dec 23, 2016( )

New Rule (Based on past experience)

Don't Enter after 1 pm....

From: Ajeet Singh at 08:38 PM - Dec 24, 2016( )

I have created a Poll, regarding the levels which I will post here in mudraa.
Kindly vote in favor of Cash Levels OR Future Levels, as per your choice.
I will post here levels as per majority. Hoping cooperation from fellow traders....

Vote here please:  https://goo.gl/uovUSN 

New Thread: Self Trading Mutual Fund

Ajeet Singh at 11:46 AM - Aug 20, 2015 ( )

Hello Friends,

Today I have completed a new algo, based on mutual funds.

This is how mutual funds trade positional and generate income of about 13-21% anually.

But as I am a intraday trader so I tried to replicate its image on intraday basis and set target of 10-13% monthly.

Procedure to trade:

  • At any given time, we can have open trade in at the max 3 scrips
  • Scrips will be of good liquidity (FnO stocks only)
  • All open positions must be squared off at 3.15pm (No carry forward)
  • To start, we will trade with capital of Rs.10000
  • So divide 10000 with price of stock and get no. of shares.
  • As we can get exposure of 8x-10x so 3 open positions, totalling to 30000 can be easily met.
  • Trading will be done on stop and reverse system.
  • Like if I say buy tatasteel @ cmp 245 then buy 41 shares @ cmp
  • And when I again say sell @ cmp 246 then sell 82 shares @ cmp so that we be in trade with 41 quantity.
  • We'll be in trade on particular day till 1% gain or 2% loss (we cant bear more than that in single day)
  • As the strategy cant be backtested so we'll start with capital of 10k and gradually increase on success.
  • All trades will be on cmp and not buy below or buy above.

This thread is not for get rich traders but for small traders who want less but consistent profits.

So if atleast 10 traders are interested then I will start.

Thanks !!!

From: Ajeet Singh at 10:32 AM - Aug 21, 2015( )

If I ever forget to mention then please remember that always:

Target = 1%

SL = 1% 

of entry price.

From: Ajeet Singh at 08:43 AM - Sep 05, 2017( )

NOT following above Rules....
Simply Buying positionally with time frame ranging from few days to few months....
Kindly ignore above 2 posts !!!

New Thread: Golden Gold

Ajeet Singh at 12:07 PM - Jul 17, 2015 ( )

Here I will post calls which I trade daily in GOLD

Trgt just Rs.3500 so after brokerage around Rs.3000 in pocket

SL always Rs. 10000

Calls are based on my algo.

New Thread: BankNifty

Ajeet Singh at 09:10 AM - Jul 01, 2015 ( )

Hi Friends

I will post daily 1 call in BankNifty Future here.

Its based on software developed by me for some broking firm which now I am using for my personal use so sharing here with fellow mudraites.

I have already started a similar thread for JSWSTEEL.


Watch Entry point, SL and Target (Keep booking profits at every 50 point gain).

For Eg, watch yesterday's call on above linked thread.

This system has posted around 885 points gain in past month and 13130 points in last year and 41456 points in past 5 years

Happy Trading

New Thread: JSWSTEEL

Ajeet Singh at 08:52 AM - Jun 29, 2015 ( )

Hi Friends,

I will post daily 1 call in JSWSTEEL here.

Its based on software developed by me for some broking firm which now I am using for my personal use so sharing here with fellow mudraites.

Methodology is simple.

Watch Entry point, exit point and reverse point.

Suppose I say Buy @ 900, Trgt @ 910 and SL @ 890

Now Buy @ 900 only using Limit price and keep booking profits @ 904, 906, 908 and finally 910

If price doesn't reach even at middle of Trgt and Entry i.e 905 then wait for SL and enter double quantity @ SL

Like if you bought 100 quantity, then sell 300 quantity @ 890 for Trgt of 885.

100 is initial buy square off and 200 to recover loss occurred. (Do it if and only if doesn't reach even midway)

To Buy 200 shares we need rs.22500 and keeping rs.45000 for reverse and some rs.10000 for reserve/loss, In last month I got around 14.13% return on this investment of rs.77500. whereas backtest result for past 1 year reveals 174.56% returns and for past 5 years its 843.02%.

Enter SL revere order only if doesn't move even 0.5% ahead or vice versa.

For Eg, Call for last friday: Buy JSWSTEEL at 896.00 Trgt 910 SL 890

Mind it ! Its money management that earns you money rather than trade.

From: Ajeet Singh at 11:21 AM - Aug 18, 2015( )

In any stock, always keep

STOPLOSS of 1% , unless mentioned by me.

New Thread: Up or Down, Pairtrade is Crown

Ajeet Singh at 10:12 PM - Sep 04, 2014 ( )

Here I will post my pairtrade trades done on future basis.

TimeFrame depends from 2 days to 1 month

Usually i get out at 1% total gain inclusive of both sides.

All the trades are of futures of respective stocks.

New Thread: Lets Earn 1% Daily

Ajeet Singh at 10:12 AM - Sep 04, 2014 ( )

About 1600+ stocks are traded in NSE daily.
among these only 200 are stocks which are traded daily with high volumes.
rest are the stocks which are hyped for particular day or particular week atmost
Big players use their smart money to create a trend in small cap stock (without news),
trend may be upside and downside.

then when money of normal investors start pouring in then they gradually withdraw their funds and we people trapped in.
Now what I observed that when a small cap rose or falls much in a day then
still some money is left for next day which can easily give 1% of profit next day.

this even happened in some good stocks as well like unionbank.
condition is that there must be recent spurt in volumes in past days.
Its very important, as the way money pours in, the same way it goes out and
we have to enter the moment when it starts going out.

I do visual interpretation and pick stocks manually
but I am preparing a excel logic sheet to find out such stocks (with limited rights)
one thing is very important that although i used the word volumes but in reality the thing is traded value which i look.
A 2000 rupee share with 100 volume, is same as 30 rupee share with 6600 volume.
so see huge difference of volumes.....
I always measure money and not volumes.
criteria is simple.... as my buy value is rs.100000 so for 2000 rupee share i see its volumes around 50
and for 30rs share i will see its volumes around 3300.

In simple rule NEVER go for a scrip whose yesterday traded value is less than 400 Lakhs,
if you want to trade scrip today.
(A must Rule)
So for investment of rs.100000, we ll look for profit of rs.1000 in a day
which comes out to be around rs.18000 per month after deducting charges.

From: Ajeet Singh at 01:41 PM - Sep 04, 2014( )

We must have amibroker (Free or paid, doesn't matter)
You can work over other TA software but I have ami so i ll post images of same.
Daily download bhavcopy from nse website or you can also download from here
Download CSV copy and filter stocks which have traded value more than 400 lakhs
these are the stocks which we ll trade today as this link ll always give bhavcopy of prev. day
now time interval for chart setup....?
5 mins is perfect
If you go through screens of maximum No. of traders then u'll see 5 min interval chart is most common setup.
failure or success of our system is not in how smartly we decide trade but its in how smartly we fool other traders
sorry to say but whenever a trade is initiated then one is wrong & one is right so
we have to choose moment when others r selling for us to buy
means others r bearish only then we can get a right price to buy and vice versa
So 5 mins is best.
then comes trend decider.....?
again we'll choose a widespread simplest indicator for trend thats 200 EMA
If its rising constantly.... mind it constantly then up trend and vice versa
Levels to buy and sell are fibo levels
stick to these levels, never trade when price is between levels
Always trade at levels 78%, 61%, 50%, 38% and 23%
If time is above around 10.45am then only buy at 38 and 23 and
sell only at 78 and 61 but before around 10.45am then we can buy n sell at all five levels
avoid 0% and 100%
the candle on which u r buying must be a red candle and for selling, candle must be green.
Always trade at end of candle like if u want to initiate trade at second candle of day
which starts at 9.20 and ends at 9.25 then try to trade at around 9.24am.
But Never Never trade on 1st candle of Day thats till 9.20am
Also Never initiate a high value trade at one go
sooner i ll share trades live ..... till then i will post charts at night.

New Thread: Robo Calls Generator

Ajeet Singh at 01:38 PM - Feb 05, 2014 ( )

Robo Stock Calls


This file generates stock calls automatically, please keep eye on past performance of this file.

Updates every minute.

Needs Office 2007 or higher with Macros enabled by default.

File is virus free, check with your Anti Virus.

Have a try!



Download:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/sDadDuXfce/Robo_Stock_Calls.html

New Thread: Nifty Calls Generator

Ajeet Singh at 04:25 PM - Jan 31, 2014 ( )

Based on most traded Calls/Puts, this generates Levels for nifty futures to go long and short.

Accuracy rate is very high if decision was taken timely.




Download:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/l0AQOzPyce/Nifty_Calls_Generator.html

From: Ajeet Singh at 11:55 AM - Feb 07, 2014( )

For below excels to work properly,

kindly install this addin first


If you have already installed then No need to install it again

Download Files:

http://www.4shared.com/file/-GrjdwmFba/MCX_Terminal.html http://www.4shared.com/file/fHnKcbZoce/MidCap_Terminal.html http://www.4shared.com/file/ZetkBMmLba/Nifty_Calls_Generator.html http://www.4shared.com/file/HzlcGGAgce/Nifty_Level_Calculator.html http://www.4shared.com/file/NUqd01ABba/Nifty_Terminal.html

New Thread: Live Terminal (In Excel)

Ajeet Singh at 09:46 PM - Jan 29, 2014 ( )

Nifty Live Terminal

(In Excel)

Updates every 10 secs....

Currently Nifty 50 stocks are supported only


Download:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/V0LjJEMNce/Nifty_Terminal.html

This excel will stop working after sometime, giving space for newer versions.

I will post newer versions here only.

From: Ajeet Singh at 09:49 PM - Jan 29, 2014( )

Sometimes when we download .exe from browsers like chrome it shows warning like 'It is harmful for computer'

But dont worry my file is virus free and can be tested by uploading to:

https://www.metascan-online.com/en  and check result yourself.

From: Ajeet Singh at 10:14 AM - Jan 30, 2014( )

MidCap 50 Live Terminal

(In Excel)

Updates every 10 secs....

Currently MidCap 50 stocks are supported only

Download:  http://www.4shared.com/rar/OJJj6Vu9ba/MidCap_Terminal.html

From: Ajeet Singh at 11:05 AM - Jan 30, 2014( )

Never Seen before....

MCX Live Terminal

(In Excel)

Updates every 5 secs....

Currently 9 symbols are supported only



Download:    http://www.4shared.com/rar/vrH8huHace/MCX_Terminal.html

New Thread: Stocks in NEWS !

Ajeet Singh at 09:05 AM - Jan 07, 2014 ( )

Here I will daily post 3-4 stocks which are in words among traders.

New Thread: Positional Calls

Ajeet Singh at 08:59 PM - May 19, 2013 ( )

Positional calls with small StopLoss

From: Ajeet Singh at 12:30 PM - Jan 07, 2015( )


  • All Recommendations mentioned in this thread are purely for Educational purpose.
  • All investments in market are subjected to high risk and loss, I wont be responsible for the same.
  • This is to explain charts and help you to take your decision at your own.
  • If you want to Trade/Invest in stocks mentioned, then consult your financial manager.
  • I may/may not, have any position in stocks discussed.

New Thread: Daily Nifty Future Levels

Ajeet Singh at 09:36 AM - Apr 10, 2013 ( )

Daily Buy/Sell levels for Nifty futures

From: Ajeet Singh at 08:50 AM - Mar 10, 2015( )

All below are my personal views.
Market is supreme and may/may not behave on these hypothetical levels as expected.
Do your own study before trading.

All levels posted are of spot, I trade in future when stated level breached on spot.

From: Ajeet Singh at 08:01 AM - Mar 14, 2015( )

How to trade, "Stocks in Action":

Please trade in these stocks in intraday only for 1% only.
Best time frame for these stocks is 3 mins or at the max 5mins coz we're dealing in intraday.
Never go for past charts as they are driven by news rather than T.A. (my personal view)
Mentioning of 4-5 stocks is for rather going deep into T.A, go for quick trades and book profit.
Entry can be based on crossover or ORB.
For eg. lets take story of Hindalco
I got 1st signal of sell @ 140.5 and then SL line never breached.
I booked Rs.1.5 in hindalco and thats more than 2500 per lot(after all charges).
I repeat dont go on past analysis, see its range of first mins then enter again n again till you earn 1%
I look @ cash market and trade in futures.

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