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Reply for: CRUDE

G Thiruvengadam at 08:19 PM - Jul 12, 2018 ( )

very nice calllll>>>>>>>>> 


G Thiruvengadam at 09:03 AM - Jul 03, 2018 ( )

ThanQ Mam for posting your level updates and view....

Reply for: HAPPY START

G Thiruvengadam at 09:32 AM - Jul 02, 2018 ( )

Dear Ravi ji,

Pls update today levels. 


Reply for: 26300 PE

G Thiruvengadam at 09:40 AM - Jun 27, 2018 ( )

what s the sl ji?


Reply for: HAPPY START

G Thiruvengadam at 09:28 AM - Jun 25, 2018 ( )

Dear Ravi ji,


Pls post today levels... 



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G Thiruvengadam at 09:09 AM - Jun 12, 2018 ( )

today intraday trend is higher than BU.. will it be like that ji?? still learning.. thanq

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G Thiruvengadam at 08:59 AM - Jun 12, 2018 ( )

Ravi ji.

ThanQ for intra levels . pls update for bns CB levels also.  ThanQ


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G Thiruvengadam at 10:00 PM - Jun 11, 2018 ( )

Ravi ji, 
Can you pls repost the Bns CB levels. 

I searched the full thread and I could not spot for Bns. 

Kindly poste Cb levels for Bns.  with your guidance I understood the nomeclatures. Still I need to get used to how to use the levels.. I am not sure of whether once the levels are seen immediately jump into trade or need to watch for its close above or below that level for taking positions.  Also I am unaware that what will happen onece it reaches Bu... It might go to max above Bu.. or it might return from there to trend and bu and max below bu... So understanding its nature and movement will take quite a time and experiance.   I am paper trading with levels... Once I am fully used to it I might start real trading... But as of now the levels are very superbbbbbb>>>>

I thanQ whole hartedly for guiding me...


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G Thiruvengadam at 12:01 PM - Jun 11, 2018 ( )

Dear Ravji,


What is CB level for Bns sir?


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G Thiruvengadam at 11:10 PM - Jun 10, 2018 ( )

ThanQ Ravi ji.

ThanQ for the information and guidance.

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G Thiruvengadam at 10:30 PM - Jun 10, 2018 ( )

Dear Ravi ji,

Thanq for the update. I am also bearish but seeing the nifty and bns movement I am in unknown territory of whether it will go up or down... 

For your strong belief of 3 days continuous fall do you have any reasons or indications either swing wise, point wise or levels or based on news. This I wish to learn Kindly guide.




G Thiruvengadam at 10:22 PM - Jun 10, 2018 ( )

Can you pls provide the corresponding Indian time of Germany opening, London and Us opening.. 


ThanQ in advance 


Reply for: HAPPY START

G Thiruvengadam at 02:18 PM - Jun 07, 2018 ( )

Dear Ravi D,

If Bns is staying above 26751 and closes based on June monthly levels closure above may result in next move to Bu and then to max na ji???,.   for Positional    I am new if wrong pls correct me.



Reply for: I will Buy Crudeoil

G Thiruvengadam at 08:18 PM - Jun 05, 2018 ( )

Dear Mr. V Govindaa, 
I am following her calls.  We averaged it around 4520 levels our cost was 4638-50 levels and then crude spiked to 4620 when she asked to book few. Those with higher average only held on to crude... After that exit she did not give any buy call..   So we exited with minor or at cost.. Kindly follow fully.
Here She has a different way of analysis which if suits you or any one can follow otherwise pulling legs is not going to help any one.  You open a thread and give crude or any calls WITH SL and if someone interested will trade.  
Have you ever tracked how many of your SL hits... In market the movement is for hitting SLs.  So better you design and give a strategy or just dont pull any one's leg.  When she asked to exit near cost how come you missed that alone????

Sorry if I have hurt you, I beg forgiveness from you.

My intention is that she is giving good calls. and her calls needs patience and withholding power... Just check are other threads how it performed... just like that dont try to change her style... Without SL trading is her style... She is managing it perfectly... so I dont find any reasons for you to again comment about crude.





G Thiruvengadam at 03:17 PM - Jun 05, 2018 ( )

sorry 250


G Thiruvengadam at 03:17 PM - Jun 05, 2018 ( )

now 150 any sl sir?



G Thiruvengadam at 07:41 PM - Jun 04, 2018 ( )

very good calls ji... 

Reply for: INTRA TRADE 2 : HDFC BANK 2100 CALL

G Thiruvengadam at 03:33 PM - May 31, 2018 ( )

Very nice.... superb calls...


Reply for: JUST VIEW . NO TRADE.

G Thiruvengadam at 09:46 PM - May 30, 2018 ( )

Dear Ravi Dani,

I am becoming your fan.. I regularly watch your numbers.... very  very great exact numbers.... Hope to learn from you ....

But I could not understand few obrivations (bu, bd, ..., max and few.).. Hope going forward i will understand it seams.  Here superb view on crude, Bns and ns.... 

Kindly post regularly. 




Reply for: I will Buy Crudeoil

G Thiruvengadam at 09:18 PM - May 30, 2018 ( )

Very Nice Mam.... Good recovery. Good wisdom.  ThanQ


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