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Reply for: To Day Our Mulibagger call Released Time prame 2 years

Immi Ali at 11:50 AM - Dec 18, 2017 ( )

Arjun sir. Need your views on Sunil hitech please.


Reply for: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 11:47 AM - Dec 18, 2017 ( )

.....suggestions please.

New Thread: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 08:31 PM - Dec 17, 2017 ( )

Friends can I buy Sunil hitech at present levels i.e . 13.20 for a target of rs.30. How much time you think will it take to reach rd. 30. Please comment.


Reply for: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 01:18 PM - Oct 23, 2016 ( )

Good Afternoon Mukesh Ji

Sorry didn't  notice ur post. Was away for few days. Still holding. Waiting for your given targets.

Thanks a lot , sir.

Reply for: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 01:24 PM - Oct 15, 2016 ( )

I m highly obliged Mukesh Ji.

Shall see on monday

Thanks again

Reply for: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 12:06 PM - Oct 15, 2016 ( )

Mukesh Ji should I sell on Monday or wait 

Reply for: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 11:38 AM - Oct 15, 2016 ( )

Mukesh Ji , I m highly obliged and thankful to ur good self for ur advice.

Reply for: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 06:19 PM - Oct 14, 2016 ( )

......advise friends pl.

Reply for: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 09:30 AM - Oct 14, 2016 ( )

Jayesh Ji good morning.

At the moment I don't need money . I can wait. Am I entitled to bonus rt now. If I sell half of the shares shall I get the bonus. Pl advise. Thanks

Reply for: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 07:52 AM - Oct 14, 2016 ( )

Friends, pl. advise .

New Thread: Sunil Hitech

Immi Ali at 10:41 PM - Oct 13, 2016 ( )


Dear All

I have some shares of Sunil High-tech. It touched its record high. I heard they are going to issue bonus shares. What should I do. Wait or sell. I m in good profit. Need ur suggestions please.

Reply for: To Pradip Ray Sir

Immi Ali at 12:37 PM - May 22, 2016 ( )

Not a problem. Ready to pay. Let them declare openly and ask for the same honestly. Even we r not asking for a free lunch.

Reply for: Long-term investors should set stop-losses too

Immi Ali at 11:44 AM - May 22, 2016 ( )

....liked it. Suffered the same way.

Thanks for such a nice article 

Reply for: New Short Term Equity CallsShiv Prasad.

Immi Ali at 09:08 PM - May 19, 2016 ( )

Shiva Ji 

Waiting for ur new list to come.


Reply for: To Pradip Ray Sir

Immi Ali at 09:00 PM - May 19, 2016 ( )

.....where are those veterans.......forum needs them badly...their ideas , suggestions and advice.


Immi Ali at 07:21 PM - Dec 28, 2014 ( )

God bless you n ur family.My best wishes to all.Wish u the best of luck and performance in tomorrow's interview.Waiting for a good news.Your writings reflect your ability and knowledge in the field .Let you be confident enough to know that u are not less than an asset for them.Your politeness and attitude will lead you to your goal I m sure.



Immi Ali at 06:42 PM - Dec 28, 2014 ( )

Dear Mr Bedre

Let me wish you the best of luck and the best performance in interview.I am sure that I will receive a good news tomorrow.Your writings reflect your knowledge and experience in the field and I hope you will prove an asset to them beyond any shadow of doubt.Your ability and politeness will lead you to your goal. My prayers are always with you.



Immi Ali at 07:14 PM - Nov 26, 2014 ( )

From : Immi Ali at 10:16 AM - Oct 28, 2014 29 days ago )

Thanks Ekbote Sir,

If it is in minus I mean PE ratio what does that mean.How should we interpret this.

Here is an example

Company details for Nelco Ltd.

Report Card

PE Ratios
EPS (Rs.)
Sales (Rs. Cr)
Face Value (Rs.)
Net Profit
Margin (%)
Last Bonus
Last Dividend(%)
Return on
Average Equity

Research Centre


Reply for: New Short Term Equity CallsShiv Prasad.

Immi Ali at 01:06 PM - Nov 16, 2014 ( )

Thanks Shiv Sir for being so humble and affectionate.

With Regards

Reply for: New Short Term Equity CallsShiv Prasad.

Immi Ali at 11:17 AM - Nov 16, 2014 ( )

Shiv Sir,visionaries like you are most needed here in this forum.Your attempt in this regard is highly appreciable and welcome.Your guidance and expertise is indeed needed here to help needy.I am not a professional in this field yes have a little knowledge of course but need your guidance and expertise if u don't mind.May you please help me in this regard?

Since my lack of knowledge or little knowledge hope you will not mind guiding me in this regard.Do we have to buy the advised stocks on delivery/cash basis and sell the same after whatever profit is got ? Our stocks should be in profit after deducting brokerage etc etc.Every stock has to be held for a particular time varying from stock to stock.

With regards

Reply for: New Short Term Equity CallsShiv Prasad.

Immi Ali at 08:01 AM - Nov 16, 2014 ( )

Wonderful idea sir.

Go ahead ,you will find us with you.

If you don't mind in elaborating on short term period,pl.



Immi Ali at 07:37 PM - Nov 09, 2014 ( )

Rohit Ji happy birth day .May God shower His nicest blessings upon you.

New Thread: .Your friends are waiting for you Mr. BEDRE

Immi Ali at 09:48 AM - Oct 28, 2014 ( )

..come on join us here and start giving ur calls my dare BEDRE. To be angry for so many days is not fair I suppose.

Waiting eagerly for your fresh calls.

With Regards


Immi Ali at 03:16 PM - Mar 23, 2014 ( )

Dear MUDRAA Friends,

I shall be highly thankful if any of you will help me in finding a method to crack password for iphone5. My son has got it from Singapore.

With regards 


New Thread: Tata Sponge

Immi Ali at 12:21 PM - Jan 23, 2014 ( )

Dear Friends,

I am holding tata sponge 300 shares@292. Need ur valuable suggestions whether to sell it or hold for some time more to ensure more gains.

With Regards.

New Thread: COAL INDIA

Immi Ali at 05:52 PM - Jan 14, 2014 ( )



New Thread: Reliance natural mutual fund Growth

Immi Ali at 01:43 PM - Oct 19, 2013 ( )

Hi Friends,

Could you please help me in tracking nav of this fund.

It was updated on 6/10/13.Since then no updates are availble.

I am holding this fund since long with huge losses.

Kindly suggest some solutions .

With Regards


Immi Ali at 08:08 AM - Jul 29, 2013 ( )

Is this the time to buy LIC HOUSING, REC, TATA STEEL.

Your valuable suggestions are appreciated.

 With Regards


Immi Ali at 11:21 AM - Dec 28, 2012 ( )

                           We live in a nation where:

Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and Sim Card is free.

Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police.

Car loan @ 5% but education loan @ 12%.

Students with 45% Marks get in elite institutions thru quota system and those with
90% Marks can`t get admission in that Institutions on Merit.

Where a millionaire can buy a cricket team instead of donating the
money to any charity. Two IPL teams are auctioned at 3300 crores and we
are still a poor country where people starve for 2 square meals per

Where the footwear, we wear, are sold in AC showrooms, but
vegetables, that we eat, are sold on the footpath.

Where everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to follow the
path to be famous.

Assembly complex buildings are getting ready within one year while
public transport bridges alone take several years to be completed.

Where we make lemon juices with artificial flavors and dish wash
liquids with real lemon.

Think about it!


Immi Ali at 11:02 PM - Dec 19, 2012 ( )

Dear friends Something wrong happened to my machine and i am not able to type some alphabets like a,s,d,f,l,k,j etc. This happened all of a sudden.Right now i m taking help of virtual key board.Can any body help to solve the problem. Thanks.

New Thread: Happy Diwali

Immi Ali at 05:31 PM - Nov 11, 2012 ( )


                                                                         Dear Friends


       Wish all a very happy diwali,may Heaven bless all    with cheers , happiness & smile.

New Thread: Mostly found infront of mirror

Immi Ali at 08:52 PM - Oct 30, 2012 ( )

A new element added to the Periodic Table


Name :  Wife


Symbol : wi


Atomic Weight : Don't even dare to ask!


Physical Properties:

Boils at anytime,

Can Freeze at anytime,

Melts if handled with love and care,

Very bitter if mishandled,


Chemical Properties:

Very reactive,

Highly unstable,

Posses strong affinity for gold,platinum,clothes and other items,

Money reducing agent,

Volatile when left alone,



Mostly found infront of mirror.....................$


New Thread: Mutual Fund .For Me

Immi Ali at 11:10 AM - Sep 19, 2012 ( )

Dear All,

I want to switch from Reliance Natural Resources mutual fund to some other good fund.I shall be thankful to all who help me in identifying a fund which is good in all respects.

Waiting for your early response.

With regards to all.

New Thread: Please don't ignore!

Immi Ali at 11:52 AM - Aug 04, 2012 ( )

Dear mudraa friends i am occupying a commercial space on lease basis in goa.The property owner is demanding sevrvice charges now in addition to monthly rent.How far is this true i don't know.Am i supposed to pay him service charges as per the rules,your suggestions in this regard will be appreciated.Please don't ignore.

Thank you all.

New Thread: US stocks jump after EU crisis moves; Dow adds 200 poin

Immi Ali at 08:21 PM - Jun 29, 2012 ( )

                                 US stocks surged on opening on Friday, with the Nasdaq leaping nearly two percent, after EU

                              leaders agreed on dramatic policy steps aimed at saving the eurozone.

New Thread: Internet download manager

Immi Ali at 08:25 PM - Jun 18, 2012 ( )

Dear Friends,

Kindly suggest me some reliable web site  which provides you free download of  internet download manager.


New Thread: Suggest me a solution !

Immi Ali at 10:01 PM - Jun 10, 2012 ( )

Dear All,

While replying to your posts i am unable to upload images or paste materials.My machine every time displays me a notice which says "currently not supported by your browser ,use key board short cuts instead".

Kindly suggest me a solution.


New Thread: Success with people.Success in life

Immi Ali at 12:26 PM - Jun 02, 2012 ( )

Dear Friends,

Success with people is a big part of success in life.

This thread, which i will try my best to keep going, features thought-provoking sayings and ideas to help you

interact better with others,plus gems on a variety of other topics to encourage,motivate,and inspire you.

All the best.

With Regards,


Life is a marathon,not a sprint.Pace yourself and keep your eyes on the goal.Run with heart, and you will be glad you did when you cross the finish line.It will be worth it all!!

New Thread: Nagarjun fertilisers

Immi Ali at 10:21 PM - May 31, 2012 ( )

Dear Friends i had 500 shares of nagarjun fert before its merger.

Can any one of you please tell me what should i get after its merger.


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