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Reply for: Real magic for you - rajesh jindal

George K.c at 09:42 PM - Feb 01, 2017 ( )

31-01-2017 Nifty high 8631.75

Reply for: Supermoon next week may cause disaster on Earth

George K.c at 09:59 PM - Sep 24, 2015 ( )

Rare supermoon eclipse comes Sunday http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/23/world/supermoon-eclipse-irpt/

Reply for: nifty ahead

George K.c at 02:00 PM - Aug 26, 2014 ( )


Reply for: nifty ahead

George K.c at 01:51 PM - Aug 26, 2014 ( )

mam. Please update.

Reply for: 2day Malayalam New Year, HNY For all Kerlites&Mudraites

George K.c at 09:47 PM - Aug 17, 2014 ( )

Ellavarkum ente aiswaryam niranja navavatsarasamsakal !!!


George K.c at 01:09 AM - Aug 15, 2014 ( )


Reply for: nifty ahead

George K.c at 08:29 PM - Aug 10, 2014 ( )

ok, Thank you mam.

Reply for: nifty ahead

George K.c at 11:05 PM - Aug 09, 2014 ( )

Lakshmi mam. August 15, 16, 17 holidays.

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George K.c at 11:22 PM - Feb 03, 2014 ( )



George K.c at 09:09 AM - Jan 26, 2014 ( )

Happy Republic Day to Everyone. Jai Hind!!!

Reply for: Happy New Year 2014

George K.c at 12:46 AM - Jan 01, 2014 ( )

!! To You & Everyone in the family !! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Reply for: Happy New Year 2014

George K.c at 12:43 AM - Jan 01, 2014 ( )

!! To You & Everyone in the family !! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Reply for: Happy New Year 2014

George K.c at 12:43 AM - Jan 01, 2014 ( )

!! To You & Everyone in the family !! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Reply for: HAPPY BIRTHDAY llllllllllllllll ( HEMANT )

George K.c at 12:01 AM - Dec 27, 2013 ( )

Thank you Hemanth ji....Ayan Nayak ji.. Vinubhai ji.. and Sankaran ji. for your best wishes.


George K.c at 09:52 PM - Dec 24, 2013 ( )

Be merry, be happy! Have a wonderful xmas
Tsunami with a height of 0.3 metre reaches coast of Japan after earthquake; no damage reported - TV
Earthquake of magnitude 7.6 strikes off Japan reut.rs/18kBBG2

Reply for: RBI NEWS

George K.c at 10:50 PM - Jul 15, 2013 ( )

+ve... http://in.reuters.com/article/2013/07/15/rbi-rupee-dollar-volatile-idINDEE96E0DX20130715

New Thread: news

George K.c at 08:23 PM - Jun 12, 2013 ( )

Apollo Tyres to buy Cooper Tire for $2.5 billion. reut.rs/1a3IYWT

Reply for: Real magic for you - rajesh jindal

George K.c at 10:56 PM - Jan 30, 2013 ( )

2013 January high 6111.80...

Reply for: Real magic for you - rajesh jindal

George K.c at 05:59 PM - Jan 27, 2013 ( )

Rajesh ji... come back..

New Thread: RBI NEWS

George K.c at 12:13 AM - Jan 07, 2013 ( )

RBI may issue new bank license guidelines in 4-6 weeks. ecoti.ms/kqQ-MZ

From: george K.C at 10:35 PM - Jul 15, 2013( )

RBI revises bank rate upwards to 10.25 per cent with immediate effect

From: george K.C at 10:35 PM - Jul 15, 2013( )

RBI revises bank rate upwards to 10.25 per cent with immediate effect

New Thread: Cox & Kings

George K.c at 11:15 PM - Jul 27, 2011 ( )

Cox & Kings to buy UK's Holidaybreak reut.rs/qF4lS5

New Thread: Delhi approves Vedanta-Cairn India deal

George K.c at 09:50 PM - Jun 30, 2011 ( )

Delhi approves Vedanta-Cairn India deal http://bit.ly/jk84aL

New Thread: HCLTECH Result

George K.c at 08:44 AM - Apr 20, 2011 ( )

Symbol HCLTECH Company HCL Technologies Limited Industry Computers - Software Broadcast Date/ Time 20-Apr-2011 08:20 Subject Results Update, Quarter ended, 31- MAR-2011 (Standalone) Announcement HCL Technologies Limited has informed the Exchange regarding the standalone Results for the quarter ended on 31-MAR-2011 as follows: Net Sales of Rs. 169773 lacs for quarter ending on 31-MAR-2011 against Rs. 164906 lacs for the quarter ending on 31-DEC-2010. Net Profit / (Loss) of Rs. 33181 lacs for the quarter ending on 31-MAR-2011 against Rs. 28597 lacs for the quarter ending on 31-DEC-2010.

New Thread: Major Kuwaiti conglomerate Kharafi Group's chairman dies

George K.c at 05:45 PM - Apr 17, 2011 ( )

(Reuters) - The billionaire chairman of Kuwait's Kharafi Group has died in Cairo from a heart attack, raising questions about the future of the family conglomerate which has a profound influence on the Gulf state's economy. Nasser Al-Kharafi, aged 67, headed the Kuwaiti family-owned firm which has stakes in several listed firms in the country a business empire which spanned from real estate to retail and financial services. State news agency KUNA said on Sunday that Al-Kharafi died in the Egyptian capital of Cairo after suffering a heart attack. A report from Al Arabiya television, earlier in the day said he died on Saturday. The firm is yet to announce the death officially. The Kharafi Group was a major shareholder in telco Zain and was also the main proponent of a failed $12 billion stake sale in the firm to UAE's Etisalat.. News of the unexpected death shook Kuwaiti markets with companies having links with the group plunging in early trade. "This (the death) will have a dramatic impact on the stock market and the political and economic scenery," said Naser al-Nafisi, general manager at Al Joman Center for Economic Consultancy in Kuwait. "He had a powerful influence and a special charisma -- his brothers and sons will not carry the same." Zain shares were trading down 3.3 percent on the Kuwaiti bourse at 0820 GMT. They dropped as much as 5 percent earlier in the day. Shares in National Investments, another Kharafi Group-owned company, fell 5.1 percent. Shares in National Bank of Kuwait, the Gulf state's biggest lender, also dropped 1.7 percent despite reporting first-quarter results above market estimates. Nasser Al-Kharafi was on the lender's board and the group had a stake in the bank. BILLIONAIRE CHAIRMAN Al-Kharafi was ranked 77th in the 2011 Forbes list of richest people in the world and was estimated to be worth $10.4 billion. The death of Nasser Al-Kharafi will lessen the importance of the Kharafi group, said Nafisi, with the government -- Zain's largest shareholder--likely to become more active in the telecoms operator. The Kharafi Group, walloped by the global financial crisis and a property slump in Kuwait, has been keen to offload its Zain position for more than a year. In 2009, a deal to sell a 46 percent stake to an Asian consortium fell through. "There's no definitive amount for Kharafi's debts because he borrowed from several banks and these are secret, but direct and indirect liabilities are at least $5 billion."

New Thread: NEWS.

George K.c at 02:24 PM - Apr 11, 2011 ( )

7.1 earthquake, near the east coast of Honshu, Japan. Apr 11 5:16pm at epicenter http://j.mp/dHpBY1

New Thread: IIFL launches 'lifetime pre-paid, anytime money back'

George K.c at 10:55 PM - Mar 25, 2011 ( )

Brokerage house IIFL (formerly India Infoline) on Friday launched its prepaid brokerage product ‘ lifetime prepaid, anytime money back’ , starting from Rs 10,000. IIFL said customers opting for the prepaid product would pay 25-30% lower (depending on the trade size) brokerage, compared to its other customers who pay per transaction. In addition, prepaid customers will enjoy free access to the ‘ Trader Terminal’ , IIFL’ s proprietary trading platform which offers the facility to trade across equities, commodities, currency and mutual funds. IIFL did not give the details of its broking structure, but said in an e-mail response to moneycontrol.com that “ normal brokerage rates as prevailing in the market are 0.4 to 0.5% for delivery, 0.04% to 0.05% for futures and intra day and Rs 75 to Rs 100 per lot for options.” Prepaid broking, first introduced by Reliance Money and then replicated in varying forms by others, has not been a big success. Such an arrangement is more beneficial to high volume traders in the equity derivatives segment, and they form a small portion of the trading community. Also, brokers point out low brokerage in itself is not an incentive for traders to transact. “ No high volume trader transacts with a single broker; he keeps moving his business across firms which offer him competitive prices,” said a retail broker who did not want to be named. But IIFL is confident that it can succeed where its rivals have been unable to make much headway. “ There are various versions of such products offered by all large and successful brokers. But always the benefit of low brokerage rate is limited for a short period of say 6 months to one year,” IIFL said in response to a query from moneycontrol.com. “ Secondly unutilized amounts are usually not refunded. Whereas in our new product, the benefit of low brokerage is for life time. Unutilized amounts are refunded whenever customer demands,” it said. IIFL shares closed at Rs 71.65 on Friday, up 1.5% over their previous close. Leading retail broking firms have been struggling to grow their brokerage revenues over the past few quarters, even as the stock market was on a roll in 2010. Industry people said most retail investors kept away from the market fearing that they may end up buying at higher levels.

New Thread: RIL loses top spot to Tata as best Indian brand

George K.c at 12:19 AM - Mar 22, 2011 ( )

According to the latest Brand Finance Global 500 report, 9 Indian brands are ranked in the Global 500 League list. Tata Group has been crowned as the first Indian brand to be in the top 50 global league with a brand value of USD 15.08 billion for this year versus USD 11.2 billion last year. Surprisingly, Reliance lost its position slipping to 133 from 108 with a brand value of USD 6.99 billion. Along with Reliance, other brands like ICICI Bank, BPCL went down on the list. On the positive side, SBI and Infosys climbed higher, while Indian Oil, Bharti Airtel and Wipro made a new entry to the list. Among the global brands, Google emerged as No 1 with a brand value of USD 44.29 billion leaving big daddies like Wal-Mart, Microsoft and Apple behind. Wal-Mart slid from No 1 position to No 3, Microsoft, however, climbed to No 2 position from No 5 last year. Vodafone is at No 5, whereas Apple moved up from No 20 position to No 8 this year.

New Thread: Radiation Dosage Chart

George K.c at 12:13 AM - Mar 21, 2011 ( )



George K.c at 08:50 AM - Mar 18, 2011 ( )

W.H.O. says radiation spread in Japan is localized, not harmful to human health - China W.H.O. rep
Cals Refineries Ltd has entered into certain agreements to purchase the Cenco and Atas refinery equipment, on a refurbished basis, from certain affiliates of Hardt GroupGmbH ("Hardt") and has agreed to induct such affiliates of Hardt as strategic investors. The refinery equipment being bought is currently located in the US and in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Hardt will procure that the equipment gets refurbished before it is delivered to the Company. The transaction is subject to regulatory and other customary closing conditions. Subject to receipt of necessary approvals, the purchase price for the equipment shall be paid though issuance of Global Depository Receipt (GDRs) to affiliates of Hardt in an aggregate amount of US $317 mn and the balance of US $100 mn shall be paid in cash at a later date. With the purchase of the refinery equipment, the aggregate refining capacity of the Company planned at Haldia will become 200,000 barrels per day (bpd). Hardt has also agreed to subscribe for certain equity shares of the Company on a preferential allotment basis, subject to Shareholders and customary approvals, in an amount of up to US $7 million (in rupee equivalent) in one or more tranches and to nominate two directors to the Board of the Company.

New Thread: Sgx nifty

George K.c at 07:35 AM - Mar 14, 2011 ( )

5468. (6 points up)

New Thread: India named world's largest arms importer

George K.c at 08:57 PM - Mar 13, 2011 ( )

New Delhi: In its race to join the club of international powers, India has reached another milestone - it's now the world's largest weapons importer. A Swedish think tank that monitors global arms sales has said that India's weapons imports had overtaken China's, as the South Asian nation pushes ahead with plans to modernise its military and gain international clout. "India has ambitions to become first a continental and (then) a regional power," said Rahul Bedi, a South Asia analyst with London-based Jane's Defence Weekly. "To become a big boy, you need to project your power. " According to the report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, India accounted for nine per cent of all international arms imports in the period from 2006 to 2010, and it is expected to keep the top spot for the foreseeable future. "Just from what they have already ordered, we know that in the coming few years India will be the top importer," said Siemon Wezeman, a senior fellow at the institute. Defence Ministry spokesman Sitanshu Kar declined to comment on the report before he had a chance to read it. China dropped to second place, with six per cent of global imports, as it continued to build up its domestic arms industry, Wezeman said. The United States was the largest arms exporter, followed by Russia and Germany, according to the report. The institute measures arms transactions over a five-year period to take into account the long time lag between orders and delivery of arms. India is spending billions of dollars on fighter jets and aircraft carriers to modernise its air force and navy. With its booming economy and growing power, India has been pushing for a greater international role, including a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. To buttress its claim, Bedi said, a modernised Indian military would need to take part in more global operations, helping countries suffering from natural calamities and joining peacekeeping missions. India's defence budget for the coming year is Rs 1.5 trillion ($ 32.5 billion), a 40 per cent increase from two years before. It imports more than 70 per cent of its arms. The vast majority of those imports, 82 per cent, come from Russia, which has long been India's supplier of choice, the report said. But other countries have been pushing for a chunk of the lucrative market, with world leaders streaming here in recent months, in part to push defence deals. During British Prime Minister David Cameron's July visit, the two countries announced a nearly $1.1 billion deal for India to buy 57 Hawk advanced trainer jets. During President Barack Obama's November visit, a $ 4.1 billion sale of 10 C-17 transport aircraft was announced. France and India moved closer to finalising a $ 2.1 billion Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft upgrade deal during President Nicolas Sarkozy's December visit, and a few weeks later India and Russia agreed to jointly develop a fifth generation fighter aircraft during President Dmitry Medvedev's visit. India is awaiting delivery of a $ 2.3 billion rebuilt aircraft carrier from Russia - as it builds another carrier itself - and has ordered six submarines worth $ 4.5 billion from France. With India expected to spend $ 80 billion over the next decade to upgrade its military, more plums await. India is in the market to buy 126 fighter jets, a deal worth $ 11 billion, and about 200 helicopters worth another $ 4 billion. It also has plans to buy large amphibious landing ships at $ 300 million to $500 million each and is discussing another $ 10 billion submarine order, Mr. Wezeman said. "The kind of purchases that India is buying, no country in the world buys," Bedi said. "What is in the pipeline is huge." India last topped the list in 1992, just after its main arms supplier, the Soviet Union, collapsed. Through much of the 1990s and early 2000s, the Indian military stopped making major purchases. When the country refocused on its military in recent years, the needs were enormous, said Ajai Shukla, an Indian military analyst and former army colonel. "A lot of this buying you are seeing is this backlog of replacement that you should have seen happening in a phased and staggered manner," he said. "It's all happening now in a bunch."


George K.c at 03:23 PM - Mar 12, 2011 ( )

Massive earthquake hits Japan http://bit.ly/i1stfk

New Thread: The last page of the internet.

George K.c at 12:23 AM - Mar 11, 2011 ( )

http:// www.wwwdotcom.com/

New Thread: 50 Indian billionaires in global richest club

George K.c at 12:08 AM - Mar 11, 2011 ( )

Washington: Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal and Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani were counted among the world's ten richest persons as 50 Indians made it to the Forbes list of World Billionaires 2011. Here is a complete list of Indian billionaires in order of India Rank, World Rank, Name, Net Worth, Age, Source: 1.. 6 Lakshmi Mittal $31.1 B 60 Steel 2.. 9 Mukesh Ambani $27 B 53 petrochemicals, oil & gas 3.. 36 Azim Premji $16.8 B 65 Software 4.. 42 Shashi & Ravi Ruia $15.8 B 67 Diversified 5.. 56 Savitri Jindal & family $13.2 B 60 Steel 6.. 81 Gautam Adani $10 B 48 commodities, infrastructure 7.. 97 Kumar Birla $9.2 B 43 commodities 8.. 103 Anil Ambani $8.8 B 51 Diversified 9.. 110 Sunil Mittal & family $8.3 B 53 telecom 10. 130 Adi Godrej & family $7.3 B 68 Diversified 11. 130 Kushal Pal Singh $7.3 B 79 real estate 12. 154 Anil Agarwal $6.4 B 57 mining, metals 13. 159 Dilip Shanghvi $6.1 B 55 pharmaceuticals 14. 182 Shiv Nadar $5.6 B 65 Information technology 15. 265 Malvinder & Shivinder Singh $4.1 B 38 healthcare 16. 310 Kalanithi Maran $3.5 B 45 media 17. 347 Uday Kotak $3.2 B 51 banking 18. 376 Micky Jagtiani $3 B 59 Retail 19. 393 Subhash Chandra & family $2.9 B 60 media 20. 440 Pankaj Patel $2.6 B 57 pharmaceuticals 21. 440 Indu Jain $2.6 B 74 media 22. 440 G. M. Rao $2.6 B 60 infrastructure 23. 512 Cyrus Poonawalla $2.3 B 69 biotech 24. 540 Rajan Raheja & family $2.2 B 56 Diversified 25. 564 Desh Bandhu Gupta $2.1 B 73 pharmaceuticals 26. 595 N.R. Narayana Murthy & family $2 B 64 Software 27. 595 Gautam Thapar $2 B 50 engineering, paper 28. 595 Sudhir & Samir Mehta $2 B 56 Diversified 29. 595 Aloke Lohia $2 B 52 chemicals 30. 651 Venugopal Dhoot $1.9 B 59 electronics 31. 651 Chandru Raheja $1.9 B 70 real estate 32. 692 Nandan Nilekani & family $1.8 B 55 Software 33. 736 Ajay Kalsi $1.7 B N/A oil 34. 782 Rahul Bajaj $1.6 B 72 motorcycles 35. 782 Senapathy Gopalakrishnan & family $1.6 B 55 Software 36. 833 Brijmohan Lall Munjal $1.5 B 87 motorcycles 37. 833 K. Anji Reddy $1.5 B 69 pharmaceuticals 38. 879 Vijay Mallya $1.4 B 55 liquor 39. 879 Ajay Piramal $1.4 B 55 pharmaceuticals 40. 879 Vikas Oberoi $1.4 B 40 real estate 41. 938 Baba Kalyani $1.3 B 62 Engineering 42. 938 Rama Prasad Goenka $1.3 B 81 Diversified 43. 993 Keshub Mahindra $1.2 B 87 Diversified 44. 993 K Dinesh & family $1.2 B 56 Software 45. 993 Rakesh Jhunjhunwala $1.2 B 50 Investments 46. 993 Brij Bhushan Singal $1.2 B 74 Steel 47. 1057 Yusuf Hamied & family $1.1 B 74 Pharmceuticals 48. 1057 S.D. Shibulal & family $1.1 B 56 Software 49. 1057 Bhupendra Kumar Modi $1.1 B 62 telecom 50. 1057 Mangal Prabhat Lodha $1.1 B 55 real estate

New Thread: Sugar industry asks government to allow more exports

George K.c at 12:04 AM - Mar 11, 2011 ( )

New Delhi: Expecting a bumper 25 million tonnes of sugar production for the sugar season 2010-11, the Indian Sugar Mills Association or ISMA has asked the government to allow unrestricted export of sugar under what is termed as open general licence or OGL. This, according to ISMA, will help sugar mills, facing losses of about Rs150 per quintal, make payments to farmers for buying cane. “ There is an opportunity of exporting 1.5 million tonnes of sugar this year as there is going to be a surplus production and sugar prices are good internationally, offering a premium of around Rs500 per quintal over the domestic price” Narendra Murkumbi, president ISMA, told media persons on Thursday. All sugar export have to be cleared by the government. This year the government has kept in abeyance 5,00,000 tonnes of sugar exports under OGL after allowing over 1 million tonnes under the advance licence scheme, for which licences are procured by mills before hand. Government’ s expectation of sugar production for the current year is 24.5 million tonnes, 5,00,000 tonnes less than ISMA ’ s projections. “ We expect the supply to exceed demand by 3 million tonnes. Next year again the sugar industry is expected to have around same level of production as this is generally a two- year cycle. Higher production of sugar results in selling sugar at below cost of production, ” added Murkumbi. Exports help raising domestic prices. Murkumbi also made a case for decontrol of sugar industry which he said “ is forced to sell sell sugar at Rs1,850 per quintal through the public distribution system as against 2,800 per quintal through free sale.” Agriculture economist YK Alagh supports the cause of sugar industry. “ I am for not just exports but also imports as long as go with the market forces. Sugar is an industry waiting to be reformed as due to excessive controls a large number of co- operative mills are operating at sub- optimal levels,” said Alagh. He also suggested creation of sugar complexes, just like they exist in other countries because sugar has other activities around it such as molasses,ethanol, liquor production etc. sangeeta.s@livemint.com
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