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New Thread: My Trading for decent gains

From : Rohith P at 07:04 PM - Oct 19, 2017 ( )

I am going to share few of my calls which I am investing based on a FREE advise from a financial analyst.  This is only for my tracking purpose and those who wanted to invest can do so on their own risk.  I will share only the buy entry price with no SL nor target.

Please note that the person whom I am following is a financial analyst with strong investment knowledge and he agreed to share his recommendation to anyone at free of cost.

Disclaimer : Please do your own analysis before investing.

  • Bajaj Finance - Bought at 1865
  • Aries Agro - Bought at 238
  • Artson Engineering - Bought at 78
  • Gulshan Polyols - Bought at 85
  • Indiabulls Ventures - Bought at 188
  • Elpro International - Bought at 50

Reply for: Gain 2500% P.A

From : Rohith P at 02:23 AM - Oct 15, 2017 ( )

Durai-ji, your calls are always good but the problem here is that we couldn't enter into most of your stocks as it is either at very high price or upper circuit, hence we leave it.  Secondly, a small Investors like can't enter into all the stocks at a time.  I tried to enter GoaCarbon, GroabTea but didn't get a chance to enter.

No doubt on your quality calls but very fast.

Glad that we get chances on a quality stock with steady or decent return in reasonable timeframe ie positional with less stock.

Reply for: MEMEBERS

From : Rohith P at 09:43 PM - Oct 07, 2017 ( )

Few members are leaving and not active here because of this community being commercialized recently.  Most contributors in the past have taken advantage and pulled few novice investors for their paid service group either by telegram / WhatsApp groups and finally stopped giving quality posts or recommendation here.  Quality of recommendation are dipping a lot as compared in the past because of money motive.

Reply for: To Day Our Mulibagger call Released Time prame 2 years

From : Rohith P at 11:30 AM - Oct 03, 2017 ( )

I echo SPK-ji


From : Rohith P at 11:49 AM - Sep 04, 2017 ( )

Now SL Hit


From : Rohith P at 11:30 AM - Sep 04, 2017 ( )

Mithan-ji - SL didn't hit as it came close to 387.15 and moved to 390 now.

Reply for: Nifty / Bank Nifty / Stocks / Options - Its free channe

From : Rohith P at 06:55 PM - Aug 01, 2017 ( )

The stock futures call given in that telegram channel are always higher than what's​ been mentioned. For example, today when they gave TataMotors at 447-448, it was at 450. BPCL at 480-481, it was at 483 and the same case for AurobindoPharma. Always 2+ rupees are high than your posting message as "cmp". Since it is a telegram channel, I am unable to reply against those messages. There is no latency as I am in a live terminal by the time I receive such calls.


The calls are good but glad if the numbers (cmp) are appropriate.

Reply for: OPTION CALL

From : Rohith P at 10:22 AM - Jul 28, 2017 ( )

Any positional calls in Future, please

Reply for: EARN 3000 A DAY

From : Rohith P at 11:24 AM - Jul 25, 2017 ( )

SL Trigerred

Reply for: EARN 3000 A DAY

From : Rohith P at 10:33 AM - Jul 20, 2017 ( )

Shall I enter now ?

Reply for: 2500 Rs

From : Rohith P at 08:06 PM - May 24, 2017 ( )

Please let me know as well.

Reply for: EARN 3000 A DAY

From : Rohith P at 10:06 AM - May 10, 2017 ( )

Durai-ji : Is Ultracem call is still ON ? Shall I enter as it is trading at 4406 !!

Reply for: Canara Bank

From : Rohith P at 03:21 PM - May 08, 2017 ( )

One major external source have a sell call.


From : Rohith P at 11:39 AM - May 04, 2017 ( )

Biocon is at 1071 now... so your call is not waste but need patience to see the profit.


From : Rohith P at 11:21 AM - May 04, 2017 ( )

Jayan-ji - Looks Biocon also almost touched the target as it reached 1062 and now at 1056.


From : Jayan Sivaram at 03:09 PM - May 03, 2017 about 20 hours ago )

biocon waste call


From : Rohith P at 10:43 PM - Apr 26, 2017 ( )

Selvaraj-ji : Your recommendation on DHFL positional call (cash) was excellent and I came out with good profit. Can I have one good positional stock to enter now ?


Also need your view on Biocon ?

Please advise.


From : Rohith P at 01:23 PM - Apr 20, 2017 ( )

Selvaraj-ji : Axis is keep going down.  I have entered at 514.50 and reduce the costing by writing 530 call and the current costing is 508.  Please advise whether I can hold it for long term.  I don't mind about the Q4 result expected on 25th but I wanted to know whether it will cross 530+ levels in 1 or 2 quarters ?


From : Rohith P at 01:56 PM - Apr 12, 2017 ( )

Dear Selvaraj-ji,

Please recall your recommendation on positional buying DHFL at 360 levels which I bought and closed at 390+ levels. Thanks.

I am a small Investor, hence able to enter one at a time. I closed DHFL and entered into Axis Bank now.

I am planning to enter few more stocks (positional). I did an analysis on beaten down stocks like AurobindoPharma, SunPharma, Lupin, TataMotors. Do you suggest any of these to have in my kitty for a decent return or would you suggest anything else for a positional buy ! Please advise.


From : Rohith P at 12:47 PM - Apr 10, 2017 ( )

Selvaraj-ji : One of your recent recommendation is Axis Bank Futures. May I know what is the target !!

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