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Reply for: zinc

Sreenivasarao B at 08:53 PM - Oct 01, 2018 ( )

Dear Aswin Kannan,

Congrats. Excellent Call. I booked my overnight ZincMini position at 196.

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Sreenivasarao B at 07:06 PM - Sep 26, 2018 ( )

Dear Mustafa Shah,

Shorted Zinc 185.05


Dear Moses Samuel,

Please observe  SL is 10989 not 11089.

Reply for: CRUDE

Sreenivasarao B at 09:40 PM - Sep 19, 2018 ( )

Dear Nikhil Banerji,

Tomorrow MCX open from 5:00pm

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Sreenivasarao B at 08:39 AM - Sep 06, 2018 ( )

Dear Chandan Pramar,

Thank You.

Reply for: ZINC

Sreenivasarao B at 07:58 PM - Aug 23, 2018 ( )

Zinc SL Hit. High 173.60


Sreenivasarao B at 07:48 PM - Aug 23, 2018 ( )

Mrs Gopal Vadivukkarasi,

My sincere thanks for the advice.


Reply for: General Discussion

Sreenivasarao B at 10:30 PM - Jul 27, 2018 ( )

Dear Mudra Team Members,

I am herewith pasting the content I found on Zerodha site on Turnover and hope this will be useful for you.

The turnover is being calculated here just to determine if you need a tax audit or not. We are following guidance note on Tax audit under section 44AB(Section 5.12, Page 23).

For Intraday equity — absolute sum of settlement profits and losses per scrip
For Delivery equity — sell side value of the stock
For F&O (Equity, Currency, Commodity) — absolute sum of settlement profits & losses for F&O) per scrip and the sell side value of option contract.

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Sreenivasarao B at 09:33 AM - Jul 26, 2018 ( )

Dear Moses Samuel,

I think SL is on Closing basis, Ayan Nayak ji has given as CSL.

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Sreenivasarao B at 06:11 PM - Jul 25, 2018 ( )

Dear Mustafa Shah,

Welcome back. I am delighted to see you back here.


Sreenivasarao B at 09:36 AM - Jul 20, 2018 ( )

Dear Manoj,

Looking forward to know your trading method.

Sreenivasa Rao.

Reply for: NIFTY

Sreenivasarao B at 11:13 AM - Jun 18, 2018 ( )

Dear Nikhil Banerji,


Reply for: BUY CRUDE 4675-70

Sreenivasarao B at 08:09 PM - May 25, 2018 ( )

Dear G Thiruvengada,

True. It is reported that there is a problem at MCX Exchange and expected to be normal after 8:15 PM.


Sreenivasarao B at 02:45 PM - May 04, 2018 ( )

Dear Sukhwindersingh Arora,

Thank you for Nifty alerts.

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Sreenivasarao B at 01:03 PM - Apr 11, 2018 ( )

Dear Kripakar, I am a regular visiter of your thread.

Reply for: Swing Trade - using EXCEL

Sreenivasarao B at 11:01 PM - Apr 02, 2018 ( )

Dear Kripakar Kumble,

I thank you and Mr.Raju T.

I too had same doubt as Mr.Raju T. I thought it a typing mistake here. Thank you for clearing the doubt.

Reply for: zerodha Kite app and web both are not working

Sreenivasarao B at 01:41 PM - Mar 26, 2018 ( )

Zerodha reported the following problem and I believe all Zerodha Clients did affected.

The market data issue at opening has been identified as a physical network connectivity fault at our data centre. We regret the inconvenience.


Reply for: zerodha Kite app and web both are not working

Sreenivasarao B at 09:31 AM - Mar 26, 2018 ( )

Received the following message from Zerodha.

We're experiencing connectivity issue with market data feeds. All orders and trade executions are going through correctly. We are checking on this and should be resolved shortly.

Reply for: JUST VIEW . NO TRADE.

Sreenivasarao B at 08:52 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

Dear Ravi ji,

Next week we have holidays on 29th March (Mahaveer Jayanti) and 30th March (Good Friday).

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