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Reply for: Cash Segment Calls

Haravali Movva at 09:20 AM - Aug 24, 2018 ( )

Gudmorning ji

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Haravali Movva at 08:25 PM - Aug 21, 2018 ( )

Okay... any trade in Crude sir ji ?

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Haravali Movva at 08:17 PM - Aug 21, 2018 ( )

Holding Silver Mini short from your given levels

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Haravali Movva at 10:48 PM - Aug 16, 2018 ( )

GN Rajendra ji...

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Haravali Movva at 10:45 PM - Aug 16, 2018 ( )

Okay.... done... thanks

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Haravali Movva at 10:39 PM - Aug 16, 2018 ( )

and Nickel also

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Haravali Movva at 10:38 PM - Aug 16, 2018 ( )

Rajendra ji sold copper at your level annd holding....

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Haravali Movva at 09:08 PM - Aug 16, 2018 ( )

your views on trade set up for copper and nickel please....

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Haravali Movva at 08:43 PM - Aug 16, 2018 ( )

Rajender ji.... I very closely follow your calls and get beefitted.... I am sure many more members here do the same .... though hesitant to acknowledge.... Please keep sharing your ideas and trades... thanks

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Haravali Movva at 03:46 PM - Aug 07, 2018 ( )

I sold at 38150 and holding

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Haravali Movva at 09:08 PM - Aug 04, 2018 ( )

Good Calls Sir !!

Reply for: Nifty & Bank Nifty Charts

Haravali Movva at 07:27 PM - Jul 25, 2018 ( )

Welcome back sir !!

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Haravali Movva at 05:20 AM - Jul 11, 2018 ( )

Excellent study and good guidance... thanks

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Haravali Movva at 10:55 AM - Jul 10, 2018 ( )

Super duper dadaaa.... 

Reply for: 1% TO 100% EARN IN SHORT TIME (2015)

Haravali Movva at 10:56 AM - Jul 06, 2018 ( )

Sir ji... GodrejCP view plz... thanks







THank u MJ

Reply for: 1% TO 100% EARN IN SHORT TIME (2015)

Haravali Movva at 10:29 AM - Jul 06, 2018 ( )

Sir ji... GodrejCP view plz... thanks


Haravali Movva at 01:30 PM - Jun 30, 2018 ( )

Soma ji !!  IBUILHSGFIN, CEAT & CANBANK please.... thanks


Haravali Movva at 08:30 AM - Jun 27, 2018 ( )

Levels for LT, CEAT and TORRENT PHARMA please.... thanks


Haravali Movva at 10:43 AM - Jun 20, 2018 ( )

One more request ---  Levels of LT and Century Tex please.... Thanks


Haravali Movva at 10:38 AM - Jun 20, 2018 ( )

Jubiliant Foods levels Sir Ji.... thanks


Though it's currently being sold off, the price of oil is almost certain to rebound, likely north of $72 and probably even higher.

The fundamental obstacle until yesterday was the concern that OPEC and Russia would replenish any production shortfall by Venezuela and Iran. However after Wednesday's announcement indicating that won’t happen, traders were confident to buy the dip, bidding up prices again. Additionally, the API reported a build of 1.001 million barrels for the week ending May 25, beating estimates of 2.214 million barrels.

The commodity's technicals align with this assessment, demonstrating that despite the worst fundamental news in months for crude oil, when prices fell back to a consolidation, a tug of war between supply and demand seems to have ended with demand on top.


WTI Daily Chart
WTI Daily Chart


For almost four months, between January and April 17, the price of oil has been developing an ascending channel. The pattern reflects that while the price is passed between demand and supply, buyers are more committed. They were willing to initially buy only as low as $58 in February, raise to $60 in March and to $62 in April.

Sellers, on the other hand, were willing to sell above $66 in January and for the same, flat price in March. While the latter were willing to sell only when the price was right—high enough to make the risk of their being wrong worthwhile—buyers have proven more confident in their outlook, willing to risk higher and higher prices.

Their conviction was rewarded on April 18 when they broke through the bearish blockade, taking prices above $72, up almost 9 percent, in less than a month.

For those who missed the biggest move since January, there's a second chance up ahead. For those who profited the first time, it’s now Christmas in June.

To clarify, while we don’t know what will happen, the pattern’s support is holding despite a massive selloff, and climbing back since that crucial price level, finding support by the 100 DMA (blue) and crossing back above the 50 DMA (green). This is highly suggestive that it will resume its uptrend. Finally, the opportunity provides an exceptionally attractive risk-reward ratio, especially for those who wait for a closer entry to the support, upon a pullback.

Trading Strategies – Long Position Setup

Conservative traders may want to wait for a confirmation of the trend with a new peak, higher than the one on May 22, at $72.83.

Moderate traders may risk a long position on a pullback to at least the $66.75 price level of the triangle top, if not the $65.80 low of the Tuesday selloff.

Aggressive traders may enter a long position immediately, providing they can afford the stop-loss specified above or accept the risk of losing the position.

Equity Management

After establishing your risk aversion, manage your equity around the supports and resistance to provide you with a minimum of a 1:3 risk-reward ratio. Naturally, you can mix-and-match or even blend your risk aversion, as well as your equity management, per your trading strategies.

Trade Example

  • Entry: $67.01
  • Stop-loss: $65.71
  • Risk: $1.30
  • Target: $71.91
  • Reward: $4.90
  • Risk-Reward Ratio: almost 1:4

Naturally, the risk-reward ratio grows exponentially in the favor of the trader, the closer prices return to support areas, beneath which you place a stop-loss for a long position.

Patient Trade Example

  • Entry: $66.01
  • Stop-loss: $65.71
  • Risk: $0.3
  • Target: $71.91
  • Reward: $5.90
  • Risk-Reward Ratio: 1:20
(Source : Pinchas Cohen/Investing.com)

New Thread: AYAN

Haravali Movva at 09:48 PM - Aug 03, 2017 ( )


Your equity calls are rocking...

please give commodity calls also..... 

I know you dont like saying CHEERS... drama baazi..

please give calls in commodity...  




Russia and Saudi Arabia are reportedly meeting (in secret – but not really) on Tuesday, February 16, in Doha, Qatar. The popular speculation is that this may be the long-awaited decision to cut oil production.

Once again, oil will be in for a wild ride this week as rumors continue to swirl that OPEC and non-OPEC producers may be warming to the idea of production cuts – or at the very least, a freeze at current levels. As much as traders, oil producers, and investors want this to be true, the facts say otherwise.

The producing countries that matter most in the oil market right now are Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Iran. None of these producers have any incentive to cut production, which is why news of potential production cuts is primarily wishful thinking.

Saudi Arabia has the second largest proven oil reserves in the world (only a few billion barrels less than Venezuela) along with the strongest financial standing and the best-run national oil company (Saudi Aramco). When it comes to setting policy in OPEC, Saudi Arabia and its oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, have outsized influence. Saudi Arabia believes its policy of high production levels is working – which it is – for Saudi Arabia.

Russia has only about 80 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, putting it at just 8th in the world, behind the UAE. However, Russian oil production is currently running at full capacity, putting its output on par with Saudi Arabia. Even though Russia is not an OPEC member, its extremely high production levels make the country even more influential in the current oil market than OPEC producers with greater reserves.

Iran is in the opposite position from Russia – the country has the third largest proven oil reserves but extremely low production levels due to years of economic sanctions. Right now, Iran’s power to influence the oil market comes from its potential to grow production since sanctions have been lifted. Iranian predictions should not be believed, considering the poor state of its oil facilities and its inability to attract the foreign capital needed to rehabilitate them, but Iran has enough productive capacity such that it could quickly fill any gap in the oil market left by an agreement other producers might make to reduce production.

Saudi Arabia knows that any OPEC-orchestrated production cuts will only harm Saudi Arabia and help Iran, Russia, and the United States. Production cuts from OPEC countries would quickly be filled by Russian or American oil production. This would hurt Saudi Arabia in the long run, because the downward pressure on prices would continue and Saudi Arabia would lose out on market share. Saudi Arabia has no reason to trust Russia and Iran – both from past experience and because of current leadership.

Russia continues to pump because it needs any money it can get and because it needs to cement its new relationship with its largest new customer – China. Iran needs unfettered production and sales once its oil infrastructure is rebuilt in order to reclaim its pre-sanction customer base. Thus, the powers that make the decisions lack the incentive to decrease production. The only foreseeable reasons they might agree to decrease oil production are:

  1. Saudi Arabia might be enticed to entertain production cuts if it is convinced that it can trust Russia and Iran.
  2. Russia could be feeling the limits of its aging oil fields and realize that current levels of production are unsustainable. Russia would be in a better position geopolitically if it looked like it agreed to production cuts rather than was forced into them. This could be the evidence Saudi Arabia needs to trust that Russia will follow through this time around.
  3. Iran may be coming to the realization that it cannot attract the foreign investment it needs to fix its oil infrastructure when oil prices are so low. The internal political opposition to getting these contracts done is still considerable, but as long as it does not seem like Iran was forced into agreeing to cuts, the pragmatists may be able to convince the hardliners. Whether Saudi Arabia can, or will, trust Iran is still a major question.

Another wildcard is the United States. American startup producers – no longer restricted by the oil export ban – could and would simply ramp up production and fill in the production gaps left by any OPEC and Russian cuts. These American producers could not participate in any coordinated production cut (unless granted anti-trust immunity beforehand), nor do they have any incentive to do so. Saudi Arabia may still not be convinced that the prolonged period of low prices has sufficiently damaged these start-up producers to implement cuts at this point.

Why, then, are they meeting? Ali al-Naimi has been very clear that he is willing to discuss market conditions and production cuts with major non-OPEC producers – like Russia – for some time. But remember, discussion does not mean action.

(Source :  Article in Investing.com)

From: Haravali Movva at 03:07 PM - Feb 16, 2016( )

Oil output to be frozen at January levels - but no cut

Saudi Arabia says there has been an agreement to freeze oil production at January levels, Reuters is reporting, in order to cope with the falling crude price.

The news comes after a meeting in Doha between Saudi Arabia’s oil minister Ali al-Naimi and his Russian, Qatari and Venezuelan counterpart.

The Saudi minister said they would assess the next steps to stabilising the market in the next few months, and he hoped oil producers both inside and outside Opec would agree to the proposal. He added that the Saudi economy could cope with the current oil price with no problem.


Haravali Movva at 01:05 PM - Sep 29, 2015 ( )


New Thread: another chance doesnot make any problem

Haravali Movva at 06:25 PM - Sep 28, 2015 ( )

Lets buy NG CMP 180.50 with Sl below 179...

K is constant ... what is K ? refer my earlier post

New Thread: lets take a chance and sell crude

Haravali Movva at 06:19 PM - Sep 28, 2015 ( )

CMP 2981 SL 3002

You all know my inexperience... so risky...

New Thread: SELL CRUDE - My first call - So Obviously Risky

Haravali Movva at 09:07 PM - Sep 25, 2015 ( )

Sell Crude... CMP 3036

SL 3075....

Target is left to your appetite... as long as SL is not taken...

New Thread: Crude Oil Inventory forecast.

Haravali Movva at 07:47 PM - Aug 05, 2015 ( )

Analysts Expect 1.5 Million-Barrel Drop in Crude Stocks

U.S. crude-oil stocks are expected to have declined in data due on Wednesday from the Department of Energy, according to a survey of analysts by The Wall Street Journal.

Estimates from 13 analysts surveyed showed U.S. oil inventories are projected to have fallen 1.5 million barrels, on average, in the week ended July 31.

Eleven analysts expect stockpiles to have fallen, while two expect a rise. Forecasts range from a rise of 1.5 million barrels to a drop of 3.5 million barrels.

The closely watched survey from the Energy Information Administration is due at 10:30 a.m. EDT on Wednesday.

Gasoline stockpiles are expected to have fallen 600,000 barrels, according to analysts. Nine analysts expect a decline, with four expecting a rise. Estimates range from a rise of 1 million barrels to a drop of 2.5 million barrels.

Stocks of distillates, which include heating oil and diesel, are expected to have risen 1.6 million barrels. All 13 analysts expect a rise. Forecasts range from a gain of 500,000 barrels to a rise of 3.1 million barrels.

Refinery use is seen to have fallen 0.3 percentage point to 94.8% of capacity, based on EIA data. Nine analysts expect a decline, two expect no change and two didn't provide an estimate. Forecasts range from unchanged to a drop of 0.5 point.

The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, said late on Tuesday that its own data for the same week showed a 2.4-million-barrel draw in crude-oil supplies, according to a source. The group said gasoline supplies fell 946,000 barrels, the source said. API said U.S. distillate stocks increased 1.7 million barrels in the week, according to the source.

 Source : First Enercast financial

New Thread: Safe Traders

Haravali Movva at 07:29 PM - Mar 18, 2015 ( )

Safe traders.... plz stay away from the market today....

In case if you are so addicted to trading.... trade with strict SL....

or atleast dont carry overnight positions....

Market will always be there.... as long as we are there... we can trade...

Protect capital... dont take too much risk....

a sincere request, especially to small time traders...


New Thread: I am stuck in shorts

Haravali Movva at 02:16 PM - Jun 07, 2014 ( )

I am new to market and as my friend suggestes....following couple of ladies    right now i am stuck in shorts nifty.....what to do now hold or exit ?  

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