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Reply for: WARNING or ADVICE

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 02:51 PM - Aug 14, 2019 ( )

Friends See his call, he says it neither buy nor sell n claims 100 points, with some followers supporting him...

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Venkatesaya Govindaa at 11:07 AM - Aug 14, 2019 ( )

JK its the best advice, I questioned a member when he had mentioned 100 points as profit for which there was no call also his followers labelled me as legpuller & best part is he blacklisted me.

 given below is the false claim

Ravi Dani at 10:35 AM - Aug 14, 2019 (27 minutes ago)
100+++ ns 

300+++ bns 


Reply for: HAPPY START

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 10:50 AM - Aug 14, 2019 ( )

Ravi Dani can you please elaborate how you got 100 points in nifty as there was no call..


Venkatesaya Govindaa at 09:32 AM - Jul 04, 2019 ( )

Soma Sekhar, in 4 months time i'm the 5th visitor in this thread is it worth the go, Its not to hurt any ones sentiments, it's just out of curiocity embarassed.....

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 08:11 PM - Mar 18, 2019 ( )

Ashish Trader inc, the comment was posted cause the same SELL call  with stories has been going on since 6 long yrs..

Ashish Trader at 10:48 AM - Mar 18, 2019 ( )

those who are making fun kindly wait till april end

Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 10:45 AM - Mar 18, 2019 ( )

Leena Sebas where are you, It's 500 points against your previous call & We are missing your Comedy Show..

Reply for: CRUDE OIL TRADES.2015

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 12:17 PM - Mar 16, 2019 ( )

Shiv Prasad Crude Cheated you?, I remember an incident my cousin lost 20 lacs over a period of time & every time he used to blame crude stating it cheated him. Then i told him Crude doesn't cheat every1, it cheats one who is ignorant in technicals.

Of late he improved his technical skills & crude or any scrips he not

cheating him any more only some times.

God Bless You.

Moral - I think you have Guessed.....


Shiv Prasad at 10:13 PM - Mar 15, 2019 ( )

If 66 comes first then I won't buy.. crude cheated us today 

Reply for: Barking dog in mudraa

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 11:34 AM - Mar 15, 2019 ( )

Ashish Trader here 90% of members run PAID SERVICES including you, every1 here runs in their names but you look professional running with your company's name, God Bless You..

Reply for: Earn 300 to 400 points per month

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 09:10 AM - Mar 13, 2019 ( )

Raj Raa 400 Nifty Points per month looks simple & easy, But if we take earnings for last 4 yrs since you started this thread for an investment of 40k it is mind blowing figure hooff its 96 Crore Crores, even Bill Gates will faint at this figures. 

I'm surprised how mudrites trust this type of people..


Reply for: Heads :Tails of Nifty

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 03:11 PM - Mar 12, 2019 ( )

Where are you Leena sebas, Since 6 years you are predicting market fall but it's heading north only. Leave your political inhibitions aside & follow the trend you will WIN. & this is rhe worst threat here in terms of calls, God bless you & lead you in the r8 direction.

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 04:13 PM - Jan 21, 2019 ( )

Guruji technology saves time but doesn't help in doubling your profits.

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 09:37 AM - Jan 21, 2019 ( )

Guruji typing mistake "earnings will be Doubled not 50%".

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Venkatesaya Govindaa at 09:33 AM - Jan 21, 2019 ( )

Guruji awaiting your reply.

Reply for: Trades based on my excel

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 09:32 AM - Jan 21, 2019 ( )

Guruji can you please elaborate  "that effort will be lessened by 80% & profit will be increased by 50%" if they use excell as claimed by you. Be honest & Please dont mislead innocent mudrites.

Ajeet Singh at 09:00 AM - Jan 17, 2019 ( )

Yesterday I have received a message in inbox (of other forum)....
That how I trade and track so many stock signals in excel,Stock Breakout Levels 2.0
My answer is simple, why I am bent towards excel and amibroker?
Because now almost every second broker provides support
for Auto trading with Excel / Amibroker.

You have Buy/Sell levels, SL and Targets prefeeded in excel so simply connect this excel with Upstox / Kite / Pi / Tradetiger and automate your trading.
your effort will lessen by more than 80% and earnings will get more than double.


Venkatesaya Govindaa at 12:20 PM - Dec 31, 2018 ( )

Shitansh valani, your previous 3 calls were stoploss hit & 2 latest are yet to hit..

God bless you......


Venkatesaya Govindaa at 05:53 PM - Dec 29, 2018 ( )

Sardarji Clicking Like for your own thread, Nice joke...

Sukhwindersingh Arora at 03:26 PM - Dec 28, 2018 ( )



Reply for: HAPPY START

Venkatesaya Govindaa at 01:20 PM - Dec 25, 2018 ( )

Nikil Banerji God bless you....

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Venkatesaya Govindaa at 12:45 PM - Nov 26, 2018 ( )

Moses can you elaborate what is recent trend & how to trade based on it...

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Venkatesaya Govindaa at 12:44 PM - Nov 26, 2018 ( )

Moses recent trend, very good excellent god bless you....
Moses Samuel at 11:50 AM - Nov 26, 2018 ( )

about 10.am he tell recent trend

According to recent trend i have bought 10600PE 2 lots and booked profit



Venkatesaya Govindaa at 09:05 AM - Nov 28, 2017 ( )

My thread " CASH PRIZE" deleted.

Is it an offence to offer prize money to best performer?

I earned 1 lakh in 2 months, less loss of 60k from a gem's call rest 40 I was thinking to gift to best mudrite is it wrong, Who ever has done it, I'm surprised at this action.


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