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Mahavir Yadav at 02:46 PM - Mar 18, 2018 ( )

Very Happy New Year Dr. Anirudh. We keep following you this year as well.


Mahavir Yadav at 10:53 AM - Mar 11, 2018 ( )

Sukhvinder ji you are a versatile and full of humour . Request you keep doing great service in stock market .

I also follow your serious and almost perfect analysis on daily basis. Thanks and all the best .

Reply for: Election result and Market

Mahavir Yadav at 10:13 AM - Mar 03, 2018 ( )

Good prophecy. But what about DJIA down 500 points and DAX down by 3 % in 2 sessions.



Thanks ji, for the great analitical gist 


Mahavir Yadav at 02:45 AM - Oct 18, 2017 ( )

Nice call  . Happy Deepawali !


Reply for: Jackpot of the Month July 2017

Mahavir Yadav at 10:41 AM - Jul 04, 2017 ( )

Your calls are most rewarding in general . This call seems somewhat wild . Please dont feel otherwise I just want to 

get an overall view keeping in mind the techanicals if u can elaborate. Hope u will guide mudraites on it. Though anything 

can happen in the stock market yet the expected dip of 800/1000 points in July series is beyond imagination .

In 25th May expiry this year a CE of Bank Nifty of strike price 23100 sky rocketed from Paise 10/15 to Rs.140 and finally 

settled at around Rs. 90/- ..  So I believe ur call can also work wonders. 

Reply for: Be careful

Mahavir Yadav at 12:49 AM - May 25, 2017 ( )

Will wait 4 ur valuable advice



Reply for: Technical Analysis Vs Tukka Analysis.

Mahavir Yadav at 10:20 AM - May 03, 2017 ( )

Good morning dear Varun, Please appear and guide .


Reply for: Technical Analysis Vs Tukka Analysis.

Mahavir Yadav at 09:53 PM - May 02, 2017 ( )

Dear Varun I follow your posts here and enjoy as and when I trade . You r doing great service to mdraaites.Analysts on most T V Channels confuse 

but your views are always right for the particular time you opine . Please keep up this tempo and win lot of good wishes from all of us here.

Do you give opinion for longtime investments !

Reply for: join whats app group

Mahavir Yadav at 11:02 PM - Apr 26, 2017 ( )

Plz add my number three times ninne then zero then five & three & eight & again eight & one & five. 


I want to learn about charts here 


Thnx & regards

Reply for: Bank Nifty

Mahavir Yadav at 09:29 PM - Mar 11, 2017 ( )

Happy Holi dear Varun , we feel elted to see ur post after long gap . Ur view on Nifty or Nifty Bank on Tuesday ?

I expect =

200 pts gap up in Nifty & 500 points gap up in Nifty Bank 

Reply for: Nifty views till 31st january 2017

Mahavir Yadav at 02:51 PM - Dec 31, 2016 ( )

May we get tgts if corporate results r better than expected

Reply for: Bank Nifty

Mahavir Yadav at 03:16 PM - Dec 26, 2016 ( )

Had no position on Friday becoz of two intervening trading holidays


But want to carry 3/4 lots of puts. Is it worth it for tomorrow

Reply for: Bank Nifty

Mahavir Yadav at 11:25 AM - Dec 16, 2016 ( )

Bought BN 18200 PE @ 95 and covered @ 118.7

Thnx for ur good analysis, so far so good since last 2 months

 The saying --"Market Bhagwan chhe "  is proving  right everytime. All negative news are discrded the same day 

You had been consistent in your approach. Be it Brexit , be it Trumponomics , be it demonetisation effect and lastly be it RBI monetary policy review 

the markets recovered almost the same day.


Still its felt that demonetisation and rising Dollar Index may have adverse effect on our market. 

Reply for: Bank Nifty

Mahavir Yadav at 03:51 PM - Dec 13, 2016 ( )

Dear  Varun ,,  Taking cues from your good analytical approach I booked profit in 18600 BN CE . Bought at 50.6 and sold at 72.4.......

Thanks a lot  for the silent  support to my positive view about B N in the morning . I hope you will keep posting here as usual so that silent boarders like me 

get confidence in their perception

Kudos to you

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