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Samba Siva at 09:14 PM - Oct 18, 2017 ( )

Yes Sir, you deserve more than just 'like' - Keep rocking 

New Thread: Happy Diwali To All Mudraamates

Samba Siva at 09:11 PM - Oct 18, 2017 ( )

Reply for: 16-10-2017 buy nifty 10300 ce

Samba Siva at 02:34 PM - Oct 16, 2017 ( )


Reply for: Gain 2500% P.A

Samba Siva at 11:31 PM - Oct 14, 2017 ( )

30% is not a negligible amount of growth in a month I feel 

Reply for: BROOKS

Samba Siva at 03:45 PM - Oct 19, 2016 ( )

Congrats..good call as usual :)


Samba Siva at 03:19 PM - Oct 10, 2016 ( )

sold 43.5..will try again at low :)


Samba Siva at 02:16 PM - Oct 10, 2016 ( )

In @ 42... 300qty


Samba Siva at 11:13 AM - Oct 10, 2016 ( )

Sold 500 cost to cost

Reply for: Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.-GMDC

Samba Siva at 11:07 AM - Oct 10, 2016 ( )

In 98

Reply for: Jindal Steel & Power Ltd

Samba Siva at 11:06 AM - Oct 10, 2016 ( )

Sold 80.6

Reply for: Mangalam Drugs & Organics

Samba Siva at 12:52 PM - Oct 06, 2016 ( )

Okay Dinesh, I am fine. I can trust you :)

Reply for: Jindal Steel & Power Ltd

Samba Siva at 11:19 AM - Oct 06, 2016 ( )

entered @ 80


Samba Siva at 10:51 AM - Oct 06, 2016 ( )

sold 42


Samba Siva at 09:36 AM - Oct 05, 2016 ( )

In @ 500


Samba Siva at 09:35 AM - Oct 05, 2016 ( )

Sold @127.4


Samba Siva at 01:07 PM - Oct 04, 2016 ( )

in 40.1


Samba Siva at 10:30 AM - Oct 04, 2016 ( )

in 123

Reply for: GEOMETRIC

Samba Siva at 02:39 PM - Sep 29, 2016 ( )

Exited 234

Reply for: Mangalam Drugs & Organics

Samba Siva at 02:31 PM - Sep 29, 2016 ( )

Exited @ 155

Reply for: THOMAS COOK

Samba Siva at 02:29 PM - Sep 29, 2016 ( )

Exited @198 cost to cost

New Thread: Millionaire trade

Samba Siva at 08:21 PM - Jul 26, 2016 ( )

See the returns on 9900 CE. 299900% in one day :), Power of Option trading

From: Samba siva at 08:05 PM - Jul 28, 2016( )

Keep an eye on 9900PE, will enter at right time. This stock is growing up unlimitedly, some time it has to sell off :)


Samba Siva at 11:20 AM - Jul 07, 2016 ( )

Fitch Rating Effects Market?


Samba Siva at 01:37 PM - Jul 04, 2016 ( )

Kindly observe few days then can impliment.

From: Samba siva at 01:53 PM - Jul 04, 2016( )

This is only NIFTY Intraday chart.

How to read chart: Buy at 8393 for TGT of 8393>>8405>>8424>>8443 and so on

                                 Sell at 8371 for TGT of 8367>>8359>>8340>>8321 ans so on

From: Samba siva at 01:54 PM - Jul 04, 2016( )

This is only NIFTY Intraday chart.

How to read chart: Buy at 8393 for TGT of 8397>>8405>>8424>>8443 and so on

                                 Sell at 8371 for TGT of 8367>>8359>>8340>>8321 ans so on

From: Samba siva at 07:31 PM - Jul 04, 2016( )

If anybody wants to know intraday levels for perticular script ( GANN Levels), provide me 15minutes  high and low values. So, that I can quickly post chat for that.

From: Samba siva at 01:13 PM - Jul 07, 2016( )


From: Samba siva at 11:40 PM - Jul 08, 2016( )

Please Dont Call me as Sir... Treat me as friend of yours. Calling me Sam is fine with me :)Wink

From: Samba siva at 11:03 AM - Jul 13, 2016( )

1. for commodities specially for crude , do you take 15 mins value of the day starting ??? i.e. do you take 10:00am-10:15am high-low?

Ans> As I said earlier, For commodities 1 hours candle either 10 am to 11am. If you are entering in middle, last 1 hours candle required.

NIFTY: 15m candle.Currencies: 1 hour,Stock 1 hour

2. for rest of the day for commodites , do you keep checking the high low of every one hour or just between 2-3pm ?

Ans> Yes for latest levels I do check. usually after Equity market I will check, ie. 3.30. So I have to check for 2 to 3 PM candle.

3. when initiating the trade lets say a buy triggers , what sl do you keep , is the sl as per the sheet or the reversal to be the sl ? 

Ans> I prefer keeping SL in mind rather than in system. Operators are smart enough to play with small traders to get all SLs. 

Coming to chart: We should trade Target SL method. If first target reached and moving towards 2nd target, keep 1st target as SL. ( When buy executed dont keep SL in system, but keep SL in mind)

4. for nifty do you take spot high low or futures high low ... as for today i checked and realized sl got hit and sell also triggered ....

Ans>NIFTY always SPOT only, I never mentioned Future values. Dont be confuse. I will be online all trading hours. You can ask me for :)

From: Samba siva at 11:08 AM - Jul 13, 2016( )

5) What could be the stop loss when we  carry on the position to the next hour ( when we take the latest 1hr high and low).

I already said, Need to trade target SL method. Read Above.

6) What is your suggestion on trailing the highs and lows of each hour.

Thats well and fine, but until targets out of chart, it is fine to trade as per previous levels.

7) How do we tackle the situation in case of whipsaw.

Wait until market gives you exactly Buy or exact Sell, If whipsaw, then wait and enter acc.

8) Can we have fixed target and come out of it and reenter according to latest highs and lows.Pls advice

Here we are predicting levels, rather than targets. So, if we move acc to levels that will gives us good results.

From: Samba siva at 10:38 PM - Jul 23, 2016( )

Monday onwards I will post NIFTY & BANK NIFTY future levels also

From: Samba siva at 08:05 PM - Jul 25, 2016( )


Those who are making use of it, I've updated file here in the below location, download and use.

I may stop posting levels.

If any doubts please ask. 


All the best

From: Samba siva at 08:47 PM - Jul 25, 2016( )

Lit new to that..

see this



Samba Siva at 01:27 PM - Jul 04, 2016 ( )

INFY 1280 CE & 1120 PE, 14.5 & 10.5 = 25. Lot 500

From: Samba siva at 03:27 PM - Jul 06, 2016( )

INFY Q1 Results on 15th July, 

From: Samba siva at 10:43 AM - Jul 07, 2016( )

I have closed at 30

From: Samba siva at 12:25 AM - Jul 11, 2016( )

Watching :  INDUSINDBK16JUL1180CE & INDUSINDBK16JUL1080PE @ 23, Lot 600

                    LICHSGFIN16JUL530CE & LICHSGFIN16JUL490PE @ 17, Lot 1100

                    INFY16JUL1280CE INFY16JUL1120PE @ 29, Lot 500

From: Samba siva at 11:01 AM - Jul 11, 2016( )

Entered,   INFY16JUL1240CE & INFY16JUL1100PE @ 28, Lot 500


Samba Siva at 11:53 AM - Jul 01, 2016 ( )

I BOUGHT PFC  CMP 175.75 for TGT 225+ with no SL

From: Samba siva at 03:26 PM - Jul 01, 2016( )

Added 190CE at 3.7

From: Samba siva at 01:19 PM - Jul 04, 2016( )

Entered HDFC 1300 CE at 11.5

From: Samba siva at 11:22 AM - Jul 05, 2016( )

PFC I have closed call at 6+

From: Samba siva at 01:44 PM - Jul 05, 2016( )

ARSSINFRA CMP 95, TGT 130+, Resistance 99, Support 77

From: Samba siva at 10:47 AM - Jul 07, 2016( )

HDFC Closed at 14.85

From: Samba siva at 02:41 PM - Jul 07, 2016( )


From: Samba siva at 11:18 AM - Jul 08, 2016( )


From: Samba siva at 03:22 PM - Jul 11, 2016( )

BPCL 1200 CE, ented at 6.95.

Holding REC 205 CE, bought at 2.05

From: Samba siva at 10:19 AM - Jul 12, 2016( )

FEDERALBNK CMP, 62.7, TGT . 70+, SL 59

From: Samba siva at 11:22 AM - Jul 12, 2016( )

FEDERALBNK 67.5 CE entered at 1.2

From: Samba siva at 01:29 PM - Jul 13, 2016( )

Bought ONGC 250 CE @ 2.4

From: Samba siva at 02:23 PM - Jul 15, 2016( )

QUESS @ 493.7, TGT 550, SL 459

From: Samba siva at 03:39 PM - Jul 25, 2016( )

Pricol 85 to 117.4

New Thread: NIFTY CE & PE JODI

Samba Siva at 11:44 AM - Jul 01, 2016 ( )

I BOUGHT 8300 CE & 8200 PE @ 250

From: Samba siva at 03:01 PM - Jul 07, 2016( )

SOLD 8300 CE(150) and Holding 8200 PE

New Thread: NIFTY JOURNEY 2016

Samba Siva at 07:17 PM - Jun 30, 2016 ( )

From: Samba siva at 12:32 AM - Jul 07, 2016( )

From: Samba siva at 05:03 PM - Jul 28, 2016( )

From: Samba siva at 05:04 PM - Jul 28, 2016( )

New Thread: Make Success is Your Destiny

Samba Siva at 12:48 AM - May 05, 2016 ( )

Trading Basics

  • Intraday trading should be done without any ego.
    One should follow the market indicators to make decisions and not anticipate the market to perform as per personal expectations.
  • Flexibility and discipline are key for a successful trader.
  • Do not be afraid to be a sheep.
  • Do not overtrade.
  • Take a position only when you know your profit goal and know when to stop if the market goes against you.
  • Trade with the trends rather than trying to pick tops and bottoms.
  • Do not trade many markets with little capital.
  • Have a combination of contracts while trading.
    Do not trade just the volatile contracts.
  • Calculate the risk/reward ratio before putting a trade on, then guard against holding it too long.
  • Establish your trading plans before the market opens to eliminate emotional reactions.
  • Decide on entry points, exit points and objectives.
  • Subject your decisions to only minor changes during the session.
    Do not change during the session unless you have a very good reason.
    Follow your plan.
  • Profits are for those who act, not react.
  • Once a position is established and stops are selected, do not get out unless the stop is reached or the fundamental reason for taking the position changes.
  • Use technical signals (charts) to maintain discipline - a vast majority of traders are not emotionally equipped to stay disciplined without some technical tools
  • Use discipline to eliminate impulse trading.

    • Have a disciplined and detailed trading plan for each trade such as, entry, objective and exit with no changes unless the hard data changes.
      Disciplined money management indicates intelligent trading allocation and risk management.
      The overall objective is end-of-the-year bottom line, not each individual trade. 
    • When you have a successful trade, fight the natural tendency to give some of it back.
    • Use a disciplined trade selection system: an organized, systematic process to eliminate impulse or emotional trading.
    • You need to trade with a plan, not with hope, greed or fear.
      Plan where you will get in the market, how much you will risk on the trade and where you will take your profits.
    • If prices are rising and the volume as well as open interest both are up, the market is decidedly strong.
      If the prices are rising and the volume as well as open interest both are down, the market is weakening.
    • Now, if prices are declining and the volume as well as the open interest are up, the market is weak.
      However, when prices are declining and the volume as well as open interest are down, the market is gaining strength.
  • Cut losses short - let profits run.

    • Do not overstay a good market.
      If you do, you are bound to overstay a bad one too.
    • Take your lumps; just be sure they are little lumps.
    • Very successful traders generally have more losing trades than winning ones.
      They do not have any hang-ups about admitting they are wrong and have the ability to close out losing positions quickly.
    • Trade all positions in futures on a performance basis.
    • The position must give a profit by the end of the third day after the position is taken, or else get out.
    • Program your mind to accept many small losses.
    • Program your mind to "sit still" for a few large gains.
  • Learn to trade from the short side.

    • Most people would rather own something (go long) than owe something (go short).
    • Markets can (and should) also be traded from the short side.
    • Watch for divergences in related markets - “Is one market making a new high and another not following?”
    • Recognize that fear, greed, ignorance, generosity, stupidity, impatience, self-delusion and so on can cost you a lot more money than the market’s going against you, and that there is no fundamental method to recognize these factors.
    • Do not blindly follow computer trading.
      A computer-trading plan is only as good as the program.
      As the old saying goes, "Garbage in, garbage out."
    • Learn the basics of futures trading.
      It is amazing how many people simply do not know what they are doing.
      They are bound to lose, unless they have a strong broker to guide them and keep them out of trouble.
  • Thrill seekers usually lose.

    • If you are in futures simply for the thrill of gambling, you will probably lose, because it is a possibility that the money does not mean as much to you as the excitement.
      Just knowing this about yourself may cause you to become more prudent, which could improve your trading record.
    • Have a business-like approach to the markets.
    • Anyone who is inclined to speculate in futures should look at speculation as a business, and treat it as such.
      Do not regard it as a pure gamble, as many do.
      If speculation is a business, anyone in that business should learn and understand it to the best of his/her ability.
  • Approach the markets with a reasonable time goal.

    • When you open an account with a broker, do not just decide on the amount of money, decide on the length of time for which you should trade.
      This approach enables you to conserve your equity and helps avoid the Las Vegas approach of "Well, I'll trade till my stake runs out."
    • Experience shows that many who have been at it over a long period of time, end up making money.
    • Do not trade on rumors.
      If you have, ask yourself this: "Over the long run, have I made money or lost money trading on rumors?"
    • Beware of all tips and inside information.
    • Wait for the market's action to tell you if the information you have obtained is accurate, then take a position with the developing trend.
    • Do not trade unless you are well-financed, so that the market action and not your financial condition, dictates your entry and exit from the market.
      If you do not start with enough money, you may not be able to hang in there if the market temporarily turns against you.
    • Be careful if you are extra smart.
      Smart people very often put on a position a little too early.
      They see the potential for a price movement before it becomes actual.
      They become worn out or "tapped out" and are not around when a big move finally gets underway.
      They were too busy trading to make money.
  • Never add to a losing position.

    • Stay out of trouble, your first loss is your smallest loss.
    • Analyze your losses.
    • Learn from your losses.
      They are expensive lessons; you paid for them.
      Most traders do not learn from their mistakes because they do not like to think about them.
    • Survive! In futures trading, the ones who stay around long enough to be there when those "Big Moves" come along are often successful. 
    • If you are just getting into the markets, be a small trader for at least a year, and then analyze your good trades and your bad ones.
    • You can really learn more from your bad ones.
    • Carry a notebook with you, and NOTE down interesting market information.
      Write down the market openings, price ranges, your fills, stop orders, and your own personal observations.
    • Re-read your notes from time to time; use them to help analyze your performance.
      "Rome was not built in a day” and no real movement of importance takes place in one day.
    • A speculator should have enough excess margins in his account to provide staying power so that he can participate in big moves.
    • Take windfall profits (profits that have no sound reasons for occurring).
    • Periodically redefine the kind of capital you have in the markets.
      If your personal financial situation changes and the risk capital becomes necessary capital, do not wait for "just one more day" or "one more price tick”; get out right away.
      If you don't, you will most likely start trading with your heart instead of your head, and then you will surely lose.
    • Do not use the markets to feed your need for excitement.
      Always use Stop LOSS, Always...Always...Always.
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