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New Thread: Bearish trend. as ae my prediction

Neeraj Madan at 01:13 AM - Aug 23, 2019 ( )

Mkt went d way i said.. check my post 

New Thread: Alw Follow trends

Neeraj Madan at 12:32 PM - Aug 15, 2019 ( )

As i told yu , Alw Follow trend...Overall Teend is bearish... One day if mkt if up, no need to go against it... other day when its down then short...Never go for a falling stock... Yes bank Dhfl Pcjwlr IBH... Avoid mid cap stoch.. they alrdy dead.. Time to short now large cap...But wth proper sloss.. intera day... Short when their High open same...Banks r bearish...Weekly option R gud for intera traders.. Never carry ur profit loss positions....

New Thread: Avoid margin trading

Neeraj Madan at 12:20 PM - Aug 15, 2019 ( )

Never take margin in intera day trading..Option Trading is far better...Delivery days r gone... Delivery suit only if u r professional...Short call/put to earn premium..Brokers r nt fool... Why they giving u margin free....Dnt get trapped...In net u will lose in margin trading... Thts certain....Play Trade in ur limit only.....

New Thread: Avoid Tip providers

Neeraj Madan at 12:12 PM - Aug 15, 2019 ( )

Market is supreme..On site they will show u as they r superhuman....helping u by providing calls free... but when u call them.. U will hv their dirty face.. They will ask to join their paid service..Mostly r fraud...If their calls so gud why they need subscription charges... haha... look fool ppl their motto only...Alw be self analyst.. Ur own experience will teach u too too gud...Rely on urself ... Faith on urself...

Avoid All Tv website tip providers....



New Thread: Trading is a mechanism science.dnt make it gamble

Neeraj Madan at 09:06 AM - Jul 24, 2019 ( )

One can earn in mkt wth an open mindset... Be prepared for everything..Trading is a mind game...It play wth ur emotions... Dnt allow market to win over ur emotions... Be robotic...I alerted all for bearish... better trade at our own... Dont go blinldly for professional tip providers... Mostly r cheaters.. spclly dnt watch tv during trading 

From: Neeraj Madan at 11:25 AM - Jul 24, 2019( )

So my prediction for bearishness was right....market had to come down.. aa it waa fictiously raised for political purposes...Be prepared for more bearbess...till 30 August take care..pl be wth d trend.. take care of Atp...Below ATP U CAN SELL WHEN MKT IS DOWN ....alw use ur own mind bef  doing anything.... PSU banks r d culprits .. short them... bank of baroda canara pnb....my fav for short... dnt wait till 3.30 to exit if u in handsome gain.... Dnt reenter in mkt tht day...Learn to digest hold profits....

New Thread: Max 3 position.Short Psu banks

Neeraj Madan at 09:55 AM - Jul 20, 2019 ( )

Trade in bank nifty nifty one liquid stock...dnt trade more than 3...Alw trade safely.. Dnt change  positions stance fastly.. if one day u r  in bearish mood, dnt  go for any buy position...Shorts r available in rising mkt too... but only professional go for that...

New Thread: Dont take limit.

Neeraj Madan at 09:50 AM - Jul 20, 2019 ( )

Play wth ur own capital...dont ask ur broker extra limit.. even if it is by default available..dnt use it...Intera day better in tod  conditions... Local global factors nt looking gud...Play wth d trend... each day trend is different...In limit ur loss is limited to ur capital.. Options r safer to trade

New Thread: How to read the market fo

Neeraj Madan at 09:16 AM - Jul 20, 2019 ( )

SSA hi .. hope u enjoying my experience. Focus on stock index data...Dnt go for d news rumours...The price date will tell u itself...As i Told u Nifty Bank nifty in bearish mode.. I  talk  of trend.. I m an intera day player.. Its nt wise to carry out ur delivery long side future position when trend is bearish... Tv expert will say long time story intact.. keep  hold  ur long... bullshit...



From: Neeraj Madan at 09:24 AM - Jul 20, 2019( )

If there is some ghapla in  any stock... people trader going to punish that v badly... INDIan public teach then gud lesson.. Look at Unitech Rcom Relcap Reiinfra Dlf Dhfl  IBHousing Pcjwlr Suzlon Yes bank... The owner made public fool.. so public investors  need to reply them in same manners..Investors ki inhone barbad kr diya,  so inka haal to ye hona hi tha...Tit for tat...Alw rem never buy hold add any falling stock where there r reportsof ghapla fraud...The owners r in jail insolvent .. Some ran away.. some r hiding...

From: Neeraj Madan at 09:35 AM - Jul 20, 2019( )

Alw play day to day...Keep trend in mkt.. but on each day first read watch tht day Trend...Overall trend is bearish.. nifty below 11500..Bank nifty Below 30000 bearish.. One gud thing...now u will have big range market...Big move possible...Trade in options.. dnt carry it.. as time value get down.. u will get same otion at much lower  rate next day even if no price change... Better trade in weekly  options as low premium on these...

New Thread: Mkt to go bearish

Neeraj Madan at 11:43 AM - Jul 13, 2019 ( )

Why Govt pouring thousands crores in public sector banks inspite of their poor performance.. huge NPA...Just to show all is well wth these banks...But in fact, conditions of psu bank at worst...Bearish Trend will start fr these bank...Bank nifty will lead draggers...U cant hold market in fictious ground for long...Election story over...Better to be out fr Delivery long... Below nifty 11500  , bank nifty below 30500...Bears will lead

From: Neeraj Madan at 10:46 PM - Jul 19, 2019( )

As I alarmed yu....take care.. .

From: Neeraj Madan at 10:47 PM - Jul 19, 2019( )

As I alarmed yu....take care.. .

New Thread: Sell yes bank spot below 109.take 110 put at 10 am

Neeraj Madan at 12:56 AM - Jun 24, 2019 ( )

Buy yes bank spot above 111... yes ce110  after 10 am... tgt 113 117 120....

if sell active below 109...106.40  104.4    100.20....

New Thread: Sell bank nifty below 30640nifty below 11740

Neeraj Madan at 12:29 AM - Jun 24, 2019 ( )

Do trade in weekly options only...Buy bank nifty level above 30660... nifty spot above11750....monday interaday level only...sell bnifty below 30640...sell below 11740...trade less earn more..alw buy short as pr mkt trend

From: Neeraj Madan at 10:00 AM - Jun 24, 2019( )

Pl note always trade after 10 am... give mkt time to settle.. dind direction

New Thread: I just share my experience so tht one can benefit

Neeraj Madan at 07:04 AM - Jun 18, 2019 ( )

I m a professional trader... trading last 20 years...did so many mistakes .. learnt a lot..lost huge money in past....wann other dnt waste tht much time money...but now i m a far far bettee trader... I have known where i was wrong.. i m nt a tipp provider... i dnt wann to prove anything.. purpoae is pure.. save urself,ur time money fr my past experience mistakes.. 

From: Neeraj Madan at 07:13 AM - Jun 18, 2019( )

Experience count a lot... now i dont get surprised by market rational irrational behaviour... Mkt will make u ease.. rhen will trap... if u r earning.. alw jeep on taling payouts... alw Be careful... dnt back return tranfer ur payout to mkt , ur account....Pl make aome own rule.. so i dnt wann share my call trade.. as i m a risk taker... which usually pay me handsomely....ai scent market.. i smell market.. I read dneeve of mkt.... which require a deep study experience...Best is Follow uraelf... make ur own strategy.. be confident of ur tradea.. dnt trade in so many.. take few but gud trades....all share brokg co . Wann u trade more so tht rhwy earn more in brokage... Make a luhar strok than sunar... One can earn only wth positive frame of mind.. forgwt d laat day profit loss.. alwstart new day as new tradw

New Thread: Max 3 scrip bank nifty, nigty, stock option

Neeraj Madan at 10:52 PM - Jun 16, 2019 ( )

Play in ur limit.. no extra limit.. Take in money option only...exit all bef 3.30...Trade as per level... with the trend...Be sure of ur trades till end...no need to panic....Wait for the break up level both sides...No need to follow others way strategy...Take market seriously... Focus on data... No need to be on tv screen  laptop computer mobile...Alw trade wth reasonable stop loss... keep on trailing....Book 1/2  when in gud profit...Get out , book fully bef 2 pm if having handsome profit...

New Thread: Go 4 weekly option avoid future interaday equity

Neeraj Madan at 10:43 PM - Jun 16, 2019 ( )

Weekly nifty bank nifty better... Avoid illiquid stock option.. wont br suprised if weekly stock option also start... never carry option as it loses time value...Nifty bank nifty v liquid, carry less premium as compared to monthly....Dont go for future equity intera day...

New Thread: Intera Trading not as difficult

Neeraj Madan at 03:35 PM - Jun 15, 2019 ( )

We hv made hayua... Noone can earn in intera...fact is yu need to be smart to earn  whtever format it is...Choose only liquid 3 scrip..Use ur own analysis... dnt rely on expert tv social media tips...U shuld h  control on ur emotions...when u r in profit, exit nt to reenter...Trade aftr 10 only...Trade in ur capital only...Dnt carry...Be vigil... keep firm in ur pick till end...Follow trend... look adv decline ratio.. Avoid highly volatile or beaten down stocks....Noone believe suzlon rom at 1/2 rupee...Alw start new day wth new energy....Alw keep on booking partially..1/3 book on every rise...Its all game of data analysis, temprament, level....

From: Neeraj Madan at 10:55 PM - Jun 15, 2019( )

We shuld learn to hold digest profit...We shuld have a trust tht yes qe can earn in this mkt..

Earning profit is not d issue..The point is when to ezit after profit...We must set a target in mind   

Self Trading on mobile app better than phone trading...We shuld strict to one plan ....We shuld trade on outs... havingbfaith on ur trafes ia must...dnt go for call tips of other.. Be a self analyst... A new tradee shuld nt enter wtht first know how of mkt...Novice shuld avoid... together we can earn fr this mkt md we will certainly earn...

Reply for: Burning hands in pcjwel rel cap relifra yes zee

Neeraj Madan at 11:55 PM - Jun 14, 2019 ( )

Zee yesbank rel cap rel infra pcjwlr all got down... perhaps noone noticed... or took it seriously 

Reply for: Market is d boss so read d mkt nerve

Neeraj Madan at 11:54 PM - Jun 14, 2019 ( )

Alw keep in mind... reak this post agn agn... feed in mind... follow my all post practically

New Thread: Mkt more wiser than us dnt fight wth d mkt

Neeraj Madan at 11:19 AM - Jun 14, 2019 ( )

IF BANK NIFTY BREAK TOD LOW, 30739... short bank nifty... likewise  Nifty break tod low 11849... short nifty... u may take d put of both in money option ssame price ratio...put a reasonable sl. Bank nifty 50point.. nifty 20 points... alw trade wth sl.. keep on trailing wth same ratio 50 points in bnifty.. 20in nifty.. hv best day of trade tod..

New Thread: Burning hands in pcjwel rel cap relifra yes zee

Neeraj Madan at 10:00 AM - Jun 14, 2019 ( )

As i told , never go for these beaten down stocks... one two day even they rally, its a way to trap ppl...one can short , yes wth sl 120...zee to go more down...even dnt buy a stock of 4 digits to 2 digits....bank nifty premium too high...if one has fund, one can earn by writing.. shorting call put but in a โœ…direction.. Mind alw Follow trend... never go against a share voice..share index speak itself.. one need technical deep study to listen tht...experience count a lot.. missing Old Golden gem expert Hemantji... 

New Thread: How where is our respected Hemant Parikh

Neeraj Madan at 12:12 AM - Jun 14, 2019 ( )

Our administrative head Mr Hemant Parikh.. sir we missing ur guidance, ur perfect level...U hv tremendous knowledge...Pl let hv d benifits to all...My humble request to this gentleman to give his regular call guidance as before... I hope, sincerely pray Lord tht yu r v much healtjy fit to give ur time perfection to us..๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

New Thread: Dnt run play in d hands of Tip providers

Neeraj Madan at 07:46 AM - Jun 12, 2019 ( )

Tips providers, Tv analysts use traders to light thr positions..They cheat yu... They ask u to buy so tht they can square of thr huge positions ... dnt watch tv during mkt hours...Study d mkt at ur own...Play safely wth ur own strategy... Bel me u r far far better than those...Watch data level mood of mkt...Be a robot in mkt...Dnt hv any emotion sympathy in d mkt... 

New Thread: Market is d boss so read d mkt nerve

Neeraj Madan at 07:26 AM - Jun 12, 2019 ( )

Dnt ever think mkt can go above 12000.. wnt break 11000... mkt means surprise.. Go wth d mkt... dnt look around global local factors...Mkt know wht u dnt know.. Mkt wann to trap yu.. so alw go wth mkt trend... Mkt speak read listen react...Dnt listen Tv expert.. Just watch focus Mkt...

Reply for: Nifty , Bank Nifty Level

Neeraj Madan at 11:22 AM - May 31, 2019 ( )

Buy bank nifty 31800 ce @ 220 cmp...sl 190... tgt 270 320 370.....

Reply for: Sell Zee Ltd

Neeraj Madan at 09:19 AM - May 31, 2019 ( )

Buy above 371.... sl 367

tgt 373 378 384

Reply for: Nifty , Bank Nifty Level

Neeraj Madan at 09:14 AM - May 31, 2019 ( )

Tgt 31700  31800 31900....

nifty 11990    12030     12090


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