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Reply for: cmp 16.75

From : Thahir Nm at 02:39 PM - Jul 11, 2018 ( )

Thanks. It helps

Reply for: cmp 16.75

From : Thahir Nm at 02:30 PM - Jul 11, 2018 ( )

Hi Sajan,

Is it intraday or positional?


Reply for: Tips provider

From : Thahir Nm at 06:28 PM - Jul 02, 2018 ( )

You are at the right place. Lot of great traders here who give tips selflessly.



Reply for: Nifty FNO Trend Analysis

From : Thahir Nm at 04:56 PM - Jun 28, 2018 ( )

Great Work Abhinav

Reply for: Nifty FNO Trend Analysis

From : Thahir Nm at 10:29 AM - Jun 28, 2018 ( )

Thanks for the quick revert Abhinav

Reply for: Nifty FNO Trend Analysis

From : Thahir Nm at 09:53 AM - Jun 28, 2018 ( )

What do you suggest on 26200 PE?

Reply for: Nifty FNO Trend Analysis

From : Thahir Nm at 03:06 PM - Jun 27, 2018 ( )

Which expiry Abhinav?

Reply for: Nifty FNO Trend Analysis

From : Thahir Nm at 10:26 PM - Jun 24, 2018 ( )

@Abhinav, You have great calls. Everyone in Mudraa who has seen the posts will agree to the same. There are many who will get benefitted by your knowledge and benevolence in posting such calls for others to benefit. Some of the critics are just a noise in the system (they may have reasons for it). Would suggest to ignore and go ahead with your selfless service.

Reply for: BUY NIFTY 10800CALL @ 36>KUMAR

From : Thahir Nm at 05:58 PM - Jun 22, 2018 ( )

Thanks a lot. Those who follow your thread have made good profits

Reply for: Nifty FNO Trend Analysis

From : Thahir Nm at 03:03 PM - Jun 22, 2018 ( )

You are bang on Abhinav. Great accuracy on your nifty calls. Those who follow you are getting handsomely rewarded.

Reply for: BUY NIFTY 10800CALL @ 36>KUMAR

From : Thahir Nm at 02:58 PM - Jun 22, 2018 ( )

You are spot on.

Reply for: Nifty

From : Thahir Nm at 11:26 AM - Jun 21, 2018 ( )

That was a great call Ayan. What is your view now?

Reply for: Nifty

From : Thahir Nm at 12:03 PM - Jun 19, 2018 ( )

Ayan, Is it intra or positional?

Reply for: NIFTY

From : Thahir Nm at 09:57 AM - Jun 19, 2018 ( )

Hi Nikhil, I have Nifty shorts. Should I exit it now or wait?

Reply for: Experts - Needs your thoughts

From : Thahir Nm at 09:19 AM - May 07, 2018 ( )

Thanks Hemant and Rahul. If they get the shares, will it be the same price I bought it?

New Thread: Experts - Needs your thoughts

From : Thahir Nm at 12:15 PM - May 04, 2018 ( )

I have a DMAT account in Zerodha. I faced 2 issues in the recent past.

1. I sold the federal bank stocks I had in my account and with the available cash for trade in Zerodha, I traded derivatives during the day as the amount was reflecting in Zerodha account as available to trade. After a week, I received a call from Zerodha phone number and a person informed me that as I traded before the money was deposited in my account (T+2days), I need to pay a penalty. With some discussion, the call was disconnected but I was not charged.

2. I bought 300 shared of Force motors on April 30th and it was showing T+2 status in my Zerodha account till May 3rd. On May4th I saw that only 257 shares are reflecting in my account and my account balance was less by 43 shares and there was no mention of it in my Zerodha account at all. I called the customer care and enquired about the same. I was told that exchange didn't deliver the shares to them and will be delivered by Monday. To my question on why the same is not reflecting in my account as a delayed delivery, the answer given is that such cases will not be shown in my account such that I don't sell it.

Can any of you please clarify whether this kind of confusion happens in general or something getting cooked up.

Reply for: Finally slipping below 10000 without sustaining above 1

From : Thahir Nm at 08:27 AM - Apr 30, 2018 ( )

Hi Jay,

I understand your frustration as Lalit was extremely accurate in his past predictions.  None of us know the exact course market will take. Then what is the guarantee that we will not witness a fall? It can happen any time. Market seems to be bullish with results lined out but no one is suite how it will react to reliance results. What more is lined up no one knows. We need all the experts to share their views in Mudraa. Overly critical views will really discourage them to share their views as per me. Let us keep that in mind. 


Reply for: Huge correction beginning expectations in next week

From : Thahir Nm at 10:56 PM - Apr 22, 2018 ( )

Thank you Lalit ji. Your updates matters a lot to me and many others. Thanks.

Reply for: I am Back with Renewed Energy

From : Thahir Nm at 09:17 AM - Apr 20, 2018 ( )

God morning 

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